After each workout, should the muscles ache – Muscle pain after a workout is good or bad. Should muscles hurt after every workout?

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Should your muscles hurt after every workout?

when they grow they always hurt

You don’t do much, it’s okay.

naturally .. if the training is intensified

if you rarely download it, yes.

This is lactic acid. Self-massage in a hot bath saves …

depending on how hard you work out

if you train correctly (correct load and correct rest with a correctly selected program + correct post-workout nutrition), then the muscles should give “pleasant pain”. The next day, the pain may increase, but not to “weariness”. In general, each organism reacts in its own way!

of course the muscles should hurt. … in fact, the muscles grow from that they tear. … but sometimes they may not get sick, everything is individual

Dyspnoea (soreness) – muscle pain caused by the accumulation of toxins (lactic acid) in them [1]that can be produced during exercise. Usually, the reason for its appearance is the unusually large muscle activity for the body … this means that if the load on the muscles has not been given for a long time and then you decided to load them hard, then yes … this is normal, but if you constantly exercise on these muscles and they always hurt, then something is already wrong here !!!

Well, let’s start with the fact that I’m a lifter. in general, my muscles are STRONGLY sore only from some kind of unaccustomed load, for example, if I stupidly squat as usual during training (well, not only squat, this just applies to the whole base), then the muscles on the next day will only slightly ache and that’s it … so lightly that if you do exercises in the morning, the pain will no longer be … but if I give myself a new stress in the form of a squat with a small weight and at a very slow speed (about 10 seconds 1pc, while working inside the ampletuda), then the next day I will drag my legs … and type the main thing: in general, I’m talking about all this to the fact that the body is gradually getting used to the same loads (I do not mean weight, namely exercises and their order + approaches) and in the end of a month after 2-3 months, the muscles WILL NOT hurt AT ALL the same program. Well, I do the workout of slow muscle fibers 1 time in 1.5 months (1 time for each muscle group), personally for me it suits me for stable growth … the body simply does not have time to adapt to such loads … Well, if all the same I drove myself into stagnation, then I easily get out of it if I reduce the weight and add the number of approaches.

this is the most normal reaction, they always hurt bro)

Should your muscles hurt after exercise?

Surely, many have experienced muscle pain after exercise. As a rule, pain is not only unpleasant, but also pleasant. For example, after an active workout in the gym, in the morning it is very difficult to crawl out of bed, walk and even just bend over. At this very moment, you can feel each of your muscles and at this time it seems that the muscles have greatly increased in volume. But over time, you realize that this constant pain brings only unpleasant sensations and time is wasted in the gym. But this is certainly not the case!

Why do muscles hurt a lot after exercise?

Some argue that muscle pain is caused by the production of lactic acid. The answer to this is contradictory. This is because lactic acid is a by-product that the body itself produces. Oxygen is a prerequisite for normal muscle function. After a workout, your legs can be very sore if you pay special attention to them. And all because their work is enhanced, and the blood is not able to saturate them with oxygen in the proper amount at this time, therefore the body itself clogs glycogen as reserve energy. It is glycogen that, when decomposed, forms the very lactic acid that is excreted from the muscles through the blood stream. At the moment when it is thrown out in large quantities, the blood does not have time to flush it out, as a result of which irritation occurs in the muscles of the nerve endings, so the question of whether the muscles should hurt after training is naturally positive.

How to get rid of muscle pain?

If the muscles start to hurt after training, then rehabilitation is inevitable. There are several ways as well as remedies for muscle pain after exercise:

  • bath or warm shower. Warm water helps muscles recover and relax muscle tissue;
  • massage helps to reduce pain and allow muscles to relax;
  • drinking plenty of fluids also helps to restore muscle tissue;
  • with frequent exercise, beta-alanine helps.

All athletes understand how much the legs, abs and other muscle groups recover after training, so they try to avoid constant pain by following a few basic rules:

  1. Regular exercise.
  2. You need to start with light loads.
  3. Start with a warm-up and end with a hitch.
  4. Each workout according to its capabilities. Do not overdo it.
  5. Proper nutrition for quick and effective recovery of the body.

Should your muscles hurt after every workout? | 90-60-90

Muscle breakdown is an integral part of building muscle size and strength. However, this cannot be said about too severe injuries. Scientific evidence supports resistance exercise to damage muscle fibers. In response to physical stress, our body starts the reconstruction process, synthesizing new contractile proteins and increasing the number of muscle fibers, which leads to muscle growth.

… The level of damage to muscle fibers as a result of training is not as important as whether they are damaged or injured.

We often hear about normal damage. In the event that the degree of damage displayed in …

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