Creating the ergonomic workstation for working at home Smartworking is on the agenda today. Precisely for this reason it is essential …

Smartworking is on the agenda today. Precisely for this reason it is essential to create an ergonomic workstation to work at home so as not to accuse annoyances. If you are comfortable, you will also be more productive! So here are some practical tips to follow.


Today more and more people work from home. In the absence of a study, many have had to adapt, improvising workstations even in the kitchen.

While this may be a good temporary solution, one cannot always think of working in such conditions. Indeed, in the long run you can feel pain back, legs and eye discomfort.

If you need to work from home, it is essential to create an ergonomic workstation that allows you to be as comfortable as possible. In this way, the work will also be less tiring. Here it is then some advice to be able to work comfortably from home.

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Choose the right countertop

The first thing that it is used to create an ergonomic workstation to work at home is a right work plan. A desk is the best solution, but the kitchen table can also be perfect.

The key thing is make sure it is the right height. That recommended is between 70 and 90 cm. Therefore, exclude all low tables and not thinking of being able to work comfortably while sitting on the sofa.

However, self you do a job for which you have to remain standing, it is necessary take a height-adjustable worktop, so that you can work comfortably even if you are not seated.

Furthermore, the work plan must be quite great to be able to comfortably place all the objects we need. For this, it is not recommended to use round tables and it is better prefer square or rectangular ones that allow you to better distribute everything you need.


Make sure you have a comfortable seat

Once you have chosen the worktop, you need it there chair right. Many will opt for the normal kitchen chair. This solution may work, but you need to check that it is the right height and placed at the right distance from the table.

First, you have to assure you always of to be able put your feet on the ground he forearms should be perpendicular to the work surface.

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Also, considering that you have to sit for hours, the chair must be comfortable and you don’t have to accuse any kind of discomfort in the legs. For example, it is essential to have space enough for to be able to possibly knock down.

Nevertheless, if the backrest is too much stiff, you may experience back discomfort. A good solution is put a pillow to make it softer.

However, the best choice is always that of to buy of the ergonomic chairs with armrests. These are able to guarantee maximum comfort thanks to the adjustable backrest. In addition, the height can also be adjusted and they are also equipped with wheels to be able to move comfortably.

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Maintain proper posture

Once you have created an ergonomic workstation, it is also crucial maintain correct posture. For example, avoid crossing your legs and try to always stand straight with your back.

Also, sometimes it comes naturally to lean on your desk or table to rest for a while. However, try to avoid it because in these moments the back assumes the wrong positions.


Position the PC screen correctly

A very important precaution also concerns the position of your pc. The monitor should not be too close because otherwise it could be annoying to the eyes.

You have to put the computer at a distance ideal between 50 and 100 cm. Moreover, it is also very important adjust the monitor to make sure it is at eye level. This way you won’t have to bow your head.


Make sure you have good light

When working on the pc it is very important have good light. The first thing is to make sure it doesn’t bother you by reflecting on the screen. For this, it is necessary to position the work surface so as not to have windows or balconies behind or even in front of the PC screen.

The ideal is that the light comes from the side. Then, it is important to make sure that the room is lit even when the sun is no longer there. For this, the ideal solution is that of put a lamp on the desk, possibly one that allows you to adjust the intensity of the light.


Take breaks

Although the workstation you have created for working at home may be ergonomic and comfortable, is always a lot important break away a little’ from the desk.

As soon as you get the chance, take breaks, get up and walk around the room. Stretching your legs and straightening your back is essential when you work for a long time in front of the PC. This will also help you avoid annoying headaches or burning eyes.


Creating the ergonomic workstation for working at home: images and photos

If you need to create an ergonomic workstation to work at home, take a look at the images in the gallery below. You will find useful tips.

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