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Sports during pregnancy

Upon learning that you are expecting a baby, many questions immediately scroll in your head. What do we have to do? How to eat? What can and cannot be done? Can I exercise during pregnancy? Can i go to the gym?

Sports during pregnancy – useful and needed, but in a certain quantity and quality. It has been proven that pregnant women who lead an active lifestyle, go in for sports, give birth much easier and less painfully, recover faster after childbirth and have a positive attitude.

Sports and fitness during pregnancy does not necessarily mean exercising in the gym, it is also walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates, water aerobics. However, before starting training, you need to consult a doctor and choose the sport that suits you and your body.

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The benefits of sports during pregnancy are obvious:

  • Exercise helps normalize metabolism
  • Sports activities have a positive effect on the nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems
  • After physical exertion, the amount of oxygen that is necessary for the development of the baby increases.
  • With well and correctly selected exercises, you can reduce back pain, improve the functioning of the intestines and digestive organs.
  • By exercising, you prepare your body for the childbirth process.

It should be noted that each stage of pregnancy needs its own exercises. The first trimester of pregnancy is the time of fixation of the ovum to the wall of the uterus, the time of development of the baby, the time of formation of the placenta.

Some believe that if a person played sports before pregnancy, then they can continue at the same pace until 4 months of pregnancy. However, in the first trimester of pregnancy, a sharp jump or unexpected fall, as well as excessive exertion, can end in failure. You should carefully monitor your body, you can not

When doing fitness in the second and early third trimester, you should pay attention to training the muscles of the arms and legs. From week 20, you need to focus on stretching (before giving birth, she should not get too carried away, as it is possible to get a dislocation). This will prepare joints and muscles for childbirth, help with bloating, aching lower back pain, swelling, excessive weight gain, and drowsiness. If you are more than 26 weeks pregnant, focus on mastering breathing exercises and swimming.

What kinds of sports can you do and what are contraindicated? You will find the answer to this question in the table below.

Sports and exercise during pregnancy

The main sports that are beneficial during pregnancy

Hiking. The best sport for all stages of pregnancy. You should walk every day, breathing correctly. Step – deep breath, step – exhale. You also need to walk smoothly. When walking, endurance develops, the body is filled with oxygen, stress goes away, and calmness appears. And if you go for a walk in good company, you are in a good mood. You can also do self-education at this time, for example, listen to an audiobook.

Swimming. Ideal sport for pregnancy. Swimming strengthens the muscles of the back and chest, improves blood supply, reduces back pain, and trains the heart. It’s hard to overheat in water, and pregnant women who swim regularly don’t have stretch marks (usually).

You do not need to raise your head high when swimming, as this arches the lower back and tightens the muscles of the neck. It is best to swim on your back, you can use a breaststroke.

Water aerobics. Good for those who cannot swim. With the help of water aerobics, you will train your heart, get rid of back pain and swelling, and improve blood circulation. Exercising in water is much easier and more pleasant, as gravity decreases. The body does not feel heavy, and the stomach does not press. Water aerobics can be attended up to 38 weeks of gestation.

Yoga. This includes gymnastics, correct breathing, and the ability to relax and concentrate. These exercises increase the elasticity of the joints, strengthen the muscles, and yoga helps to relax and relieve stress. Remember, not all exercise is good for pregnant women!

Pilates. One of the options for fitness during pregnancy. You can choose a program using a fitball, or you can practice on a rug. If you decide to use fitball for your classes, then it should be noted that …

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