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Diet for thighs and buttocks – “I pumped up my ass at home in 3 months! Plus 8cm in diameter buttocks! How to stay thin, but with a booty! All my secrets and tricks! Photos are attached! 😊 “

Hello lovely girls! )

I am tearing this post from the very heart! Revealing all my secrets !!

I’ll start with the background!

I am naturally very thin, from which I always suffered and considered thinness to be my main drawback, I had a complex about this, but I could not fix this situation in any way! At about 15 years old, at the age when girls become girls – I remained a skinny teenager!))

this is how I looked for many, many years (I’m on the left)

And I remember how I tried to eat a lot and chose fatter and sweeter dishes, but nothing helped! The weight was in one place! 47 kg, with a height of 166)

At the age of 16, I came to the gym and told the trainer “help me get better! I will do whatever I need to do, I want to put on a few pounds!”

Frankly, I was not lucky with the first coach))) My whole program was mainly aimed at pumping my arms and back! And my diet was completely unhealthy, the trainer suggested every evening to drink a can of beer in a bite with fat sour cream, so, according to her, I had to get better))) Now I remember and understand how far from professionalism my trainer was!

After 3 months of such a regimen – I found cellulite and a lot of fat on my stomach)))) That was all)))))) Now the only part of my body that stood out was my stomach!

(I won’t talk for a long time about the fact that stomach and liver problems have begun, it’s not about that in the review)

So, the search for a coach continued)) For 10 years I changed 7 coaches, but they all poorly understood what I wanted from training, I explained to everyone that I wanted a feminine figure, to which they explained about the same thing: “you have genetics, a figure do not change “,” you have such a metabolism, muscles are not gaining! ” , “just eat more and toning is not needed!” Etc . In general, not a single practical advice.

And so I gave up sports! I haven’t trained for 3 years at all. The weight was 49 kg, stood still)) At that time I started working as a model. This was the impetus for my awareness of the benefits of sports, proper sports!

Seeing myself in the photo from the back, on the same day I came home, took 2 dumbbells from my brother and started squatting! It was on the day when I saw myself from the back)))))

What did I understand !!

I decided to study this issue from all sides! I realized that the basis of external female beauty is her butt! That’s the truth! I conducted many surveys of men, they all, as one said, that with regards to appearance, the main thing is toned buttocks. And I myself am a psychologist, I know that for men high-quality female buttocks are perceived as the fact that there is a healthy female in front of them, these are instincts, you cannot argue with them. This was also a kind of motivation for my training!

Having studied a huge number of sports programs and various theories about muscles and everything related to the topic of pumping the buttocks, I chose the basis of exercises for myself!

My goal: to pump up the ass, add relief to the whole body and at the same time stay thin

So what I did:

I had 2 dumbbells and a water bottle in my arsenal! Nothing else!

(I never went to the gym for the first six months)

I worked with them for 3 months, every other day. I believed that I would achieve the desired result no matter what! )


First results!

They appeared a month later, the priest began to rise up and grow in volume, despite the fact that the volume of the legs, waist and so on did not fall in volume, but on the contrary, became more delineated!

a month later

After 3 months, the volume of my buttocks was 93 cm! And initially it was 85 !!

For 3 months + 8 cm! I myself could not believe my eyes, but the photos confirm the result, the difference is heaven and earth!

At the same time, the weight remained the same -49 kg!

My exercises:

  1. Dumbbell Squat
  2. Dumbbell lunges (forward and backward)
  3. Pulling a bottle while standing on stools
  4. Deadlift of the same dumbbell
  5. Walking stairs with dumbbells (at the entrance)
  6. Stretching

These are all exercises!

And I also use some of my chips! Namely :

  1. Tighten your buttocks as much as possible with normal walking! I go to the store and strain! In the store, they are already starting to burn))
  2. I climb the stairs to my floor, also straining the buttocks as much as possible, stepping on the heel when lifting, this is the most important thing.
  3. Even sitting at the computer, I strain the rolls))) but it is important after that to stretch a little, so as not to crush the muscles, it is not desirable for them.
  4. I always eat after training! Immediately)) I cook food and start training, so that I would then immediately sit down and eat. The main thing is that after training, protein predominates in food intake, after all, this is the main building material for our muscles! And certainly fiber in the form of vegetables, otherwise the protein will not be absorbed.

About Nutrition!

Of course, this is a huge component! But I do not take upon myself such a right as to give any advice regarding diets! I’m not a nutritionist! And the food is very, very individual!

I can only say one thing:

I do not adhere to diets, I just follow a few rules:

  • The main thing is to eat after training and not to allow hunger during the day! When we are hungry, then an animal wakes up in us (in me so surely) that eats everything that it sees: rolls, shawarma, burgers and everything that comes to hand So that there are no such breakdowns, I do not allow hunger) You can take a snack with you in the form of sports nutrition (protein), rye crispbread, fruits, etc.
  • I often take baby food in jars with me, mostly meat and vegetables. Healthy and nutritious! ))

    my snack

  • Every morning I start with oatmeal in water and egg whites. I try to eat a lot of protein during the course.

I also realized: to have an appetizing ass …

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