Avocado: the Green Gold, properties and benefits Tropical fruit, good, beautiful and versatile, it is one of the oldest and dates back to …


Tropical fruit, good, beautiful and versatile, it is among the most ancient and dates back to the Cenozoic era. Nature offers many varieties of this precious food, low in fat and very consumed in modern times, thanks to its versatility in the kitchen and its nutritional and beneficial properties for the body. Discovered during the historical explorations in Central America, in the current areas of Mexico and Guatemala, the avocado was consumed by the pre-Columbian civilizations and was the basis of the Aztecs and Maya’s diet even before the arrival of the Europeans.


The name of this beautiful and curious fruit derives from the Aztec “āhuacatl”Which, for similarity to the male sexual organ, can be translated with the word“ testicle ”. This association has meant that in the Aztec tradition, this fruit was considered as a powerful aphrodisiac, therefore defined by many populations such as the fruit of love.

In other areas of the world, such as England, it is defined as “alligator pear”Because of the scaly skin that covers it and is very reminiscent of an alligator. Known in the West and very popular in the modern era, the avocado it looks like a medium-sized fruit, bright green skin and a soft, pulpy interior. Extremely nutritious and an important source of energy, avocado it contains just 230 kcal per 100 grams of product.

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Perfect for those who follow a vegetarian lifestyle and especially for those who practice physical activity. Useful in reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) is a valid support of mineral salts and potassium, essential mineral for muscle contraction, therefore suitable for those who practice sports and constant physical activity. The presence of calcium and phosphorus abound in this small and precious fruit, as well as a large corollary of vitamins of group A, B, C and E.


Avocado: properties and benefits

A fruit so ancient, which was to allow large animals to feed and be satisfied, can only have one important satiating power even in the modern era. In fact, avocado is capable of giving a full sense of satiety, such as to be introduced in many low calorie diets and restrictive diets.

Thanks to its powerful nutritional properties, in addition to being a valid ally for the reduction of blood cholesterol, it is a valid support for vision improvement and give shine and elasticity to the skin.

Used extensively in aesthetics and cosmetics, in fact, avocado in pulp or in the form of essential oil it is used for many beauty treatments. Besides protect the health of the cardiovascular system, exercises strong anti-inflammatory action, preserving aging, reducing free radicals.

Rich in good fats, in particular Omega 3, its constant consumption, helps stimulate the production of good cholesterol, curbing the accumulation of the bad one, thus preventing states of arteriosclerosis and other pathologies related to the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, thanks to its high content of folic acid, helps prevent heart disease, keeps blood pressure in balance as well as regulating diabetes, strengthening the immune system.

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Avocado: ally of beauty

Its soft and creamy texture makes it perfect for the preparation of sauces and soups, first of all the typical South American sauce, the guacamole, of which avocado is the base. Indicated for the preparation of healthy, healthy and protein dishes it can be eaten in pieces with salad combined with both sweet and savory and perfect for all occasions.

It is the perfect cure both from the inside and from the outside, its regular intake contributes to the supply of important nutrients for our body, its pulp could be used in cosmetics and aesthetics for multiple beauty treatments, both for the skin that for i hair. The avocado, in fact, is a powerful one natural moisturizer, its calming powers can heal redness and sunburn, as well as many skin irritations. Many beauty masks have avocado and its pulp as a base, or sometimes used for massages in the form of essential oil.

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The hair pack involves wrapping the hair in a mixture of crushed avocado pulp, applied to the scalp and left on for about an hour from root to tip. Proceed with a careful rinse and styling as usual.

For the face, the same operation can be repeated adding essential oils or a few drops of moisturizer to the pulp. Spread evenly on the face and leave on for 20 minutes, remove and wash carefully and apply a moisturizer, massaging until completely absorbed. An excellent solution is to use avocado pulp, mixed with oatmeal or chopped apricot kernel, for an exfoliating treatment with an immediate effect.

Avocado, Beauty

Properties and benefits of avocado: photos and images

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