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Everything you wanted to know about bodybuilding workouts but hesitated to ask! How to choose, how to exercise, how to rest? We read and educate ourselves!

The Internet is replete with an abundance of training programs that will make your body perfect, you just have to choose which bodybuilding training programs are right for you personally. And this is perhaps the most crucial moment. By choosing the wrong bodybuilding workout, you will at least waste your time, at the maximum – you can get body imbalances or even injuries.

In fact, there are two types of bodybuilding workouts: either you build muscle or you work out / lose weight. However, not all so simple. With such a small number of training program goals, there are a great many: author’s methods and basic programs, for amateurs, for professionals, circuit training, tabata and takfit training … I can’t help but want to try different options.

But what is the end result? After taking on one bodybuilding workout, you will soon switch to the second, third, and so on. Changing programs at such a pace, you do not let your muscles penetrate them, feel all the benefits of this or that plan. Therefore, it is important not only to draw up a schedule of exercises, but also to “rest” on it: to follow it for at least a couple of months, and possibly more, depending on the characteristics of the training cycle.

“What if you put yourself in the hands of a personal trainer and insulate yourself from having to find a plan?” – some newbies think. Yes, of course, this is a great move. You can completely rely on the opinion of a professional and completely relieve yourself of responsibility. However, you should not rely entirely on the individuality of the plan, hoping that the coach will create a magical program for you. It was not so! He will simply take a ready-made plan and make some adjustments to it. This trick is especially often applied in relation to beginners: the fact is that all novice athletes first need to go through a basic bodybuilding training program in order to strengthen all the muscles. And this is correct, because choosing a profile plan, for example, for increasing muscle mass or pumping a separate part of the body, can only be done by successfully making a base.

Almost all coaches do the same. Why is this happening? In fact, it is impossible from the first time to draw up an ideal program that is perfect for a person, because it is not known exactly how the muscles will behave during training. This can only be learned by experience. And only when you know exactly how this or that load affects your body, you can choose a specific bodybuilding workout.

How to choose a bodybuilding workout program for beginners

When composing or choosing a bodybuilding workout, you should pay attention to the following criteria: volume, frequency and duration of training, time allotted for recovery, and the order of muscle training. Why this is so important – we will now tell you.

Work intensity

It consists of training volume – the number of sets and reps per set – and the rest time in between. The number of repetitions and sets in a workout depends on the specific goal that you want to achieve with your bodybuilding training program.

If your goal is to gain mass, it is recommended to work 3 sets in the range of 6-8 repetitions for the best muscle hypertrophy. In such a bodybuilding workout, the rest between sets should be at least a minute. If you are doing a difficult exercise, you can increase the time to 4 minutes. It is not recommended to take long breaks, otherwise the efficiency of work in the hall will noticeably drop.

To work out the relief, you will need a lot more load, and there is no single solution here. In some programs, you will work with interval or circular training methods, in classical programs, increase the number of repetitions to 12-15, reducing the number of seconds of rest to 30 or 0.

What other methods can be used to increase the intensity of training, read our review article “how to build muscle.”

Training frequency

Everything is simple here: the body has muscles of different sizes, and you need to train all the significant ones. Therefore, it is necessary to build a bodybuilding training program so that the loads are distributed among all of them more or less evenly.

For a bodybuilder, the longer you train, the faster your muscles recover. But! The more trained they are, the more they need to be allowed to rest. And another important point: over time, muscle recovery capabilities increase noticeably slower than your progress. This means that the breaks between workouts need to be increased.

Large muscles take longer to recover than small ones, which means that they need to be trained less often.

Duration of training

All the best bodybuilding workout programs usually do not exceed one hour, and rightly so, if you are not on artificial hormonal drugs. Spending more time in the gym is categorically not recommended, as in this case, muscle recovery will slow down. By the way, a rest day after bodybuilding training is an equally important part of the program! It has been proven that muscles do not grow while working with iron, but after direct exertion, when you sleep, eat, rest, or just …

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