Before and after photos of pumped up priests – 10 best buttocks in the world of fitness!

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before and after intensive training

Usually, before the start of the summer season, most girls, dreaming of an ideal figure (especially in the buttocks), rush to put their bodies in order.

Representatives of the weaker sex begin to go to gyms, to fitness, many do it at home. However, not everyone succeeds in achieving the desired results in the area of ​​pumping the buttocks. The girls, having seen enough beautiful pictures showing a pumped-up ass before and after, have no idea what exercises need to be done for this.

Some people think that pumping up the buttocks is easy. Far from it. For a well-pumped priests, you need to know and perform special exercises and be patient. The muscles of the buttocks are the most voluminous and largest in our body, so they are difficult to change, and at first they will not respond at all to your efforts.

Tune in to the fact that no matter what your desire is, you will not be able to influence the shape of the pelvis. You will deal with what nature has given you. The main thing is to forget what laziness is, train at least 2 times a week and put the main emphasis on the legs, hips and buttocks. Complex exercises will bring better results than pumping only priests.

Causes of undeveloped buttocks

The main reason for undeveloped buttocks, and the whole body, is physical inactivity.

Today our life is so facilitated that a person moves very little while working and performing his daily activities. And this has a bad effect on health and the body. Living in optimal conditions, working in offices, moving little and not physically straining too much, a person weakens and becomes less developed.

Also, do not forget that the female constitution is different from the male one. So, in the female half, the forward deflection of the body is more pronounced, as a result of which the buttocks look more protruding. It seems that this is just what you need. But in practice, if a woman moves a little, then her gluteal muscles are very weakened. Plus, the quadriceps of the thigh is degrading, and the posture is bent. Ultimately, the woman has an unpleasant saggy butt.

Tips for beginner athletes

If you lead an athletic lifestyle, then you should be aware of such two concepts as anabolism and catabolism. anabolism is an increase in muscle mass and muscle fibers. catabolism – on the contrary, a decrease in body weight. That is, if you dream of beautiful toned buttocks and want to show your friends how to pump up the ass before and after photos, you should forget about hunger strikes and diets. If you suffer from extra pounds, then before starting regular exercises to pump up the priests, you will need to first lose weight. Then go through a set of exercises for the buttocks, after which again lose a couple of kilograms, and continue this way until you achieve the desired result. As you can see, a plump woman will need to strive for a good result for a long time, but it’s worth it: what you won’t sacrifice for the sake of interest and admiring glances from the stronger sex.

Proper nutrition for beautiful buttocks

Intense training is stressful for the body. The body will try to get rid of the unwanted effects of stress and muscle stretching that will occur after excessive exertion. This will require a large amount of energy and renewable elements in the form of proteins. We get energy thanks to carbohydrates, therefore, during an active lifestyle, we need to eat right, getting the right amount of nutrients with food, and more than is consumed during exercise.

Often, girls who have achieved good results post a photo with the inscription “how I pumped up my ass before and after.” Looking at such photos, there is a desire to look the same. The correct use of calories per day will also help to quickly achieve protruding elastic buttocks. You can correctly calculate the required calories using a special formula found on the Internet. The main thing is to choose the food exactly for your physique.

After calculating, correctly distribute the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The best proportions will be: 20/25/60, respectively.

Exercises for pumping the buttocks

According to the knowledge of athletes and trainers, the best exercises for pumping up the buttocks are as follows:

In addition to pumping the gluteal muscles, such exercises use the muscles of the thighs and legs, which allows you to make your legs beautiful and pumped.

Often, women do not want to do presses on the front of the thighs, for fear of getting overly powerful legs. This is a big mistake. Without such exercises, it will not be possible to get rid of cellulite and decrepit skin. Plus, other light movements will be difficult. However, if you perform all the exercises correctly, follow the correct techniques and do not feel sorry for yourself, then the load will be mainly on the butt, and not on the hips. Based on this, the fear of pumped legs is simply illogical.

It is worth noting that if you have a poor degree of preparation, then before starting exercises with a barbell and other weights, during the first weeks, try to comprehensively strengthen your body. Otherwise, you can get injured, muscle strain, after which you will not be able to exercise for a long time.

Training principles

To properly pump up the buttocks, you need to do it often, gradually increasing the load. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Add extra weights every workout.
  2. Increase the number of repetitions of each exercise in one approach (but try not to exceed 15-20 repetitions). You can also increase the number of approaches.

With every new workout …

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