Berto Salotti 2021 sofas catalog: the whole range


Let’s take a look at Berto Salotti Sofas Catalog, to discover the whole beautiful range of 2021 products: modular sofas, corner sofas, with a classic or modern style. All the ideas for a unique home.


Berto Salotti it’s a’company all Italian born in 1950s thanks to the passion of Fioravante and Carlo Berto who, from Brianza, moved to Veneto where they learned the job of upholsterer. This exciting and creative experience leads them to frequent very young people, shops and workshops where they learn the art of upholstery.

In 1974 thus a personal project is born, one small shop which over the years has transformed into a real company. Fioravante’s son Filippo joins the large and passionate team in the 90s and decides to continue family tradition adding a fundamental element: communication.

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It is born so the workshop of the story, a web space in which Berto Salotti tells the life of upholsterers, carpenters and the products and techniques used. A wonderful way to communicate the products of the Berto Salotti range with potential customers. There headquarters of the company is located Meda, in Brianza, a territory known for manufacturing, innovation and design.


Berto Salotti Sofas catalog: Dee Dee

The project Dee Dee di Berto it’s a sofa modular which uses the most advanced technologies and is one of the spearheads of production. The Dee Dee project provides a series of seats that can be combined which give the possibility to create a sofa with a unique appearance and incredible comfort. In this way, the sofa Yes suitable to your home, you can choose the size, i colors and the best seats for your needs.

Modern and from soft and tapered lines, Dee Dee has an enveloping comfort thanks to the materials of which it is realized, polyurethane and goose down for the seat, steel for the feet. It is possible to study the project of your sofa together with the Berto team, just fill in the appropriate form on the company’s official website.


Joey, the modular corner sofa

Joey it’s a corner sofa modular with a modern design, equipped with a unique comfort that can be adapted to your needs. Berto produces a Sport version, equipped with low backrests and deep seat and a Comfort version, whose backrests are higher and the seat less deep.

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There peninsula is removable and reversible, it can be detached to save space, rotate it or even separate it from the central body to obtain an independent seat. The sofa is equipped with armrests fluffy, perfect for relaxing in your living room. The session is ergonomic, the pillows stuffed with goose down, the backrests I’m stop from straps in nakuk. You can choose between a coating in skin, fixed, or one in fabric, fully removable.


Harley, modern sofa with reclining backrests

Harley and the modern sofa designed by Berto to offer maximum flexibility and comfort to its customers. The backrests I’m reclining, it is possible to make it to measure supported by the company’s team of designers. If you decide to buy this sofa you can choose in the version for two, three or four places.

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The backrests are equipped with seven movements of inclination, while i pillows I’m gifted of casters that slide on steel rails in order to make the seat depth adjustable. There steel structure it is fully customizable. You can choose between steel satin with finish opaque or shiny or black embossed with powder.

The coating in fabric is completely removable cover, while if you choose a coating Leather is fixed.


Boston, the Chesterfield model sofa

Berto Salotti Catalog sofas proposes a line Chesterfield, of which Boston it’s part. Its structure is in solid wood, poplar and beech, guaranteed for 20 years. Characterized by the typical workmanship capitonnè, quilted, which guarantees unique comfort. There sitting is equipped with soft in steel biconical and elastic straps and the cushions are padded with goose.

The Boston sofa is characterized by wooden feet. The coating is available in skin, faux leather or in fabric, the latter removable. The cushions are always removable.


Callas, the classic sofa

Callas is the classic sofa but from contemporary design, characterized by flowing lines and a sophisticated design. Choose it if you have the possibility of a large living room, because it is a sofa with a large volume, perfect for the Relax. Equipped with a high backrest and deep seat, the Callas sofa does not go unnoticed and adapts to both classic and modern environments.

There structure is in wood solid wood of fir guaranteed for 20 years, the padding is in goose down and polyurethane foam. The feet of the sofa are, on the other hand, in beech. Also for this sofa you can choose a coating in fabric, completely removable, or in skin or faux leather, fixed.


Gulliver, sofa bed

Gulliver is the sofa bed, perfect to be your place of Relax during the day, but also at night. The peculiarity is a padding in polyurethane foam in different densities, with backs in goose down. The design is elegant and modern, very versatile and perfect for different types of environments.

There structure is in wood covered with polyurethane foam, while the mechanism is made of aluminum-colored metal. There bed base is made in drugs in wood with elastic belts, therefore extremely comfortable.

The mattress is sprung, the height is 14 cm and can be used daily. Eventually, on request, it is possible to adapt a mattress of 12 cm high in polyurethane foam, latex, memory foam, removable polylatex or pocket springs. The mechanism easy move, thanks to the perfect wheels to move the sofa bed by operating a simple lever.


Berto Salotti 2021 sofas catalog: the image gallery

Let’s take a look at the Berto Salotti sofas that we have chosen for you: you can choose according to your needs, between corner sofas, modular sofas, with a classic or modern style and sofa beds. Berto Salotti’s sofas are fully customizable, thanks to the company’s team of designers who will support you in the best choice for your needs.

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