3 ideas for Detox Waters With the summer heat we try to quench our thirst in a thousand ways, especially if we are on the beach or always …


With the summer heat we try to quench our thirst in a thousand ways, especially if we are on the beach or always running between work and commitments under the scorching sun and themuggy that leaves no respite. Often, however, we allow ourselves to be deceived by apparently refreshing drinks, but which hide a significant amount of inside sugars which in addition to not really quenching your thirst contribute to raise not only the glycemic level, but continuous and uncontrolled use can favor it swelling and weight gain.

They are now easily found on the market, or in the most common e-commerce if you are a lover of online shopping, useful and graceful thermal bottles which thanks to the internal steel coating guarantee a stable temperature of both hot and cold liquids for more 12 hours. A cute and fashionable idea, as well as useful and healthy to always carry with you hot herbal teas in winter and refreshing refreshing drinks in summer, healthy and essential to counter the heat of the summer months.

In this short column we propose 3 ideas natural to create at home and with few ingredients of the drinks refreshing, healthy and above all without sugars added!

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1. Lemon and cucumber: a timeless classic

When we are in the throes of heat and heat and we do not know how to overcome that feeling of dry mouth that torments us so much, the first thing we would like to do is quench our thirst with a nice cold drink. Try to choose products without added sugar if you do not have natural products available, but if you play in advance you can bring with you a truly thirst-quenching and healthy product for your body.

As most people know, the lemon it is probably the most loved among citrus fruits. Proposed in many indigenous forms and variations, it preserves a treasure chest rich in vitamins and nutritional and bactericidal properties. Its properties are well known and in addition to containing citric acid and potassium, is an important source of mineral salts and trace elements such as iron, phosphorus, manganese, copper, carotene and large quantities of vitamins B1, B2 and B3, vitamin A and C vitamin. It is also bactericidal, antiseptic and antitoxic, is a valid tonic for the nervous system and is alkalizing. It has purifying and remineralizing qualities, vermifuge and is a panacea against insect bites for its anti-itching qualities.

Taken frequently bitten with a pinch of salt or diluted in water, it contributes to strengthening the immune defenses, within a diet healthy and balanced can contribute to weight loss, aid digestion, detoxifies the body and is purifying for the skin.

Combined with the cucumber by its innate diuretic qualities and rich in tartaric acid, known to be one of the most powerful fruit acids, it has strong beneficial properties for both the skin and the body. With its high water, fiber and mineral content it is strongly recommended in detox diets for those who want to eliminate them toxins excess or fight abdominal bloating. Food from properties antioxidants, anti-inflammatory is digestive it contains very few calories and its consumption is particularly suitable for those who want to bring benefits to their body to keep it under control glycemia.

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L’detox water that we propose combines the properties of these two precious foods and can be flavored with slices of ginger, known to be a natural anti-inflammatory or a few sprigs of rosemary for its stimulating and anti-neuralgic virtues.

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2. Berries: a reserve of antioxidants

Small colored and fragrant fruits with marked organoleptic properties are a delight for the palate, smell and sight. Beautiful to look at, indispensable for dessert decoration thanks to their versatility they are an important source of antioxidants and help prevent infections.

The blueberry enjoys important nutritional qualities thanks to the rich presence of vitamin A and C, B1, B2, PP and of mineral salts essential for our body such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium and potassium which give the berries a strong action antioxidant.

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The blueberry contains the glycosides inside anthocyanins (also known as mirtillina) which in addition to giving the fruit its characteristic color, whose peel when cut appears reddish and white inside, strengthen the capillaries and blood vessels, improving their elasticity and tone. Many natural remedies useful for the swelling of the lower limbs and to strengthen the venous walls of the peripheral areas of our body, they resort to the concentrated use of this fruit in the form of an extract, rich in bioflavonoids and capable of both reducing capillary permeability and increasing its resistance.

THE raspberriesinstead, they are more berries nutrients thanks to the high content of vitamins B1, B2, C and E, phosphorus, potassium and calcium. Useful against inflammation of the joints and with well-known diuretic properties, they help in the regularization of the period and reduce the frequent ailments that appear in the period of menopause. The combination of these two fruits will provide yours detox water a charge of vitamins and beneficial properties essential to quench the thirst and strengthen the body.


3. Lime and mint: a boost for the skin

The lime it is very often confused with lemon, widely used for the decoration of cocktails and widely used by the most specialized bartenders for new ideas of mixology, it is a tropical fruit rich in vitamin C. Its properties are many and it is a powerful one antioxidant useful for the immune system. It has a smaller, more rounded shape than the lemon and it is assumed that it is a hybrid between cedar and lemon, but not all experts agree on its origin.

Inside it contains a very juicy and practically seedless pulp, very fragrant and not very sour with a thin skin rich in essential oils. Its therapeutic properties are very similar to those of lemon: vitamin C, B vitamins, mineral salts, folic acid and flavonoids. Its versatility and numerous beneficial properties have made it famous for cosmetic use; it is in fact able to nourish and make more bright the skin as well as having a natural deodorant effect.

There mint, on the other hand, it is a medicinal plant with outstanding qualities antiseptics. Useful for fighting bad breath, it is famous for having about 600 different varieties. Pleasant to use and to chew in leaves, it has been known since ancient times for its beneficial properties and is essential for treating poor digestion, nausea and other gastric disorders of various kinds. We find it in the form of small plants that can be easily grown even on the balcony of the house and consists of small leaves, fresh and fragrant, rich in menthol an active ingredient with calming and disinfectant properties. Mint is also a useful adjuvant in the treatment of cough, asthma and has strong tonic and antiseptic properties.

L’detox water with lime and mint is the perfect mix to counter swelling and invigorate body and soul.


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