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Many healthy food advocates choose to prepare their own breakfast muesli. A mixture of cereals, dried fruits, nuts, bran, seeds, sprouts and other ingredients is considered very beneficial to the body.

Muesli can be either raw or baked. Raw muesli consists of thermally unprocessed foods. At the same time, muesli baked during the production process are mixed and baked with juice, honey, yogurt. They can be crumbly or pressed. Bars “Roots” are exactly the same pressed and baked muesli. Meanwhile, regardless of the form of release, their benefits do not diminish.

The history of the “Roots” bars

The history of the “Roots” bars began back in 1900 with the preparation of a tasty and healthy mixture of muesli by a Swiss doctor, which he offered to taste the patients of his clinic. They became especially popular in the 60s of the same century, and 10 years later the first bar in the world based on a mixture of cereals, nuts and dried fruits was made in America.

root bars
It was these events that prompted the creation of the Corny bar. It happened in 1984 at a confectionery factory in the city of Bad Schwartau (Germany), where delicious and healthy “Roots” bars, known all over the world, have been produced for many years. To this day, all products of the brand pass the strictest quality control for compliance with high European requirements.

Varieties of bars “Roots”

On sale you can find 2 types of “Roots” bars. These are two completely different products that are produced under the same Corny trademark, but at the same time differ in production technology, composition, taste, and packaging.

The “Corny Big” bar is available in a package weighing 50 g. It is a real cereal product that tastes like baked and pressed muesli. On sale you can see the Corny Big bar with cranberry, banana and chocolate, coconut and chocolate, milk chocolate, hazelnut, peanut with chocolate, raisins and walnut flavors. Products with the word “chocolate” in the name are half covered with delicious glaze.

Milk bars (Corny Milk) are available in packages weighing 30 g. They contain no more than 40% cereal flakes and a lot of milk, but this makes them no less tasty and healthy. Roots Milk bars are produced with cocoa flavor and classic milk flavor.

Assortment of Corny Bars

Two types of products are sold under the Corny trademark in Russia. Consider the assortment of each of them.

Corny Big bars, weighing 50 g each, are presented in the following range of flavors:

  • cranberry;
  • banana chocolate;
  • coconut chocolate;
  • milk chocolate;
  • hazelnut;
  • peanut-chocolate;
  • raisins-nuts.

corny big bars
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Corny Milk bars are available in two flavors: classic milk and cocoa. They are sold in small individual packages, each weighing 30 g.

Cereal-based products, Corny (bars) are among the products that are environmentally friendly, safe, the very best options on the market. The sign (K) is a kind of guarantor of quality and reliability. The products do not contain preservatives, dyes and GMOs. Corny bars include five types of whole grains: oats, rice, corn, wheat and barley. They are valuable sources of slow carbohydrates. In addition, the bars contain fruits, nuts, honey and chocolate.

Large bar “Roots”: composition and calorie content

Corny bars have different ingredients in different flavors. For example, cranberry-flavored candies are made from roasted whole grains, honey, sugar, and dried cranberry pieces. In addition, the composition of this product includes: glucose syrup with fructose, cereal and corn flakes, sugar, coconut oil, acidity regulator citric acid, flavor identical to natural, emulsifier sunflower lecithin, salt. The calorie content of this bar is 388 kcal per 100. In general, the composition is not so harmless compared to a natural cereal mixture.

bar roots composition
The “Roots” chocolate bar, whose calorie content is already 448 kcal, has a slightly different composition. It contains not only valuable cereals, but also delicate milk chocolate. In addition, the product contains the following ingredients: glucose syrup, glucose syrup with fructose, chopped roasted peanuts, sugar, coconut oil, corn flakes, honey, salt, sunflower lecithin emulsifier, natural flavor “Toffee with cream”.

The calorie content of Roots bars with other flavors is 418-482 kcal.


Bar 50 g
Roasted peanuts, milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, butter, emulsifier sunflower lecithin), glucose-fructose syrup, roasted cereals (oat, wheat), cereal (wheat flour, sugar, rice flour , corn flour, barley malt, salt, caramelized sugar syrup), glucose syrup, sugar, cornflakes (corn, salt, barley malt extract), coconut oil, honey, salt, caramelized sugar syrup, sunflower lecithin emulsifier. May contain traces of hazelnuts and almonds.

Milk Corny Bars

Corny Milk bars are presented in two flavors and differ slightly in composition and calorie content. Moreover, they are equally tasty and healthy.

The traditional Roots Milk bar is made from roasted whole grains, honey, rice flour, milk and cornflakes, and other ingredients that increase the shelf life of the product in the package. It is enriched with calcium, while its …

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