Almonds: benefits for health and beauty Almonds are an excellent healthy food, complete and strongly recommended in low-calorie diets …


Almonds are an excellent healthy, complete food and strongly recommended in low-calorie diets. In fact, a daily intake of 30 grams is recommended to bring numerous benefits to our body and keep it healthy. These delicious fruits, enclosed in thick shells and beautiful to see, come from the almond tree, a botanical species native to China and Japan and which has taken root well in the sunny lands of the Mediterranean basin, spreading its use in the kitchen and now indispensable for its realization. of soothing and curative preparations in the herbal and pharmaceutical fields.

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The almonds they are a very versatile fruit and their reputation as a beneficial food is manifold nutritional properties it was well known already in antiquity. Today we consume them in many different ways and well they lend themselves to delicious preparations both sweet and savory.

Sweet or bitter, they are excellent tasted natural to fully enjoy all the benefits and its extraordinary organoleptic properties or cooked to enrich soups or tasty meat and game based main courses. Almond is used as natural remedy for skin care and the protection of the mucous membranes, an excellent ally in case of indigestion proves useful to the metabolism if you intend to follow a low-calorie diet by taking a daily amount such as to bring benefits and a sense of satiety in a short time.

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His precious extract, known to most as sweet almond oil it is a precious substance widely used in cosmetics to give one energy boost to the tissues, ensure its hydration and make the skin supple and smooth.

almond oil

Between history and mythology

This rich and generous fruit it was already known in 5000 BC and traces of it can be found in the sacred books of the Vedas, an ancient collection written in Vedic Sanskrit and belonging to the religious writings of the Aryan peoples who imposed their presence in India around the twentieth century BC. the extraordinary nutritional qualities of the almond which met with enormous success and diffusion among the ancient populations of Greeks and Romans, whose cultivation was intense throughout Asia Minor.

Considered from many civilizations as a symbol of rebirth, luck and prosperity the almond tree it was already cultivated during the Bronze Age and has gone down in history to be the first worked fruit of the ancient world. A legend of love still hovers over the origins and value of this plant, which between history and myth has passed from the Greeks to the present day.

From Egypt to Greece, among the Latins the almond it was an excellent remedy for nausea and states of intoxication and it was thanks to Charlemagne that the cultivation of the almond tree spread throughout Europe such as to become one of the most flourishing productions, whose fruit was considered a food business suit with innate stimulating and healing properties.

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During the Middle Ages its food use was considerable and it was always present in the kitchens of the court and often used by alchemist cooks who saw inalmond extract a strong and powerful aphrodisiac. From ancient times to the present day the almond has held roles of great importance, still today the custom of donating almond sugared almonds with a strong symbolic value of luck and prosperity is linked to marriages.

Almond tree

The legend of Demophon and Phyllis

Lot of traditional proverbs and sayings claim that the almond tree be one of the first to bloom and this popular belief is linked to mythology that narrates the events of lovers Demophon is Phyllis and the close link with this noble fruit.

THE two young people they should have merged soon in marriage, if the premature had not occurred death of the groom’s father which forced him to return to Athens. The return to his beloved was so long and hoped for, that the young Phyllis he took his own life out of nostalgia love. Legend has it that on the woman’s grave a tree of bare almond as a sign of pain for the premature and painful death; as soon as Demophon came to his homeland he learned the terrible news and she shed desperate tears on the tree now bare.

This gesture of love struck the gods of Olympus who sent a sign of Phyllis’s love, making it bloom in a luxuriant way the almond tree before the blossoming of the other plants, reinvigorating the stem and filling the branches of beautiful flowers. Also the Bible refers to almonds, in fact it is in Book of numbers that yes narrates of flowering of Aaron’s staff that to the astonishment of those present began producing almonds and fragrant flowers.


Almonds: properties and benefits

The almonds they are among the most popular dried fruit both in the kitchen and for the many uses what can be done with it in medicine and cosmetics. Fruit with an intense flavor and a compact consistency and firm and oily texture found wide diffusion for food use thanks to several beneficial properties which it is able to bring to the organism.

Almonds are considered a complete food and as such, if consumed constantly and in the right quantities can be great source nutritional properties very useful for health. Such small fruits contain in their firm and fleshy pulp a rich number of Vitamins, especially of group B and E as well as a good dose of protein.

Like all dried fruit, almonds also contribute to a moderate caloric intake, but compared to other varieties such as walnuts or hazelnuts, they are those with the least amount of calories and therefore more suitable if you follow a particularly restrictive regime. Essential substances such as football, iron is magnesium in addition to a good dose of potassium, copper and phosphorus are contained in these precious fruits, rich in Omega 3 they bring a good contribution in terms of fibers, useful for intestinal transit and improve its motility.


How many almonds can you eat?

Consulting a doctor, a dietician or a nutritionist is a good rule of thumb if you decide to start a new diet, especially if you want to lose any extra pounds. The consumption of dried fruit is suggested in many regimes, but in general the daily amount it must not exceed 20-30 grams. They can be consumed au naturel, preferably at breakfast or as a healthy and satiating snack paired with meat or vegetables, to flavor first and fresh raclette with taste and well-being.


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