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The best sports apps of 2017 according to Lifehacker

Google Calendar and Google Fit

In 2017, Google Calendar introduced the ability to set goals, including sports, and Google Fit learned to track their progress: the perfect tandem for those who want to find time for sports and get used to training.

To schedule your workouts, you just need to specify how many times a week you want to work out, and Google Calendar will create the activities itself. If the application has chosen not the best time for sports, you can always change it manually.

And if you connect Google Fit, the app will track your activity and add training notes to the calendar.

Price: Free

Price: Free


This application is for those who are taking their first steps in fitness, want to work out at home and spend a minimum of time. Seven offers a 7-minute workout plan for seven months. You can independently select the level of difficulty, use ready-made workouts or make your own.

To maintain motivation, the application has a status system (from beginner to advanced athlete), there is a community of friends with whom you can share your results.

For a paid subscription, the app provides trainer recommendations and a personal training plan.

Price: Free

Nike Training Club

If you want to play sports and don’t know where to start, download this app. NTC has a huge training base for any goal and fitness level.

There are workouts for 15, 30 and 45 minutes, sets of exercises for the development of strength, endurance, mobility, yoga exercises. Each workout includes a video of the exercise technique and instructions from a trainer, so you don’t have to surf the Internet to find out what a burpee or climber is.

The app can sync with Google Fit or Apple’s Health app and track other activities such as your runs, group activities, and other workouts.

Price: Free

Price: Free


For those who choose running or cycling, RunKeeper will be the best friend and helper. The app syncs with most heart rate monitors and records all data about a run: pace, distance, time and calories, shows the route and weather.

You can set goals and track your progress, share results in the community and social networks, use ready-made workout plans, manage music and take photos during your workouts.

Price: Free

Price: Free


Another app that works equally well for runners and cyclists. The program helps you track your progress and allows you to share achievements and photos of sports moments with your friends.

In Strava, you can track your distance traveled, pace and speed, calories burned, and more. The program periodically sets new goals for users, forcing them to work on themselves and achieve better results.

In addition, you will see the achievements of your friends and will be able to compare them with your own in special leaderboards. Elements of competition are always good at raising motivation.

Price: Free

Price: Free


Yes, this application is not intended for sports, but you can find a lot of useful things there for your workouts.

Athletes share training programs on Instagram, chiropractors tell you how to properly develop joint mobility, improve posture and relax tight muscles, trainers show the rules for doing strength exercises and common mistakes.

Here you can find a workout program for the home, outdoors, gym, learn new interesting exercises and be inspired by the excellent form and incredible abilities of elite athletes.

Price: Free

Price: Free

Start running

Often people who go for a run for the first time cannot correctly calculate the load. As a result, they get tired quickly, feel frustrated and give up running. Application “Running. Start running ”will help you avoid such mistakes.

In the first workout, you will walk a lot and only occasionally switch to running in order to gradually accustom all systems to an unusual load. In subsequent workouts, the amount of continuous running will increase until it reaches 20 minutes – this is the goal for the first four weeks.

Then you will run for longer and longer until you can run for one hour without stopping. At the same time, you will feel great, avoid injuries from excessive stress, stiff legs and moments when your heart is ready to jump out of your chest.

At any time, you can view your statistics in the form of a graph, evaluate your progress and training regularity. If all novice runners knew about this app, many more people would love running.

Price: Free

Price: Free


Whether you prefer circuit training, love CrossFit, do HIIT or do tabata, TTimer will make your life a lot easier.

This is a simple timer in which you can create interval workouts by time, number of exercises or sets, set a rest time, pause a workout and move to the next interval with one tap.

All your workouts are saved in a diary with the date and time, and if you enter your data (age, gender and weight), the application will show the burned calories.

In addition, there are workout programs here: fitness for weight loss, crossfit for beginners and workouts with pull-ups and planks for those who want to test themselves.

Price: Free


There are many applications in the App Store with WOD (Workout of the day, or …

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