Bench for the press in the gym – how to pump muscles correctly, execution technique

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A set of exercises on a bench for the press, types of simulator

≡ 12 January 2018 Heading: Exercises for muscle groups Many of those for whom sport has become a part of their lives seek to diversify their workouts in order to make them better and more productive. To do this, almost everyone tries to sign up for a gym or create optimal conditions for exercising at home, because only with the help of additional sports equipment and equipment can you achieve maximum results. And one of the most effective helpers in creating beautiful relief forms can rightfully be considered a bench for the press. So, what exercises on the press bench should be included in your training program, we will tell you below.

A wide variety of exercises allows you to work out different muscle groups located in the abdominal region. But in order to obtain the desired result, it is important to practice regularly and know how to correctly do certain movements in accordance with the technique of execution.

Varieties and features of simulators

Before moving on to the exercises on the abdominal board, it is worth giving some advice to those who are just deciding to buy such a simulator. It should be noted right away that at the moment sports equipment stores offer various types of press benches, which, at first glance, do not have any fundamental differences. However, this is far from the case, and before choosing the most suitable type of simulator, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each of them.

In the sports goods market, the press bench is definitely the sales leader among exercise equipment. First, it is cheap compared to other professional and multipurpose exercise machines. And secondly, it is great for training at home, with which an inexperienced athlete often begins his path in sports.

Budget press trainers are represented by the brands Body Solid, Stingrey, Body Sculpture, Atemi, Torneo and others. When choosing between the models of these companies, be sure to consider the following:

  • the level of their physical fitness;
  • body weight;
  • the frequency of their training on the simulator in the future;
  • what is the health of the back and spine.

Considering that the price of budget press simulators is set taking into account the materials used in the production of structures, it is recommended to pay attention to the body and the quality of the upholstery fabric, because they must withstand decent physical activity.

5 types of bench

So, what kind of board can a girl or guy buy for home workouts to keep the abs rocking safe and productive?

  1. The foldable slope trainer is a great option for small spaces and people whose weight does not reach 100 kg. An inclined abdominal board allows you to efficiently and daily pump the press, focusing on the study of the lower abdominal zone.
  2. Foldable press trainer with adjustable surface – ideal for athletes with an average fitness level and with a low body weight. In the course of training on it, the athlete can adjust the level of inclination of the board, which allows you to choose which abdominal muscle groups will be more involved in training.
  3. The foldable curved press bench is an option for athletes with an above-average fitness level. It can be used by people with low body weight and sufficient experience in sports.
  4. The non-collapsible Roman chair is a type of exercise equipment for people of any fitness level, body weight and height no higher than average. Since such structures are usually non-separable and unregulated, it will be very difficult for tall people to use them for their intended purpose.
  5. Compact hyperextension trainer Torneo is the most practical and effective trainer for those who train at home and have an average level of physical fitness. Training on it makes the rocking of the press the most productive, allowing you to work out the lower press, develop the muscles of the lumbar region, hips and buttocks.

When choosing a suitable press simulator, you need to be guided not only by your level of training and the cost of the structure, but also by the quality of materials, as well as how practical the installation will be. Indeed, many folding benches make outdoor training more effective and beneficial for the body possible.

For craftsmen who are able to make exercise machines with their own hands, there is an original option – to make a bench by yourself, taking into account the individual parameters of their body. In this case, a drawing will come in handy for the self-production of a structure, the type of which you liked the most. At the moment, similar drawings can be found on the net in order to follow the instructions to make your own simulator.

Exercise list for exercising on the simulator

So, you have chosen which press bench will be the most suitable for you and decided to buy / do it yourself. Now there is only one thing left to do – to compose an individual set of exercises for exercising on a bench for the press.

And before you start testing exercises for pumping the press on the bench, it is important to find out the features of their implementation:

  • Exercising movements, you should strain the abdominal muscles in order to increase the efficiency of their actions.
  • It is important to perform all movements at a leisurely pace. Especially if you have moved to a higher level of training and use a dumbbell or other type of weights during training.
  • The main effort (flexion) during work on the simulator should be carried out on exhalation, and on inhalation – extension.
  • With an increase in the angle of inclination of the bench, the load on …

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