Almonds and Ayurveda It is in the ancient sacred text of the Vedas that the enormous properties of …


It is in the ancient sacred text of the Vedas that the enormous properties of almonds are mentioned while thousands of years earlier Ayurveda, the well-known philosophical medicine useful for giving well-being to mind and body, developed in India. This is not limited to being essentially a simple holistic discipline, but a real philosophy that leads to adopt a lifestyle that brings full physical, mental and soul well-being.

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Still very unknown Ayurveda does not actually present itself as a medicine, but as a practice with millenary origins whose fusion of science and philosophy allows pacify the mind and give the soul serenity and well-being.


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What is Ayurveda

Ayurveda has its roots in fascinating India and it dates back thousands of years and has passed through the study and culture of many populations reaching up to the present day, even if not yet fully understood. It is based on fundamental basic principles, one of these concerns man in his being, such as to affirm that each individual at his birth inherits his own unique and unrepeatable constitution.

The constitution changes from person to person and based on this, it falls into one of three types of dosha. What are the dosha it’s simple to explain, it is about moods, states and conditions, physiological and energetic principles that regulate and guide the correct functioning of the macrocosm e of the microcosm. They are influenced by factors external environments such as climate, seasons, food and relationships to which internal factors are added which concern the organism of each individual, such as the mind and the flow of thoughts, digestion and disease.

THE dosha they are basically three and in turn I’m formed by other basic elements that are ether, air, fire, water and earth. The whole universe, as well as man, is based on these five elements. The three dosha they are named Vata, Pitta and Kapha ed they have the arduous task of supporting the body ensuring its balance, but capable of damaging it when this balance is inevitably lost. Ensure the balance of dosha it means fully living our constitution, an essential element to protect both physical and mental well-being and health.

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How to keep the balance?

Balance can be maintained by adopting a correct lifestyle, healthy and healthy to guarantee well-being to the mind and body a complete and lasting pacification in time. To the base of a good state of health there is no doubt the power supply, adopt a healthy eating lifestyle and follow a proper diet guarantees a series of benefits that cure and alleviate situations of stress and malaise.

Clearly, healthy eating directly involves a smooth operation of internal organs and relative generalized well-being of skin, hair and tissues as well as the correct elimination of waste from our body through sweating, faeces and urine so as to give great relief and an extreme purification. Combining proper nutrition with physical activity appropriate to age and habits is a good compromise to guarantee the body lasting well-being over time.

Taking care of your body is essential to enjoy a healthy and regular life and prevent ailments of various kinds, but to ensure a complete balance, the environment in which we live must also be safeguarded and protected. Surrounding yourself with beauty and enjoying healthy and beneficial sensations is vital for the quality of life I experience the sense organs fully enjoys the surrounding world by experiencing it. At the basis of this perception their purification is necessary, each of which is governed by one of the well-known fundamental elements.


Ayurveda and nutrition

According to Ayurveda thefood analysis takes place through knowledge thorough of the five great elements and named “Mahabhutas”Which are ether, air, fire, water and earth. In these elements reside the main categories of foods base to which alchemy is closely linked corresponding to each of the six flavors:


Bitter foods include many vegetables, especially the broad ones a green leaf able to aid digestion and improve metabolism levels.


The astringent foods are those from more acidic notes such as cucumber and eggplant, but also many varieties of lettuce and some typical mushrooms. Useful for the purification of body fluids, they provide relief in the stomach and improve digestion.


Among the spiciest foods in nature fall onion, many of the cruciferous, ginger, rosemary and more famously the chili pepper in all its typical features. With strong healing properties, they stimulate the mind and concentration.


This group includes i dairy products from various sources such as milk, yogurt and ricotta.


The foods with a strong sweet taste provide vitamins and valuable minerals for the body, contain a high carbohydrate content and usually include cereals, bread, pasta, rice, dried fruit and nuts.


Naturally saltier food, such as algae, is of great support in the purification of the body to preserve the adrenal glands and especially the thyroid.


Almonds in Ayurveda

Already in the very ancient sacred text of the Vedas there was talk of the enormous properties of almonds when Ayurveda was developed in India thousands of years ago, the well-known philosophical medicine useful for conferring well-being for mind and body adopting highly sophisticated and very important health prevention systems. The link between almond and Ayurveda and therefore very intense, thanks to its strong nutritional value, it is highly appreciated for its innate pacifying power.

Ayurveda recommends consumption constant of almonds preferring the sweet ones to the more bitter ones, their warmth in fact reconciles mental well-being, they are precious for skin care and in supporting its tissues. The multiple benefits of almonds, says Ayurveda, reside in them power of ancestral food capable of strengthening the body by consuming this precious food in different ways and textures.

If taken hot or in cream they turn out to be more protein than traditional dried fruit, as well as favoring one better assimilation of calcium and magnesium contained in them, essential to proper functioning of muscles and heart and to combat overt cases of anemia and osteoporosis.


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