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“It was cool!”: What CrossFit does to the body and why you should try it at least once | Internet Magazine Morse

Why it can get harder after a month of classes

Everything is also simple – your body begins to resist. At first he was taken out of his own state, he thinks: “Okay, interesting … Even cool! Come on! ” Then he realizes that they want to work with him and is indignant: “No-no-no …”. This moment needs to be reversed. As soon as you do this, everything – you succeed again and you have results.

I have many acquaintances who came to trainings and then disappeared. I asked: “Why?” They answered: “Hard”. They again went to the fitness room, and after a few months they returned to us: “Something is kind of boring there somehow.”

Yes, it can be hard here. When you pass your license or study a subject, at first you are interested, and then difficult. But if you force yourself to understand something, you solve the problem. It’s the same with CrossFit. Hands do not know what they can and what not, all signals come from the brain. You allow yourself this, relax, you can do anything. Just start and do it.

What happens if you don’t give up

CrossFit helps in everyday life: you notice that you straightened up, began to climb without a lift, your legs became stronger. I can easily pick up the girl in my arms, and if I used to think: “How can I put her down as quickly as possible!” – now I am holding her calmly. And already she thinks: “Wow! He carried me not a meter, but ten meters. “

By the way, when you, God forbid, have a backache or something else, you will spend many times more on treatment than on a monthly subscription. Be sure to tell the coach about your health problems, and he will instantly reformat your workout: when someone jumps, you will run at that moment.

What else? You can easily take heavy bags of groceries. Several people told me how they saved on loaders. I see young guys who come and do not know how to pull themselves up, and then enter military schools. I know many girls who became pregnant and to whom the doctors said: “We will need to catch your child!” – this is because muscles and joints become so elastic that it helps even during childbirth.

Listening to different stories of people, you get joy from the fact that you are also indirectly involved in changes in their lives.

7 reasons to do CrossFit for girls

The biggest misconception about CrossFit is that only tough male bodybuilders can overcome it. Not true! Barbells, weights and other weights are selected based on your physical fitness.

And it’s not about them at all. Fragile girls and beginners can train without weights. This is primarily a training system, not the number of kilograms on your dumbbell!

And here’s another myth: CrossFit is not suitable for girls looking to lose weight. Everything is exactly the opposite: this is one of the most effective ways to burn fat (weight loss while maintaining muscle mass – approx. Gravitazia). If you want to lose weight, then you can’t think of a better training!

Now for other reasons why you should try CrossFit.

1. You will never be bored.

Down with the routine! In a typical gym, people do the same exercise cycle day after day: Monday – top, Wednesday – back, Friday – legs. Yes, it often looks more like working on an assembly line than a useful pastime.

CrossFit cycles are never repeated, something new awaits you every day. Sometimes it’s just a fun exercise, and sometimes it’s a completely new workout format. This sport is famous for its unusual sports equipment and exercises.

Classes are more like an exciting game or adventure: today they will teach you how to climb a tightrope, tomorrow how to handle a medicine ball or do double jumping rope, the day after tomorrow – to work out on special simulators, for example, a rowing simulator, or on horizontal bars. Sometimes in the classroom, objects that seem to be very far from fitness are also used, such as sledgehammers or tires from trucks.

2. You will quickly see the result

CrossFit is a highly intense training, the result of which can be felt in a short time. Even if you set yourself difficult tasks, for example, to pump up the buttocks and at the same time to remove excess weight – it is the peak loads characteristic of this system that will help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.

3. Crossfit skills come in handy in other sports

This complex system makes us agile, strong and flexible. The functional movements we use in training are different from the isolation strength movements we do in gyms. You will lose weight, tighten all muscle groups and, most importantly, increase your body’s endurance.

CrossFit can help you get a good foundation for any sport, from running or pole training to surfing, alpine skiing and even obstacle racing like the Spartan Race.

4. You will get the figure of a dancer, not a bodybuilder

Are you going to gain huge muscles doing CrossFit? This fear often arises among girls, but it has no basis. If you are not a professional athlete who trains twice a day, seven days a week, and do not adhere to a special sports diet, it will be very difficult for a girl to gain significant muscle mass for biological reasons.

The CrossFit training system, on the contrary, helps to burn fat and get relief beautiful muscles: you may have seductive cubes on your stomach, but you will never have biceps …

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