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Video workout. I want these buttocks! “I want those buns!” – “” In any incomprehensible situation – squat, the priest will say “thank you”))) (c) An excellent workout for tightening the hips and buttocks !!! Photos BEFORE and AFTER, of course))) “

Hello everyone!!!

So I got to the feedback about this wonderful workout))

A bit of prehistory …

After rapidly losing weight (I will give a link to the diet below), it turned out that along with the weight, muscles go away … And a toned body is not easy … I will not say that everything “hung” for me, but I would like elasticity where she is needed)))

The first training session, or rather a monthly course, was “Slim figure in 30 days” with J. Michaels ( detailed review with PHOTO before and after here) and I liked the overall result. Then I wanted to work on each part of the body, so to speak, separately))

I wanted to start with the press (and in the review, I remember, I promised …)), but changed my mind and started working on my legs and hips.

I learned about Tamily Webb and her author’s course here, on Ayrek… I love to read and watch the results of girls who write reviews about workouts, so I stumbled upon this course and became interested.

Although by that time I had been studying with Jillian Michaels, I decided to “change the coach” and began to study according to the program Tamily.

About training

The complex consists of two levels of difficulty. Each workout lasts an average of 15 minutes, incl. short warm-up and stretching.

The first level is based solely on squats in different variations (I did it with dumbbells in my hands).

At the second level, I did not need weights, the exercises are more diverse – swings, squats, exercises with a chair.

Tamily herself does not set a deadline for completing classes, I studied for 15 days at each level. Total month.



My impressions.

Specifically, the legs and hips, I worked for the first time. After childbirth, special attention was focused on the upper body – chest, arms and stomach, and I got hung up on them, but I completely forgot about my legs)) I mean that they are absolutely untrained (unlike, for example, from the press) and I didn’t even hope to see the muscles on them)))


Of course, after 30 days with Gillian Michaels, things went up a bit, but the main thing here is not to stop)))

I was attracted by the training time – 15 minutes, it would seem, what can be done in 15 minutes? With Tamily, for example, you can sweat and breathe like a driven horse)) And I can still feel all the muscles of the legs and priests)) These sensations after training pleased me most of all – I felt that the muscles were working!

I really liked this course and I am pleased to state that I am satisfied with the result in a month.


Unlike J. Michaels, here you do not have to jump and jump, but purposefully work out specific muscles (although I also endlessly respect Jill))).

A few tips (what I got to myself, well, my husband-trainer helped a little =)))

one… Squatting, take your ass back as much as possible.

2. Bend your knees at a right angle, making sure that your knees do not go beyond the foot.

3. Keep your back straight.

4. Try to do the exercises without rest, it will be difficult only at first, after a couple of three get involved.

5. Listen to the coach, repeat after her and try to keep up. (This means that, for example, I listen to it only once or twice, then I cut out the sound and watch TV with one eye. When I moved to the second level, I didn’t listen to it, I just looked and repeated, and at the end it seemed to me that the second level is much easier than the first. When on the second day I turned on the sound and listened to it, I realized that I was just doing the exercises wrong)))

That’s all))

As usual, my assistants were:



As promised, links to weight loss reviews:

How I lost 10 kg in 2.5 months

“Slim figure in 30 days” with Gillian Michaels – getting your body ready for summer

Anti-cellulite body scrub based on cane sugar

Salt body scrub

Body massage roller

Excellent anti-cellulite cream

Elastic gel for skin tightening

Now I have been working on her program “I want such a press” for a week and I am more than satisfied with the result. Although a week and a short period of time, I think that in a month my tummy will be just stone))

For this I take my leave, I wish everyone beauty and smiles !!!

Py.Sy. And she went to squat)))

An effective workout plan for toned buttocks

Beautiful buttocks are extremely important for girls. Everyone dreams of pumping up the ass, but not everyone knows how to do it correctly, and which exercises are the most effective. There are many ways and techniques that allow you to include the buttocks in the work, but squats tighten the buttocks as much as possible. The exercise can be done at home or in the gym.

Squats for the buttocks will allow you to quickly achieve noticeable changes in the figure. Having started to exercise according to the scheme, in a week you will be able to squat 100 times. But it is not only the number of approaches that is important, the key to success is the correct execution technique.

It is necessary to study the algorithm of actions in advance, hone the sequence and delve into the nuances of the classical technique. Only after that, girls should complicate the task and try new types of squats for firm buttocks and toned hips.

Perfect technique

The 30-day squat complex is highly effective. However, doing the exercise at home incorrectly can negatively affect your well-being and health.

You can prevent mistakes if you listen to the simple rules and advice of professionals:

  • Take a comfortable starting position – feet shoulder-width apart, back straight, arms should not interfere. You can keep them in a lock, at the waist or behind your head.
  • Don’t do deep squats right away. Starting to squat, …

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