10 felt gift ideas for a unique Mother’s Day 10 felt gift ideas for Mother’s Day: one of the most beloved events of the …


10 felt gift ideas for Mother’s Day: one of the most loved events of the year is approaching, the day in which we celebrate a unique and much loved figure, the mother. If you want to make yours feel special, you just have to take a look at the 10 ideas we have collected for you, all made of felt.


If you are wondering what to give special to your mom for her party, Then you’re in the right place. Do them a unique, original and beautiful gift is the best way to express all your love for her, to say thank you and to pamper her on his special day. Above all, if the gift you are going to give her was packaged with your own hands.

If you have no idea how to achieve this, we can help you. Password: felt. Of course, you already know this material, characterized by a rough surface, soft texture, warm looking, perfect for small creations that stand out for their sweetness and attention to detail.

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I’m really many creations that can be created with felt as a raw material, because it is about a very versatile material, which is very suitable for DIY, easily available and with very low costs.


1. A bouquet of colorful felt flowers

Let’s start with the first idea, colorful and very sweet: a beautiful bouquet of colorful felt flowers. On the market you can easily find them in gift shops, but you can choose to make them yourself because the procedure is very simple. You only need gods pieces of colored felt, scissors to cut out felt circles, glue suitable for felt, buttons, wire.

With the wire you will make the stem, then you’ll be clipping in felt sheets of colored circles that you will attach to the stem with glue. You will then secure everything with a colored buttonor, et voilà: your first felt flower is ready.


2. Avocado-shaped felt bookmarks

Even the second gift for Mother’s Day that we offer you is very easy to create and it does not take much to make it. You need several pieces of felt, of the right colors: dark green, lighter green, a ball of beige, black and fuchsia felt for the bow of the lawyer-female and the glue. You will also need the gold ribbon or whatever color you like.

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At this point, all you have to do is cut out the shape of a lawyer from the dark green felt pieces, in the light green one the same shape but smaller e then stick a felt ball on one of the two figures, what will be the feminine part of creation. Before gluing the light green part on the dark green one insert the ribbon and glue it, then glue the two farti, finally complete with the details: mustache and bow. To make them even prettier, you can embroider eyes and mouth.


3. Keychain in the shape of a heart of felt

Another nice and sweet creation, to be made with very few materials: you only need gods colored pieces of felt to cut out in the shape of a heart and sew together with contrasting colored thread. Before finishing sewing, insert some cotton wool as a filling and then a ribbon to which you will have tied the key ring. Complete the stitching and decorate as you like.

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4. Felt wallets

It sounds complicated, but it’s actually super easy to make and very useful too, because this wallets can be used both for storing money and documents or tricks and jewelry, in short, a kind of necessaire that your mother can carry in her bag, with her, when she goes out. What do you need? Two rectangular pieces of felt, of contrasting colors. We have chosen purple and gray.

The smaller rectangle will be the front of the wallet, while the larger one will be the back, with the part that closes forward to be cut out in a rounded shape and decorated with a button. Leave a buttonhole on the purple part, so you can close the wallet and sew the two parts together.


5. Felt shopper bag

If you don’t feel like it or don’t have time or aren’t very good at manual jobs, you could opt for a ready-made felt creation: a shopper like the one we show you below, for example. Comfortable, roomy and extremely resistant, your mom can use it when she goes shopping.


6. A message of love for your mom

Also a simple but profound message of love for your mom it can be a very welcome gift, even more so if you decide to make it in felt, as in the image we show you below.


7. A felt succulent

This is simply delicious succulent entirely made of felt, for which a lot of experience and dexterity is needed. The result, however, it will be so amazing that your mom’s eyes will shine.


8. Felt jewelery for mom

If your mom loves jewelry, especially the slightly ethnic and colorful ones, then you can buy some felt beads and make a necklace like the one we show you below: the gift will certainly be very welcome.


9. Felt earrings

Let’s stay in the jewelry area, for a creation that is just as simple to make, but also easy to find in costume jewelery shops: degli beautiful felt earrings, perfect for the summer.


10. Felt hat

Last advice, always to buy, a beautiful felt hat, perhaps with a wide brim, perfect for winter and autumn and very elegant.


10 felt gift ideas for Mother’s Day: images and photos

Hats, bags, key rings, earrings, necklaces and many other tips, some to buy, others to do with DIY, for a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Check out our gallery now.

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