11 Drying Mistakes: Why Don’t You Lose Weight and Burn Fat?

Find out the common nutritional and training mistakes that most girls and men make when drying out, and start burning fat effectively.

11 Drying Mistakes: Why Don't You Lose Weight and Burn Fat?11 Drying Mistakes: Why Don’t You Lose Weight and Burn Fat?

If you are looking for the secrets of fat burning, then you can make any of the mistakes listed in this article. Drying is a complex process. Usually it is possible to burn fat for a short time, and then a “plateau effect” occurs: you make a lot of effort, but to no avail. You can avoid this by knowing 11 common mistakes that will ruin any effort to dry out.

Exercise little

2-3 workouts a week is not enough. For effective drying, men and women need to train 4-5 times a week. This regime includes effective fat burning, allowing you to eat normally and not starve.
Two or three short cardio workouts a week for girls to draw a relief will also not be enough. The body quickly adapts to light loads.

Constantly limiting yourself

Are you one of those who always limits yourself in nutrition? Cutting calories all the time will not do the trick. Avoid dieting and follow the rules of a balanced diet. Just eat healthy foods, discard food junk, eat right, and don’t go to extremes.

Exercise incorrectly

If you think that high-intensity training burns fat better and faster, then you are deeply mistaken. The more muscle, the more efficient the drying. Your muscles are the most important fat-burning organ in your body. The more weights you train, the slimmer you will be. Of course, subject to diet and cardio loads. Prefer strength exercises that use as much muscle as possible: squats, presses, pull-ups, rowing, deadlifts, and overhead raises.

Are fond of cardio

Small cardio loads are very beneficial for the heart, circulation and metabolism. But the overuse of cardio in girls and men slows down progress, taking away strength and energy. Find a balance between strength training, cardio, and a nutritional plan for amazing results. Be sure to include high-intensity interval cardio in your workout routine. They are shorter, but they melt fat very well.

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Starving yourself to lose those extra pounds? It is not right. Yes, without a calorie deficit, the process of losing weight cannot be started. But a minimum of calories slows down not only metabolism, but also fat burning. Too little food is a direct signal to turn on the body’s defense mechanism. Lack of nutrition instantly puts the body in a mode of economy and forces all the nutrients to be deposited in fat. Eat a balanced diet and cut out unnecessary foods. Only eat when you are really hungry. This will help maintain a high metabolic rate.

Healthy food fanatic

Excluding all foods other than healthy foods from the menu is another common mistake. Too strict consumption of only lean meats, vegetables, fruits and unsaturated fats will lead to a “plateau effect” in which fat burning stops. Reducing your total calorie intake by eliminating sugar, starchy foods, and saturated fats altogether can lead to malnutrition.
Cheat yourself: sometimes indulge in excess food. This will keep your metabolic rate high and allow you to indulge in something that you have long given up on drying.

Exercise overuse

There really should be a lot of workouts. But not too much. Don’t underestimate the importance of rest and sleep. Take a break and make sure that a good rest will immediately give the desired result.

Don’t eat enough protein

Men need more protein in their diets for more than just building muscle. The increased amount of protein in food prolongs the feeling of fullness, protects against overeating, maintains metabolism at a high level and strengthens the immune system. Alternatively, use protein bars.

Changing your meal plan without waiting for results

Are you fanatically looking for the perfect meal plan? Changing one diet for another every couple of weeks without getting the expected results? Best advice: Before deciding on a meal plan, make sure it meets the criteria for healthy eating. Stick to the chosen strategy for a long time, sometimes making small adjustments. This is the only way to check if your chosen diet is working.

Eating the same amount of calories

The human body adapts quickly, including to the same number of calories consumed per day. As a result, the rate of fat burning and metabolic rate fall. Drying is simply created in order to change the calorie content of the daily diet. And it is better to do it at the expense of carbohydrates:

  • on workout days, increase the calorie intake of the daily diet by consuming additional carbohydrates;
  • on rest days, cut back on the calories you eat per day by limiting your carbohydrate intake.

Completely eliminated saturated fat

Eating only healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, fish oil, vegetable oils, and completely eliminating saturated fats from the diet is a huge mistake. You need rich …

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