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The benefits of protein for girls and fictional myths, important tips, recommendations, examples of taking + videos are described in detail. Read and find out the shocking truth!

Protein for girls, or as we call it simply protein, is essential in the restoration of muscle fibers, it is the main building material for the muscles of the body. Most of the female half of the population is wary of protein, as its intake is shrouded in a lot of false information and prejudices. Below will be revealed the whole truth about the use of protein supplements for girls.

Protein myths

1. Large counthigh protein is dangerous for the kidneys

The intake of protein negatively affects the functioning of the kidneys, provided that a one-time intake of protein is more than 40g, in this case, the kidneys begin to intensively remove excess protein from the body, since our body absorbs about 40g at a time. protein, the excess is excreted.

Also, under the condition of kidney disease, taking an increased dose of protein will negatively affect their work, in other cases the protein is not dangerous and harmless, it is found in meat, dairy products, soy, just the protein concentration is higher in protein.

2. Taking protein the body will become heavily muscular.

Do not worry, the female body contains testosterone levels of growth hormone much lower than men, protein will make muscles denser, help to strengthen ligaments and tendons (of course, subject to training), but will not make you a mutant and masculine.

In order to gain muscle, you need to work with heavy working weights, take additional nutritional supplements and one intake of protein, will not spoil your femininity. With the help of foods with a high protein content, they lose weight, since the proportion of fast carbohydrates intake decreases. And remember the calories that the body receives from protein do not debug into body fat.

3. Protein is bad for bones

There is a small grain of truth in this, increased protein intake reduces the amount of calcium in the bones, but only to a small extent, this is more than compensated for by taking dairy products or special calcium supplements. But this does not mean that taking protein will make bones brittle and weak, this is fiction.

Why do girls need protein

There are various reasons for increasing the proportion of protein intake in the diet. Protein…

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