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Bodybuilding at home. Home Exercises: Wieder

Many novice athletes do not always have enough funds to buy a gym membership, and since physical health is a very important aspect of a happy life, they have no other choice but to do bodybuilding at home. Classes at home are certainly not the best option for athletic achievements, but you can progress to a certain level in your room, but as soon as you reach your maximum and see that you are no longer growing, we recommend, nevertheless, to sign up for a gym. …

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Bodybuilding at home is also very helpful for beginners to get their bodies ready for the gym. Many experienced athletes believe that before starting classes in the gym, the athlete should already have some level of training that can be obtained by doing with their own weight. Most professionals believe that before exercising with simulators, you should do at least 10 pull-ups on the bar, push-ups from the floor 50 times and do push-ups on the uneven bars at least 15 times, this initial level of training will help you not embarrass yourself in front of athletes in the rocking chair.

Arsenal for bodybuilding at home

For bodybuilding at home, it is recommended to have a horizontal bar (a mandatory tool in an athlete’s house) and dumbbells in your arsenal, we also need chairs and stools, and if you still have a bar with pancakes available, then such a set can almost completely replace the rocking chair. The horizontal bar will give us the opportunity to work out the back, biceps and abs. Dumbbells will help us pump the pectoral, deltoid, trapezoid, biceps and triceps. If you have a horizontal bar and dumbbells, then this may well prepare you for classes in the gym, and will also maintain your muscle tone.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Home Workout Exercises

For bodybuilding at home, the main thing is regular training, good nutrition and sleep. It is recommended for beginners to train 2-3 times a week, giving preference to more basic exercises, fullbadi workouts will be the best option for beginners. So what kind of exercise can we do at home?

Back – of course, we need a horizontal bar for the back. For its better study, it is recommended to pull up with a wide grip, touching the chest bar. Pull-ups are a basic exercise that mostly engages your latissimus dorsi and biceps. You can also do dumbbell rows with one hand at home and deadlifts with dumbbells, these exercises will also perfectly develop your back muscles.

Pectoral – to work out the thoracic regions, we will use dumbbells and stools. From stools, you can build an analogue of a horizontal bench, this will give you the opportunity to bench press and lay dumbbells lying down. Push-ups from the floor will also be great for developing your chest. There are so many options for doing push-ups, if you still cannot do regular push-ups, you can do push-ups from your knees, but if this exercise is too easy for you, then it is easy to complicate it with the help of additional weight.

Arms There are many exercises to help you work your biceps and triceps. The main exercises for biceps will be different options for lifting dumbbells for biceps (regular lifts, supination, hammers, etc.), as well as pull-ups on the bar with a narrow grip. To work out triceps, you can do push-ups from the floor with a narrow arrangement of arms, as well as work with dumbbells – extension of the arm with dumbbells from behind the head, extension of the arm with dumbbells in an incline, French press with dumbbells.

Legs – for the legs, of course, the main exercise for bodybuilding at home will be squatting. Squats are the most effective basic exercise for developing an athlete’s lower body. You can make the exercise harder with dumbbells. You can also do dumbbell lunges or deadlifts at home, and stand on your toes to develop your calf muscles. These exercises will be enough for you to load your legs with high quality.

Deltas and trapezoid – the main exercises for deltas at home will be seated dumbbell press, swings for the rear deltas,

Bodybuilding at home

Having decided to start pumping up muscles at home, you should pay attention to a set of exercises called bodybuilding. Although a busy work schedule, waste of time on family chores and study does not allow you to leave enough time for training, you should not despair. If there is a desire, then bodybuilding will help to properly shape the body, even at home.

Everyone must create a place suitable for training at home. Someone is building a simulator, although, given the small size of housing, bodybuilding requires only a crossbar, a bench and a couple of collapsible dumbbells. It is this simple arsenal that is necessary for those who have chosen bodybuilding to pump up muscles. Only push-ups, as well as exercises that pump up the press, will definitely not succeed in achieving the presence of decent muscles. Therefore, if, for objective reasons, visits to the gym are not available, it is enough to purchase a pair of dumbbells. Moreover, they must be able to understand so that when training individual muscle groups, their weight can be regulated.

Initial complex

Bodybuilding, performed in a natural home environment, must necessarily begin with a certain initial complex:

  • Be sure to do squats with a load, …

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