Arm Rest – The Best (Effective) Arm Exercises: An Overview

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Exercises for hands so that the skin does not hang

Exercises for hands to keep the skin from hanging – 10 effective exercises

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A set of exercises for flawless hands

Ecology of Life: Health and Beauty. A simple and effective set of exercises with dumbbells for arms and shoulders, which you can safely do at home.

A simple and effective set of exercises with dumbbells for arms and shoulders, which you can safely do at home.

Depending on what the goal of your workout is – you can vary the weight and number of repetitions: if you train for endurance and want to tone the muscles without increasing the volume – Do a lot of repetitions with light weight. You can, for example, do 20-30 reps per set.

If you want to build muscle and increase volume

– Take a lot of weight and do 8-12 repetitions.

I recommend doing each exercise in three approaches.

Shoulder exercises

We work on the deltoid muscle of the shoulder. She, one might say, “grasps” the shoulder joint, is responsible for flexion and extension of the shoulder, as well as for the abduction of the arm. The following shoulder exercises must be done correctly, accurately following the technique… Otherwise, you run the risk of not getting the effect of training or even injury.

Dumbbell press up

Typically, this exercise is performed with a barbell or body bar. But when using dumbbells, stabilizer muscles are additionally included in the work (after all, you need to control the movement of two independent shells at once).

Stand up straight with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Take the dumbbells with a straight grip (palms facing down), bend your elbows (the dumbbells should be at shoulder level), the hands are slightly wider than the shoulders, and the elbows are directed straight down.

From this position, as you exhale, press the dumbbells up until your arms are fully extended. At the same time, do not turn your head up – look in front of you. Keep your dumbbell arms and body in a straight line. While inhaling, lower the dumbbells to the starting position at shoulder level.

This exercise develops the anterior and middle bundle of the deltoid muscle of the shoulder well.

Horizontal shoulder abduction

The second shoulder exercise in our complex. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms with dumbbells lowered along the body, elbows slightly bent. The dumbbells in this position are at hip level.

This shoulder exercise loads the middle bundle of the deltoid muscle.

As you exhale, spread your arms to the sides to shoulder level, and keep your elbows slightly bent. The palms in the breeding position are directed to the floor. You can unfold them a little by pointing the little fingers towards the ceiling. As you inhale, slowly lower your arms to the starting position.

This exercise works the middle bundle of the deltoid muscle of the shoulder. If, while performing the exercise, you turn your hands with the little fingers up, the back bundle of the delta is additionally turned on. Keep the body level when performing the exercise, do not wave your hands by inertia – fully control the movement at each point.

Shoulder flexion (forward abduction)

The starting position is practically the same as in the previous exercise: we stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms with dumbbells bent at the elbows, but palms are directed backward. Those. the wrists almost touch the front of the thighs. We take our hands forward to shoulder level, the dumbbells are parallel to each other, palms are directed to the floor. Then slowly lower it down to its original position. Do not bend your back while doing the exercise, the body is even.

The anterior bundle of the deltoid muscle of the shoulder works.

Hand exercises

In order to form beautiful hands, it is necessary to include an appropriate set of exercises in the training program. All arm exercises involve creating a load on the antagonist muscles – biceps and triceps.

Bicep rotation

To perform this exercise for biceps, in a standing position, we put our feet shoulder-width apart, take the dumbbells with a direct grip, lower our arms along the body. We try to press our elbows to the sides. As we exhale, we bend our arms at the elbow joint, gradually expanding our wrists upward. At the end point, the dumbbells are almost at shoulder level, and the wrists are directed back, that is, towards yourself.

We slowly unbend our arms, carrying out the reverse rotation with the brush. In the initial position, the arms are along the body, and the dumbbells are parallel to each other. We do not unbend the elbow to the end so as not to injure the joint.

Due to the rotational movements of the hand, the biceps muscle of the shoulder, or biceps, is worked out as efficiently as possible.

French press standing

This is a great triceps exercise. Many women complain that the back of the hand sags somewhat. By doing the French press, you will safely get rid of this problem.

In the initial position, the arms with dumbbells are raised up, the elbows are bent at a right angle and pressed to the head. Thus, the dumbbells are behind your head. Do not bend your back when doing the exercise, although you will certainly want to, since the dumbbells will pull back, and …

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