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Drying as an effective fat burning diet

Drying the body is a special diet that is designed to burn body fat while preserving muscle mass as much as possible. This means that with properly organized drying, you can burn fat as much as possible, and not muscle (this is what happens with most fashionable diets).

Maintaining muscle mass will provide benefits such as a more attractive silhouette (toned muscles with a minimum amount of body fat look much better than saggy skin after a debilitating diet), as well as a more varied diet (people with a higher percentage of muscle mass can afford to eat significantly more calories without danger for the figure).

useless abs workout

Many women train their abdominal muscles hard for years, but they are hidden by subcutaneous fat. If you want to see your embossed press then drying is the perfect solution for you. Let’s make a reservation right away that drying is suitable for those who need to lose up to 10 kg. Otherwise, drying may be delayed, then health will suffer greatly. In general, drying should take about two months.

It should be borne in mind that the success in drying is 80% dependent on nutrition, but you should also remember about physical activity.

What physical activity will give in addition to drying:

  1. Maintaining muscle tone and muscle mass.
  2. Increased metabolism and, accordingly, faster burning of subcutaneous fat.
  3. An increase in the calorie window, due to which weight loss occurs.

Where to start the drying process?

Drying should not start abruptly. This is the strictest diet, the body needs to be prepared for it. Therefore, 2-3 weeks before drying, you should keep your protein intake to a maximum and carbohydrates to a minimum. This means that it is necessary to exclude all harmful products from the diet, from muffins and sweets to smoked products. Remain in the diet: whole grain bread, cereals, pasta made from rye flour, as well as durum wheat. Of course, the basis of the diet will be protein foods such as meat, fish, legumes and low-calorie milk.

Drying was invented for athletes and in its original form it involves 4 periods. At any drying period, the minimum daily calorie intake should be higher than 1200 kcal. Failure to follow this recommendation will lead to serious health problems.

The first period (stage) of drying lasts 4 – 6 weeks. At this stage, you should consume 50-60% protein, 10-20% fat and 20-30% carbohydrates (20% is better). The optimal calorie content for this period will be 1600 kcal per day. Observing this condition, protein should be 200 grams (820 kcal), fat – 34 grams (320 kcal), carbohydrates about 117 grams (480 kcal).

Sample menu at this stage:

  • breakfast example: boiled chicken egg + 1 egg white (throw away the yolk or give it to the enemy), oatmeal, boiled in water (per 50 grams of dry cereal) + green tea.

Total: 22 grams of protein + 14 grams of fat + 34 grams of carbohydrates. Calories – 260 kcal.

  • second breakfast (after about 2 hours): 100 grams of chicken breast + salad of boiled grated beets (about 200 grams), seasoned with a teaspoon (4.5 grams) of linseed (olive) oil + medium apple (about 200 grams).

Total: 27 grams of protein (111 kcal) + 6.5 grams of fat (61 kcal) + 38 grams of carbohydrates (156 kcal). Calories – 328 kcal.

  • lunch: 200 gr squid fillet + rice porridge on the water (50 gr dry cereal) + salad (fresh cabbage or cucumbers) – 200 gr + 1 tsp. olive oil.

Total: proteins – 46.5 grams, carbohydrates – 46.5 grams, fats – 6.5 grams. Calories – 441.

  • snack: 200 gr of baked chicken breast.

Total: proteins – 47 grams, fats 4 grams. Calories – 230 kcal.

  • afternoon snack: omelet of 5 chicken proteins, fried without oil.

Total: proteins – 18 gr. Calories – 74.

  • dinner: boiled chicken fillet 150 gr + salad of 100 gr of chopped white cabbage (you can pour lemon juice).

Total: proteins – 39 grams, fats – 4 grams, carbohydrates – 5 grams. Calories – 255.

Drying products

Second drying period

This stage should last a week or two (but still a week is better). You need to eat 80% protein, 20% fat. Exclude carbohydrates completely. The diet should be only pure proteins. Lean meat (mainly chicken fillet), white lean fish, squid meat, chicken egg whites, shrimp. Fats will enter the body along the way with protein foods. The above products must be baked or boiled. The calorie content of the daily diet can be reduced to 1200-1400 kcal per day (234-273 grams of protein and 26-30 grams of fat, respectively).

Drying vegetables

In the first two stages of drying, it is necessary to consume a sufficient amount of clean artesian water (about 2 liters per day).

If you are not involved in professional sports and are not preparing for a competition, then you should stop at this stage of drying. If you follow all the recommendations, you should get the right result.

Try to drink water more often between meals. Drink green tea and chicory root extract. These drinks will not only help to decorate your diet, but also enhance the process of fat burning.

menu for the second drying period

Example of a menu for a given drying period:

– breakfast: chicken breast – 200 grams.

Total: proteins – 47 grams, fats – 4 grams. Calories – 230.

– second breakfast: omelet (3 proteins and 1 egg), fried without oil.

Total: proteins – 23.5 grams, fats – 11 grams, carbohydrates – 1 gram.

– lunch: 300 grams of lean white fish.

Total: 54 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat. Calories – 250.

– snack: 200 grams of baked chicken breast.

Total: proteins – 47 grams, fats – 4 grams. Calories – 230.

– afternoon snack: 200 grams of squid fillet + 1 cucumber.

Total: proteins – 36 grams, …

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