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Photos of weight loss before and after men at different ages

In order to lose weight and do it pretty quickly, there are many ways. But to still start this difficult path, you need good motivation. Photo of weight loss before and after men helps to budge even the biggest lazy person.

PHOTOS of weight loss BEFORE and AFTER

Losing weight can be without a sharp set of muscle mass. It is relatively easier for men to lose weight, and in general, you can do this without constant visits to the gym.

Losing weight without gaining mass

Many people think that losing weight is just a little slimmer, nothing more, but in reality it is not so. In the photo you can see how quickly a person’s appearance changed, the guy from plump and sad turned into a macho, who will be accompanied by girls at every step.

Complete transformation after losing weight (PHOTOS)

After losing weight, you should also pay attention to the relief. Tanning and drying will help you get a beautiful body in a fairly short period of time. In addition, tanning will make the whole figure much thinner and fit.

Mass gain with drying and tanning

To see your results, we advise you to take photos. It is very useful to lose weight and take pictures in the same clothes, so you can track your results and progress right away. This is useful if the weight seems to be on the scale, but in fact it is reduced due to the volume.

Slimming men

Six male stories from the series “BEFORE-AFTER”: rus_dudnik – LiveJournal

Men’s Health magazine has an interesting section about weight loss stories. Many participants in these stories lost weight in different ways, thanks to them for the fact that many people can now more accurately determine which methods of losing weight are more rational and which are not. Let me emphasize that we are talking about people who want not just to lose weight, but to lose weight beautifully and functionally, that is, while acquiring a slender, strong body with increased physical capabilities.

Story 1:

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The hero chose the most comfortable weight loss option in terms of nutrition. Smoothly, calmly and slowly, without doing heroic deeds in relation to food, he gradually reduced weight. This is a very rational and not burdensome way of losing weight for the psyche.

Pay attention to how, along with the change in the body, not only his life changed, but also his attitude towards it.

From strength training, as he writes, he did only push-ups, pull-ups and exercises for the press. In this regard, of course, it is better to slightly correct his strategy. Having rational strength training would help you change your body in a more beneficial way! But even if you do not take into account the external showiness, the presence of a large percentage of muscles in the body brings many bonuses for health and your sense of space.

Story 2:

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This story really lacks strength training, which can be seen in the final photo. Plus, starting with cardio is one of the most ineffective ways to burn fat. The article contains a commentary by fitness editor Dmitry Smirnov, there is nothing to add. Unless it should be mentioned that people who are overweight should not jump rope and jog, since the joints already bear a serious load due to extra pounds, and then there are shock loads!

Story 3:

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The best story presented. 2 strength training per week, 2 cardio. In nutrition, however, the hero of this story limited himself quite harshly – he simply excluded everything harmful. For some people, hard measures work really well and half measures do not work at all, such as limiting this a little, a little that. There are pros and cons to this approach, but it’s good that we have a choice, right?

Nevertheless, the hero’s diet is quite complete. There are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. By myself, I will say that as soon as you start to consume more protein foods (but within reasonable limits, no more than 1.5-2 grams per 1 kg), and in general you cook various and MANDATORY tasty dishes, then you are not particularly drawn to all sorts of sweets, semi-finished products or the like nonsense.

If time is running out, it is better to boil a couple of eggs and eat some vegetables, rush further than to cook …

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