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Workout circuit training program for men (strength)

Circuit training is a well-known method of metabolic training, its main task is to cause the greatest shift in your body’s homeostasis. I often use this type of training to increase strength endurance, dry (lose weight) or pump all muscle groups.

Muscle and strength growth. The advantages of the all muscle group strength training method is that it has a much higher metabolic response than conventional training. In each exercise, you work out a certain muscle group, but after going through one circle, you work out the whole body, so the load on the body is quite high, hence stress appears, and in response to it, various hormones are produced in large quantities, including anabolic ones. Therefore, circuit training is a powerful tool that needs to be used as intended, but you should not sit on it for a long time. On average, experts recommend training with this system for 4 to 8 weeks.

For burning fat. When you train with the Full body system, you use the maximum number of muscle fibers in one workout. Consequently, the body will spend more strength and energy on recovery, but that’s not all. You will lose weight even after the workout itself, because in the process of training you did microtraumas, from which muscles subsequently grow, and the metabolic rate and the need for their content (calories) depend on the number of muscles in the body (to a greater extent). It turns out that even during rest, when you are doing nothing, you will burn more calories, due to which you can lose weight if you make the appropriate changes in your diet. In addition, circuit training itself contributes to a large loss of energy, simply because doing 7 exercises in a row is more difficult than doing each exercise with a full rest pause for recovery.

Its disadvantages are only palpable if you work out in the gym, especially during rush hour. After all, to make the most of your circuit training, you should use the “load dissipation” method, when each of your exercises does not repeat the load on the same region that worked in the previous exercise. In particular, it is a good way to alternate upper and lower body exercises, which is not always convenient in terms of equipment availability, especially within fitness clubs.

Circuit training plan

  • General warm-up – to increase body temperature, you can use cardio (3-7 minutes).
  • A special warm-up – it should include exercises with your own body, which mimic the exercises that you will do in the main part.
  • The main part is the same set of exercises, thanks to which you implement training tasks.
  • Hitch.

Circular strength workout training program for men

Relaxation… Rest between exercises within 30-40 seconds, if breathing is restored, you can proceed to the next exercise. At the end of the circle, you can rest up to 2-3 minutes (between the circles), see how you feel.

Circles… How many circles will be in your training, you determine yourself, based on your training savvy and state. You can start with two, and after a certain time you can increase the intensity to 4-5 circles. On average, 2-3 laps will be considered sufficient for most.

Number of lessons… You can do this program several times a week. As a rule, such training alternates with rest of one or several days.

Increased load… You can gradually increase the load with any kind of progression: increasing repetitions, circles, or reducing the amount of rest.

Duration… Engage in this workout program for 1 to 3 months, after which you can switch to regular standard workouts.

Number of repetitions… On the lower body, do up to 20 reps, and on the upper body, do an average of 6-12 reps. If the exercise is hard, then do as much as you can, otherwise replace it with an easier one.

  1. House push-ups
  2. Float
  3. One-arm chin-ups
  4. One-arm push-ups
  5. Raising the foot in support (on the bench)
  6. Pull-ups with an angle
  7. Dips on the uneven bars with a corner

In the next workout:

  1. Squats on one leg
  2. Raises on socks in the support (standing)
  3. Explosive pull-ups (up to the chest)
  4. Explosive dips
  5. Abduction of the hand in support (middle delta)
  6. Reverse narrow grip pull-ups
  7. One-arm bench push-ups

Circuit Training Exercises

Basic movement and one of the best (with its own weight) for deltoid muscle mass. Basically, it acts on the middle and lateral bundles of the shoulders, and the triceps receive an auxiliary load. The width of the arms should be such that at the lowest point of the position, the forearms are vertical. When lowering the body, inhale, exhale powerfully up.
The float is used to train the back of the thigh. Not every athlete can perform it, but it is very effective. Legs need to be fastened with a belt, preferably tighter. The exercise is recommended to be performed with a partner for safety net. You can go down without using your hands (this option is more traumatic) and with your hands, thereby cushioning the load and making it easier for yourself to perform the exercise due to the triceps. To make it harder, keep your posture straight without bending your hip.

One-arm chin-ups …

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