About training aphorisms – 101

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Aphorisms about training

Workout statuses

Probably at that moment when God gave people the mind, the wrestlers were in training.

Only when your whole life turns into training can you taste it.

The concept of rest is different for everyone, for some it is a reason to drink, for others it is a moment to take a break and restore strength after a hard workout)

Somehow I wanted to teach my dog ​​how to bring a stick, days of hard training and now I bring the stick to the dog myself!

Better Status: Make your life your biggest occupation with your heart and soul.

Free body. Without bad habbits. The path for strong people without any quotes.

Few people thought that in order to quietly pull out the gum, you need to train hard and for a long time every day.

Our team started to play better, as they started hitting the net not only in training, but also at the match!

Remember, with the arrival of spring, love feelings are not exacerbated, they just warm up before training.

Only daily training with a bottle of vodka can help to raise your authority in front of your drinking companion!

But I’m tired after training in a high. ©

For you, the team, for us, the Brothers. For you, training, for us, a breath of air. For you is a game, for us is a chance to prove. For you – HOCKEY, for us – Life!

Why am I the best? Just workouts, nothing but workouts. Workouts, workouts, workouts, workouts and more workouts. Just workouts. Nothing complicated. You just need to devote all your free time to workouts. Workouts ..

Don’t believe in spring love it’s just training for a summer romance

If you are asked what a person should devote most of his life to, answer – training!

Great athletes are not born, train!

If they say that a football player got hit, most often it is not so much a good pass from a teammate, but the coach’s displeasure for an unused pass.

Sport is life … Years of hard training, when it happens that it is difficult to hold back tears from fatigue … Life would be empty and meaningless without sports … (athletes will understand) 1

Only a shooting coach can argue with a wrestling coach.

By exercising, you build your body in a positive way. ©

When you train for years, you have nothing to regret, even if you failed to become a champion. You’ve gotten better anyway.

Once in training, we got into the Endless Limit Stance, then went to the Crane Opens Wings, then to the Tiger in the Bushes, the Needle At the Bottom of the Sea, then the Snake Goes Under the Stone, after which the coach was released and we began to play football. See also: Statuses about animals

when I didn’t know you yet, I went in for sports, was attentive in the classroom, and always came home on time! sports, scored on school, stopped showing up at home …

loading … Loud laughter, change of mood, training of nerves, my patience.

The secret is to befriend those who are better and train with those who are stronger. Loving someone who is not allowed and not giving up where others give up

Dick Advocaat, coach of the Russian national football team: “The Russian national team has a new tactic – footballers wander aimlessly across the field, and I row the loot with a shovel”

Training failed if you want to live after it !!

You got fucked, you got fucked .. Mom and Dad, did you want it? Money will not help, training will not help, leave it as it is or change the settings. What’s the matter with you, listen? What’s the matter?! Don’t you understand that life is a fight? Love forever, friendship forever, you think no, you say yes! (from)

-Do you know why the Russian national team defeated the England national team in the second period? -Not. – During the break, the coach of “Gazmyas” came to see them …

As a result of persistent training, gymnast Petrov began to master his body perfectly. And now he doesn’t care about other bodies.

Training should be fun; present all your anger to your opponent in competition.

and a small animal settled in my chest, and with each of your text messages: “no. I have a practice today, ”he tries to force me to climb the wall, gnaw the ceiling with his teeth …

The sports hall is the second home, love forever. Faster, higher, stronger, and you can add, more educated, smarter, easier – it’s not difficult. Our addiction is training day and night.

If you train hard, there will be a result!

– In my head only: training, competitions and victories.

– I taught the dog to bark when he wants to eat. I did a hundred workouts! ”“ So what, does he bark now? ”“ No, now he doesn’t eat until I bark.

How athletes do their homework. Opened. I looked. I didn’t understand. I closed it. Done. It’s time for a workout.

For some, a vacation is a rest, but for us – more free time for training!

– forgive me for not calling today! drill and sambo training! time is cut off in the use of telephony …! – how did your lie get me .. tell me already .. I don’t need you

Getting up from the couch and going to workout is already half of the workout © Read also: Beautiful statuses about the child

Making the soup partway on the plate is not a miracle, it is a trick. A miracle is when a woman, a single mother, works three jobs, and at the same time finds time to take her son to soccer practice. It’s when a guy says no to drugs and yes to school.

I hate every minute of training, but I said to myself, “Don’t give up. Take it now and live the rest of your life like a champion.” (from)

Exercise breeds mastery.

News from the world of football. The coach from the country of tulips changed the country of bayan to the country of hookahs.

Of a hundred other screams. You can easily distinguish the coach’s voice.

the heart is a muscle. and as a calf it hurts after a relationship. as well as legs after …

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