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Crossfit girls photo before and after class

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Acceptable type of body shaping through physical activity – crossfit. Girls, photo adorned with promotional materials from leading specialized gyms, achieved this result with the help of circular functional training.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

All representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, with the right approach and regular training, will be able to achieve phenomenal results. But, first, let’s consider what the system of circular functional training itself is.

Crossfit girls before and after workouts photo reviews

What is cross-training?

In the process of training, special training programs are created. They are generated according to pre-planned desires for changes in the figure and health of a person, which should be the result of purposeful crossfit training.

What is cross-training?

The training process itself is organized as follows. The lesson will be completed within a certain period of time. The complex consists of several exercises that are performed in a circle. If there are four exercises in the training program, then they are performed alternately from the first to the sixth with an interval for rest of twenty to forty seconds. After the end of the sixth exercise, the athlete begins to perform the first exercise again. This continues until the end of the time allotted for the training process.

There is another option for organizing the training process. crossfit – reviews of girls, photos before and after which also testify to the effectiveness of this method. It consists in performing a complex consisting of a certain number of exercises. You need to complete the complex as soon as possible.

Crossfit workouts for beginners

Another positive aspect of cross-training is the different types of loads.

Modalities in the new CrossFit

Various types of loads will allow you to effectively correct your figure: get rid of excess fat accumulations, draw the relief of the necessary areas, build muscle mass, improve coordination of movements and flexibility.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

There are three main areas of physical activity in cross-training:

  • Gymnastic. This modality of circular functional training is designed to strengthen muscles and ligaments comprehensively, to develop flexibility. This direction provides for the implementation of exercises with their own weight: on rings, uneven bars, rope, horizontal bar and push-ups. With the help of the exercise of this modality, you can well correct the figure, transform it. Also, with the help of exercises of this modality, you can develop endurance and strength. These are very effective exercises. crossfit for girls – photo then it’s not a shame to post the results of training to social networks.
  • Weightlifting. Exercises in this modality have the primary goal of building muscle mass and developing strength characteristics. For girls, this modality is not key, but in a comprehensive program, weightlifting exercises are very common and they are aimed at increasing the volume of muscle tissue in certain areas, mainly the buttocks, thighs and back.

Modalities in the new CrossFit

  • Cardiological. Exercises of this modality are most suitable for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. These include running, swimming, cycling, and other aerobic exercise designed to boost metabolism, shed excess body fat, and develop general stamina and muscle tissue. If the training program includes mainly cardiac exercises crossfit – photo before and after the girl will appreciate and notice visual differences after just a few weeks of systematic training.

Where is the best place for girls to do circular functional training?

CrossFit training can be done in any convenient place, but not everywhere there is an opportunity to perform all the exercises included in the program as efficiently as possible.

Where is the best place for girls to engage in circular functional training

Let’s take a look at the main places to train:

  • Stadium. This site is mainly suitable for cardiac training and some gymnastic exercises. Due to the lack of the necessary equipment, weightlifting exercises are inconvenient to perform here. For girls, this is a suitable place to study, but there is no explosive atmosphere that stimulates them to study and it is difficult to maintain discipline.
  • Some gymnastic and aerobic exercises can be done at home. If you have the necessary equipment, you can do weightlifting exercises. The main problem here is the lack of equipment and qualified personnel. It is also very difficult to force yourself to exercise at home. CrossFit home workouts can be performed as support to keep fit.

  • In the gym. This place is equipped with special equipment and simulators for weightlifting exercises and some gymnastics. Almost nothing can be done with cardiac exercises in the gym. The gym is rarely suitable for girls, because they do not seek to develop strength …

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