Air heating: what it is, how it works, the advantages

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Air heating: what it is and how it works: why choose air heating for your home, what are the advantages and, possibly, the disadvantages of a similar choice and what are the principles and needs to which you should adapt in the choice .


The heating system of a house is a very important element for any home. There are several types, each with its own particularities, the advantages and disadvantages and each suitable to different heating needs, related to the environment, to the space available, a how much it is necessary to use heating, therefore to the climate, and also to the savings, both in the short and long term, the first linked to the installation costs of the system, the second to consumption.

If you get the chance to choose which heating system to opt for in your home, here is an exhaustive article for you on the subject of air heating. Not least, you should also consider the impact your heating system will have on the environment, a much discussed and very important topic, too to obtain any tax relief, not just to protect our planet from pollution.

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An effective cost-benefit analysis is essential, before proceeding with the installation of your home’s heating system, e costs – as well as benefits – are also affected by the energy sources used by your system, which today can be wood, pellets, renewable energy, gas, air and many others.

It is also very important to consider the presence of any drafts and air recirculation, because in addition to influencing the type of system to choose, particularly affects consumption and on the environmental impact.

Air heating: what it is, how it works, the advantages

Air heating with heat pump

Air heating with a heat pump can be an excellent alternative to a condensing boiler, widely used today, instead of traditional gas boiler models, expensive, inefficient and, moreover, polluting. Air heating with heat pump has like primary source of energy outside air, What will be transformed into heat by the system which then distributes it inside your home.


How is an air heating system made?

The heat pump air heating system is equipped with a heat pump, in fact, with electrical compression associated with different terminals, the classic split, placed inside the house. This is the classic model, but there are more modern and functional types of air heating systems, although much more expensive, with gas absorption heat pumps.

The air heating ti allows you to heat rooms without using radiators, it is a type of heating from low-polluting characteristics and which manages to heat the rooms homogeneously.

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How do you install an air heating system?

It is about a very simple system to install, used both for heating during the winter months and for cooling during the hottest months. The installation of the heat pump is very simple, you just have to choose how to place it outside the house, respecting any historical-artistic constraints, if your home is located in a historic or environmental center, for example.

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For which rooms is air heating suitable?

Air heating, using the outside air, turns out to be a lot more compatible with temperate climate environments. Where theand temperatures reach zero or drop below, instead, it is advisable to use a more performing system with regard to heat and maybe use air heating as an additional heat system. This is because being the colder outside air, it will take much more energy to heat it and the heat pump will consume much more.

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Advantages of the air heating system

Among the undeniable advantages of the air heating system there is certainly hers eco-sustainability: the heat source, in fact, is the outside air. Also from the point of view of consumption, therefore, the air heating system turns out to be advantageous, not having to buy energy sources.

The other advantage is that this type of heating succeeds heat the house faster and more homogeneously, as long as the rooms are not too large. So also consider the idea of use it only for some environments, maybe those where you spend the most time. The air heating system can be connected to your photovoltaic system. Furthermore, the last and greatest advantage can be installed using the Superbonus 110%, provided that the property increases its energy class by two levels or by one, if it is already at the penultimate level.

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Air heating: installation costs

Costs for installation of an air heating system they range from around 300 euros to around 800 euros, depending on the complexity of the system. It is therefore quite low costs.

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Air heating: pictures and photos

After having seen in our mini-guide what air heating is, what are the advantages, how to install it, which are the most suitable environments, installation costs and energy savings, here are some pictures for you.

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