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Angelina Jolie’s diet: secrets of harmony from a star

Hello my dear readers. The question of how the stars lose weight is one of those that, probably, always worries the public. For some reason, it is believed that popular people know everything better than anyone else, and therefore it is worth sticking to their methods of parting with excess weight.

In this regard, the question of what is the diet of Angelina Jolie is one of the most burning. So what are the star’s weight loss methods and are they really there?

The most charming and attractive

Twice Oscar winner, American actress, director and producer Angelina Jolie is an endless topic for tabloids, and her films and roles are not always discussed. Her children (family and adoptive), relationship with Brad Pitt, her lips, bust, tattoos, health, appearances on the red carpet.

Her constant presence in the most diverse tops of “the sexiest, desirable, beautiful, influential people on the planet”, her tireless humanitarian work, for which she even won an Oscar – all this is constantly discussed in the press.

The topic of her weight loss is also among the leaders, the actress created such an attractive image that all the ladies want to be like her.

Meanwhile, her figure changes from “the sexiest in the world” to so thin that it causes a slight panic among fans of her talent. So what is the secret of Jolie’s weight loss? In fact, there are many of them.

What’s on the star menu

While looking for her diet, I was faced with the fact that there is a lot of information about this, but it is almost impossible to single out the truth among her. The star always remains true to herself – her life, despite the fact that it passes in full view of millions of fans, is always a little hidden from prying eyes.

And Angie reveals only what he considers necessary to show the world. I think this is the right approach – everyone has the right to personal space and their own secrets, the stars are the same people, and they also need privacy. What does all this mean in our case?

Only that many sites write about Jolie’s nutritional features – both Russian-speaking and foreign, but how reliable is the information on which diet the artist is sitting – you judge, my dear readers. So let’s get started.

Stellar parameters – from normal to extreme

In different periods of the actress’s life, a variety of information about her diet appeared, and her parameters also changed. With a height of 170 cm, she looked close to ideal when she weighed 54 kg, and at a time when the artist was dramatically losing weight, her weight dropped to a critical 34 kg, or even lower.

She also always preferred to slim in different ways, I have collected the most popular ways to lose weight Angelina Jolie.

Tosca Reno’s Diet

Until the age of 40, the wife of the famous American publisher Bob Kennedy led the usual lifestyle of a rich housewife, became very fat and did not take care of herself. Deciding to change herself, she went in for sports and went on a diet that she calls Eat Clean and considers not a diet, but a way of life.

A fan of organic food, she explains that “It’s not about depriving yourself of food, or about giving up one food group or the other. The main thing is to use it in its pure form to give your body what it needs to thrive. “

In 2008, after the birth of the twins, Angie reportedly gained some weight and also felt tired and depressed. After trying Tosca Reno’s method, she regained her former magnificent shape.

Since she has always been a fan of healthy eating, it was not difficult for the artist to accept Reno’s advice. All you have to do every day is stick to the Eat-Clean principles.

The key is that you eat a combination of animal protein like chicken or fish, complex carbohydrates like brown rice at every meal, with lots of fruits and vegetables. Organic dark chocolate can be eaten for dessert.

You also need to drink two to three liters of water daily and set 6 small meals for yourself.

And here I had a question: Angelina is a vegetarian, (you can learn about this from my article “Vegetarians among celebrities”), then how could she eat “animal protein”?

Cereal diet

In 2014, there were reports that Jolie took Mayan food as the basis of her diet – buckwheat, millet and quinoa grains, as well as pumpkin and flaxseeds.

It was also reported that she started the morning with a spoonful of coconut oil and a handful of cereals, she could skip lunch altogether or eat some almonds, and for dinner she sometimes allowed herself a piece of lean steak, a few vegetables and a glass of wine.

As a result, her calorie intake dropped to 600 per day, and the artist herself looked painfully thin, which raised questions about whether she was really sick. I don’t think that such depletion (if it actually took place) is good for the body, right?

Liquid diet

As the name implies, its essence is in the large use of water – broth soups, fruit juices, tea, coffee. Some options also include oatmeal, milk, honey, and a variety of other foods. Sitting on soups for a long time is still hard, and harmful to the body.

As for Angie, she is rumored to have used her own version – a mixture of cayenne pepper, lemon juice and maple syrup. She did not use this method for long, only to quickly lose pounds for her role in the movie “Salt”.

Raw diet

A raw food diet is one of the fashionable Hollywood trends, and a number of publications claim that it was Jolie who introduced this into fashion. They say that in an interview with one of the magazines, the movie star told that this particular method allows her …

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