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Correct (healthy) nutrition (PP) – “My result is -5 kg ​​in a month after proper nutrition and sports. Photo “before” and “after” “

Having tried many diets, which I have never completely gone through, I decided to reconsider my lifestyle and start eating right and playing sports at least a little.

In this endeavor, the online marathon also helped me a lot, where recommendations on nutrition are given and online training every day (30-50 minutes in time). For even greater effect, you need to do cardio, but I never got it (((Here’s my goal to accustom myself to cardio loads, the exercise bike has already been bought!

I will not say that it is easy for me, PP, because I like to eat tasty food and eat it all with candy, but not just one. But this is very good for health, the result, as they say on the face) The condition of the skin has changed, the rashes have disappeared.

So what was my nutrition

Sweets and baked goods are prohibited (except for whole grains)

All cereals are allowed, but it is better to exclude white rice, pasta from durum wheat, vegetables, fruits, meat (chicken, turkey, veal, rabbit), fish, baked goods made from whole grain flour (there are a lot of delicious recipes on the Internet), even 20 g of cookies “Maria”))). It is advisable to eat 5-6 rubles. per day in small portions

Sample menu for the day:


porridge, egg, vegetables or omelet with vegetables and bread


cottage cheese with fruits or seeds, nuts


porridge, vegetables 150 g, a piece of meat

Snack fruit

Dinner similar to lunch, but in the last week I preferred proteins + vegetables

Do not eat three hours before bedtime, drink about 2 liters of water (half an hour before meals and an hour after meals), steam or cook food, grill, fry without oil.

As a result, in a month I lost 5 kg and this despite the fact that there were violations, I confess … There were also D.R. and get-togethers with girlfriends.

And about sports

I’m not very friendly with sports, but when I started doing workouts every day (except weekends), I got involved, I even began to like it) I did exercises for the press, squats, deadlifts with dumbbells, gluteal bridge, berpies, plank, high chair. All this took 30-50 minutes, together with a warm-up before exercise and stretching after.

Yes, it is not easy, but without harm to the body! Such a diet did not become permanent for me, but I got rid of the bad habit of eating lunch with sweets or cookies, and in general I almost don’t pull for sweets) I also stopped overeating, the eternal heaviness in the stomach disappeared. Now, in small steps I am moving towards my goal of 48-49 kg, I hope I will. If my dream comes true, I will definitely add a photo!)

Top 20 emotional shots of athletes before and after the competition

Truly talented photographers often take on projects that are different from those that have been invented before. One of these is B.A. Van Sise. The author of very powerful photographs loves to travel and often visits various sports events, despite the fact that he does not like sports itself. He appears there with only one purpose, to take pictures of athletes who agreed to participate in his project before competitions or games, and immediately after them. The photos vividly convey not only fatigue, but also the taste of victory, as well as tears of defeat. It is for these unique, sincere emotions that the photographer is chasing, each image of which impresses with its depth.





















A source

Fitness – “Sport is our everything. Before and after photos as evidence. “

So let’s start from the very beginning.

Since childhood, I have been a thin child. In primary school, I wore clothes for 3-4 year old children, because my weight was only 20 kg. Then something happened and already in high school I began to weigh 80 kg with a height of 170. Frightening, isn’t it?

My height from the 8th grade is 178 cm and does not change, which makes me very happy. But what about weight?

I have always loved myself for who I am. I even had a boyfriend who, by the way, also loved me. But the impetus for me was the phrase of a little boy thrown in my direction: “Get away, fat one.”

Then I thought: I’m really fat!

And if earlier my favorite and constant food was Kiev cutlets, sweets, sausage and the like, then when I decided to lose weight, I began to eat only dark chocolate and excluded everything else from my diet. It was simple. I decided to talk to my mother about this topic and she stopped buying sausages and sweets altogether at home. After all, there is no such thing – there is no temptation!

In the first month, I lost 3 kg. The weight left very slowly and I decided to go in for sports.

The day I ran, the day I completed 15 workouts from YouTube and decided to score on the exercises.

After some more time, I decided to do some kind of (I don’t remember which one) training session from YouTube. I did it for a month and again did not see the result.

My hands just dropped. Soon I was diagnosed with a stomach ailment – pancreatitis. And running. And with him it happens that a person dramatically gains weight or loses weight. I was prescribed pills and life became easier. But my 80 kg returned again and did not want to leave even with the first table (a kind of diet for stomach patients).

If there was a normal person, then from such food he would obviously lose weight. If you eat everything boiled and steamed.

One day, when I came home, I found that no one was there. I stripped down to my underwear and went to put the kettle on. Passing the mirror in the hallway, I saw this horror

Having taken a photo, I have already decided for sure that this cannot continue.

On the same day I started training.

Specifically: squats, leg swings while lying on the side, lunges, gluteal bridge, bicycle.

Each exercise 20 times in 3 sets.

The result MADE itself wait 4 months.

So far, there is still work to do, but I realized my mistakes:


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