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Real weight loss stories with before and after photos

Losing weight together, using someone else’s positive or negative experience, can be much easier and more effective than alone, only on the basis of theoretical knowledge. This section of our site presents real weight loss stories from users who managed to normalize their weight with the help of diets, pills, special exercises or other techniques.

True stories are the best motivation

Real stories of people who have lost weight are a great addition to a dry list of recipes, rules, tips. After all, even the most detailed instructions can be interpreted in different ways, something can be missed, something can be overlooked. And only after reading a detailed description of the process, learning about the errors and their consequences, you can find the most correct path that will lead to the best result.

In addition, such success stories inspire confidence that losing weight, although difficult, is quite realistic, even when the amount of extra pounds is expressed in solid numbers. Particularly impressive are the stories with photos before and after losing weight, when you can not only read, but even personally verify the effectiveness of a particular technique, multiplied by your own perseverance.

Personal experience to help everyone

Almost everyone who wants to lose weight is faced with the same problems – it is very difficult to limit yourself in food, to force you to go to workout, and also to accept your appearance as it is, not to be upset about being overweight, but to look for the right ways to get rid of it. Stories with pictures of ordinary people before and after losing weight help to gain self-confidence even for those who are desperate to return to a normal physique. This is the best support, ideal motivation, irrefutable proof that it is possible and necessary to normalize weight if you set a real goal for yourself, and then stubbornly go towards achieving it.

Everyone is hearing today numerous cases of “incredible weight loss” of various celebrities. It is rather difficult for an ordinary overweight person to believe in them, because his capabilities are very far from those available to “stars”. Therefore, most of these people do not even try to make any efforts on themselves and change themselves. But if the same ordinary man in the street shares the result of his weight loss, then the reality of achieving success becomes much closer. Therefore, our site contains true stories of ordinary people who were able to independently create the figure of their dreams. They not only explain how they managed to achieve this, but often describe their life before and after losing weight – what positive changes have occurred, how their personal relationships have improved.

You need to support each other by talking about your personal experience and the results achieved in losing weight. After all, someone’s success story can change the lives of many people for the better, and a photo before and after can become a powerful incentive for starting a diet, joining sports or leading a healthy lifestyle.

Real weight loss stories ✔️ and photos

We often promise ourselves that we will lose 10 extra pounds by next summer season, that we will start living a healthy lifestyle after the New Year … or next month, and why not starting next Monday? But, unfortunately, these wonderful intentions remain just empty promises.

We present 12 real stories of how people lost weight, kept their promises and won the fight against obesity. We believe that their perseverance will inspire you to gain a beautiful figure.

Keith: 55 kg in 9 months

For Kate, overweight was not a problem for a long time. But soon she began to have health problems. She reduces food intake, and in the first week she loses 8 kg. With a reasonable amount of food and daily exercise, Kate manages to lose 55 kg in 9 months. Today Kate is in great shape and trains two hours a day.

Minus 57 kg in 12 years

This Australian woman has lost 57 kg of excess weight. According to the girl, the success is due to the fact that she began to eat less sugar and regularly trained in the zumba style. The decision to change life and weight came after an unhappy marriage. When the ex-husband saw the changes, offered to be together again, apparently realized his mistake. Naturally, it was already too late.

Vitaly: 71 kg in 3 years

Vitaly has developed a diet and exercise program. Success is based on a balanced diet, excluding sweets, junk food and convenience foods.

Initially, training consisted of cardio exercises, in addition, Vitaly tried to do 10,000 steps daily. After losing 71 kg, he became interested in bodybuilding.

Rachel: 40 kg in 9 months

“There is no magic recipe to lose 40 kg. to achieve this result with just one “simple” plan – tracking calories, eating healthy and exercising. Before I realized it, I resorted to numerous tricks, but not one did not work.

In addition, I warn you that there is no universal way to reduce weight. You can’t just copy someone else’s diet and fitness plan. So be sure to find a professional personal trainer and nutritionist. And lastly – train, train, train. Every day and for a long time “

Regina: 68 kg in 3 years

Regina managed to achieve this victory by gradually eliminating harmful products from the diet and exercising at home.

When she gained confidence, she bought a card for a fitness center and began to frequently attend group classes.

Pascal: 147 kg in 3 years

Pascal decides to change his life, after …

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