10 Easter decorations: here’s how to make them with recycled objects Would you like to create truly original Easter decorations, but you don’t know where to start? IS…

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Would you like to create some truly original Easter decorations, but don’t know where to start? Here are 10 easy ideas, to be made with recycled objects: unleash your creativity and beautify your home with the art of DIY.

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Easter it is a much anticipated time of the year, because officially welcomes spring. The house is dressed in light and bright colors and, with them, makes its way also the desire to decorate rooms with a cheerful and fun touch.

The Easter decorations, therefore, they must reflect the same mood and the awakening of nature is certainly a great source of inspiration. And if this year you decide to create them yourself, with the do-it-yourself? If you don’t know where to start, here are 10 easy and low cost decorations to realize with recycled items. Test yourself and unleash your creativity!

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1. Eggs “prepared” for the holidays

Eggs are one of the Easter symbols par excellence, because they represent the rebirth of life. This year, stock up on eggs styled for the holidays and decorate the house in a truly original way!

Break there part higher of the shell, being careful to keep everything else intact. After emptying them, fill them with soil and enter some tufts of grass inside of, or of the small ones cuttings that you would like to cultivate. Decorate with ribbons or colored rubber bands, creating bizarre hairstyles and fun.

Then, paint eyes and mouth with an indelible marker, or glue small button eyes as shown in the photo; you can easily find them in haberdashery. Finally use egg cups to display your creations: on the windowsill they will make a great impression!

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2. Wooden rabbit silhouette

Test your manual skills by accomplishing this DIY project with scrap wood. Both plywood boards and various pieces of reclaimed wood will work, which you can later assemble with wood glue. On a sheet paper draw the outline stylized of a rabbit and cut out the basic form.

Reports the design of the silhouette on the wooden pieces is cut them with a hacksaw. Finally, glue all the pieces and paint the outline in white; decorate it however you like, using colored ribbons, pom poms and fake flowers. Finally, glue a piece of rectangular wood to the base, which will act as a support for your decorative rabbit.

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3. DIY baby carrots

Where there are rabbits, carrots can’t be missing! This project can turn into a fun idea, for create placeholders customized to put on the table on Easter Day.

You will need only of some newspaper sheets, of duct tape e of two balls of wool, orange and green. Alternatively, you can also use some common kitchen twine, choosing to leave it natural or painted with orange paint, which will give a more realistic touch to your DIY carrots.

To begin, roll up the sheet of paper is make the base carrot: with the fixed adhesive tape shape, taking care to stop on top of the green wool threads. Line the carrot with several turns of twine or colored wool, and block the end of the thread with a hot glue dot.

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4. Chicken egg cup

You don’t have a Egg carrier? With this project you can make a really fun one, recycling own there packaging cardboard some eggs. Cut out there lower part of box preserving only a notch.

It will be enough add the beak and the crest with glue hot, using the unused parts of the box, previously cut out. Finally paint with tempera, is conclude the job drawing the eyes of the hen with a black marker. Easy, right?

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5. Easter bookmark for children

Make this Easter job with your children: it will be an opportunity to teach them the usefulness of creative recycling and to stimulate their creativity through an easy and no-cost project. You will need plastic spoons, colored cardstock and of green crepe paper, for to decorate nice people Easter animals which can also be transformed into very useful ones bookmarks, colorful and fun.

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6. Jute rabbit

Welcome your guests by making this beautiful jute bunny to hang on the outside of your front door. Draw the outline of a bunny on a card and reports drawing on a piece of jute, folded in half.

Cut out the dubbed shape, aI sell care to leave an inch of edge that you will need for sewing. insert a soft padding inside and finish the seam on the right side. Finally, decorate with a elegant Cheerleaders white to glue on the tail.

To hang the rabbit you can use a coiled wire, letting the ends pass between the two ears.

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7. Easter chick for the children’s room

For this creative project you will need to recycle gods cardboard rolls for there toilet paper. By cutting them in half and gluing them on each other you will create the body of the chick, which in turn will go glued on a support of cardboard colored, which will act as base for the whole decoration.

Paint the body of yellow and decorate the head, pasting the beak and the eyes. Finally, cut out a crescent of construction paper yellow, and insert it into the hole in the head to realize the small ones wings of your decorative chick.

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8. Colored glass jars

Transform of the municipalities glass jars transparent, in gods colored containers Easter themed, ideals to exhibit of gluttons chocolate eggs to offer to guests on any occasion.

To begin cut out the shape of a rabbit from an adhesive label is glue it on one side of the jar. Paint the surface using a colored and opaque paint, suitable for glass. Let it dry well and gently remove the sticker, being careful not to peel off the paint.

Finally decorate the jar with a satin ribbon, or cover the lid with an embroidered doily, closed by a bow made with a few threads of raffia.

Easter decorations: here's how to make them with recycled objects

9. Egg candle holders

Eggs are once again the protagonists of the table, but this time in a candle holder version. Empty the shells and keep half of them; wash them under running water current and let them dry of course.

Meantime dissolve of the Beeswax in a saucepan: when it is completely liquid, pour it inside the shells, after inserting one wick on the bottom of each eggshell. Let it dry the wax and cut off the excess wick, leaving about an inch from the level of the wax.

Place the eggs in the package cardboard original, and decorate your centerpiece with flowers, leaves and colored eggs. Remember to never leave your candles unattended: the contact of the flame with the flammable parts could cause dangerous accidents.

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10. Garland with pom poms

To top it off, do this DIY pom pom garland, using colored balls of wool and scraps of rigid felt. Here is the procedure:

  1. first of all realizes many pom poms, using two cardboard discs stiff superimposed, laundry in the middle from a single central hole, made with a paper punch;
  2. cover the shape with wool, passing the thread through the central hole;
  3. when the disc is completely full cut the wool, passing the blade of the scissors between the two discs;
  4. at this point tie the end of the thread remained around the two open discs, closing it with a knot very tight;
  5. take out the discs of cardboard and loosen the wool, to create a full pom pom;
  6. when you have achieved many Cheerleaders of the same size, glue them on a card base rigid, previously cropped in the shape of a donut: it will be the basic support of your garland;
  7. Now decorate it, gluing on the back cardboard two ears from rabbit, to be made by hand with the felt colored.

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Easter decorations with recycled objects: images and photos

Looking for other ideas to make low cost Easter decorations? Browse the image gallery now: here you will find many creative ideas to create your Easter decorations with recycled objects.

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