5 Sharp Reasons Why You Don’t Lose Weight By Dieting By Exercising

Why don’t you lose weight on proper nutrition. Why am I eating right and not losing weight?

Why am I eating 6 times a day and not losing weight? Why don’t I skip breakfast and lose weight? Why am I eating only healthy and wholesome food and not losing weight? Why am I only eating slow carbs and not losing weight? Why don’t I eat sweet and bad things and lose weight? Why do my skinny girlfriends eat everything, drink, do not follow the regime, do not exercise like me and look better than me?
Many of you probably asked similar questions and fell into despair not being able to find an answer?

Why don't you lose weight on proper nutrition.  Why am I eating right and not losing weight?
There can be a lot of answers here – but the simplest and most accessible is what you are doing – you are doing it wrong!

1.too many calories. Most likely, you are simply eating too much. Yes Yes Yes! Too many calories from healthy and healthy foods will make you as fat as too many calories from unhealthy and unhealthy foods! For most people, the answer lies not in the so-called “Right Nutrition”, not in the number of meals, not in the rejection of sweets, fatty foods – but in the simple number of calories and the ratio of macronutrients. After all, a lot of people eat far from the postulates of PP, eat not like a fitness model – but they look very good.

2. too few calories. After people eat a lot and for a very long time, they abruptly switch to a reduced diet – cutting too many calories, which ultimately leads their body to metabolic adaptation and the fat refuses to leave. 10-20 kilograms of excess fat do not appear in 2 weeks – and they will not go away in a 14-day diet!

3. you have health problems. Eating junk food – you have harmed your health. Eating healthy food – you have harmed your health. Yes! Maybe this! Too much good can also be bad, just as what is good for one person can be bad for another. Author Marina Korsunskaya. Too much protein can be harmful, too much fiber and too many vitamins (only for pills) can also be harmful. Too much physical activity, too frequent meals. There are many things that can lead to poor health. In any case, it is necessary to take tests and consult a specialist (certified physician – specialist doctor.

4. genetics – you have a naturally slow metabolism. This is not a reason to despair, because metabolism, like muscles, intelligence and talent, must be trained. If you are not naturally gifted with a beautiful figure, this does not mean that you cannot make it better. Thus, if you have a naturally good figure, you can easily ruin it.

5. cheating. Often people are just cheating. They deceive themselves and others – about how much, what and how they eat, how much and how they exercise, deceive themselves and the attending physician, trainer, nutritional consultant.

Asking a similar question to yourself, or hearing such a question from others. In 99% of cases, the answer will be one or more of these 5 points.

Why weight stays in place with proper nutrition and regular exercise

Sometimes, even with a balanced diet, it is not possible to achieve fat burning, and a logical question arises about why weight does not go away with proper nutrition. Adding intense workouts often doesn’t work well either. In this case, you should pay attention to the probable reasons that prevent you from losing weight with regular exercise and proper nutrition:

  • Disruption of the thyroid gland, due to which you can gain pounds even with a strict diet and frequent sports.
  • Constant lack of sleep. Sleeping less than 7 hours a day interferes with proper fat burning.
  • Low water intake inhibits metabolism and contributes to sagging skin and stool problems.
  • A hearty dinner. An excess of calories before bed, which the body simply does not have time to spend, will negatively affect the figure.
  • Exercise too intense without interruption and relaxation. An improperly calculated intensity of exercise can slow down the process of fat burning due to an increase in the body’s level of cortisol, the stress hormone. Excessively intense exercise is contraindicated in women during menstruation, as menstrual symptoms may worsen.

Increasing exercise intensity unnecessarily can be harmful to your health. Sometimes it is enough to change the program of physical activity for the process of losing weight to get off the ground: to introduce new exercises, to engage in another time.

Why am I on the right diet, but not losing weight. The story of two glasses

Professor Alexey Kovalkov

In order to figuratively imagine why and how hormonal disruption leads to obesity, imagine two glasses (or even put them in front of you for greater clarity). One glass symbolizes energy, the other – weight. Water that can be poured into glasses is food. In a healthy newborn child, all of whose vital systems are in balance and harmony, the level of fullness of the glasses coincides perfectly: the child receives nutrition, which is distributed in equal shares for energy and growth.

However, the child grows up, and hormonal factors or carbohydrate abuse (or both) come into play, and the situation changes.

“Breakdown” of the mechanisms of weight regulation leads to the fact that nutrients from food do not provide energy, and the weight increases, but not because the child is stretched; it grows in breadth. The glass-energy is half-empty, but the glass-weight is constantly replenished. And it’s not about the quantity of food or even its quality – the problem is in the state of health.

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