Crossfit girls before and after photos – My TOP-9: the most beautiful crossfit athletes

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My TOP-9: the most beautiful crossfit athletes

There will be no text today. Summer has finally come in our area, but what is summer? This is the sun, the beach, nature and, of course, beautiful guys and girls. Beautiful and athletic. I went into the bins of Instagram and chose for you the top 9 most beautiful professional athletes crossfit

Why top 9 and not 10? The place is vacant 🙂 Which of our CrossFit girls deserves to be in the top?

CrossFit is a system of strength and endurance training that includes elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, kettlebell lifting, running and other sports disciplines.

9. Cecilia Gabbiani

8. Jeanne Rossarie

7. Kaitlyn Kassis

6. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

5. Brooke Ence

4. Bjork Odinsdottir

3. Amy Alessi

2. Leah West Casciano

She is in the title photo.

1. Brooke Wells

Who have I missed? Write in the comments

Crossfit girls who will inspire you in 2016

CrossFit has absorbed a huge number of talented and strong CrossFit girls. These motivating athletes are breaking records one by one, debunking stereotypes and simply enjoying the training process. The girl’s merits at number 4 were even noted by Vogue magazine. In an article published earlier, there were crossfitters motivating by their example, now let’s look at the girls.
Let’s start the countdown:

10th place Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Camilla Bazinet is a 2014 CrossFit Games champion and 6-time competitor who also made it to the home stretch before receiving her Chemical Engineering Diploma. This talented and intelligent French-Canadian, moreover, is a member of the Canadian national weightlifting team and the best weightlifter in the weight category up to 58 kg. Her athletic prowess, her readiness to work hard give us the opportunity to look differently at such concepts as “beauty of the female body” and health in CrossFit and in life.

Women should be valued not for their beauty, but for what they are capable of.
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

9th place Katherine Tanya Davidsdottir

The current CrossFit Games champion. In 2016, the Icelandic woman will have to defend her title in front of her greedy rivals. Catherine has now moved to the United States to devote herself entirely to training with her coach Ben Bergeron, and is focused on achieving outstanding results at all levels, as evidenced by her words:

Full surrender is victory
Katherine Tanya Davidsdottir

8th place Julie Soul

Fouche is a warrior, and in all her 4 appearances at the CrossFit Games, she has never finished outside the top five. Runner-up in 2012 and third in 2014. She consistently moves forward with incredible spirit and perseverance, and is renowned for her love of work. During a competition in 2015, Fouche tore an Achilles tendon. It would seem that this failure could be the end of her career. But Julie took advantage of the support of the audience and decided to compete regardless of the circumstances.
Despite not competing this year, Julie Fouche has been honored to be the face of the CrossFit Open. A perfect example for all CrossFit girls.

7th place Emma McQuaid

The winner of the Athlete Games, and the strongest representative of the UK at the moment. Once she even managed to win back 6 thousand positions at the Open. In a recent interview with BOXROX, she said that she never sits during her rest in order to stay ready for the next set all the time. McQuaid is one of those who deserve your attention in 2016!

6th place Kara Webb

Powerful and versatile Australian – Kara Webb was fifth at CrossFit Games 2015. Waking up at half 5 am every day, she believes in the words: “Go to the end, or go home.”

In training, I work hard, almost to the point of losing my pulse. And when the X hour comes, I will know that before I was worse than now.

5th Lauren Fisher

Fischer, 22, is a student and CrossFit athlete to the core. A girl known for her 250-pound clean and jerk says: “My father instilled in me a love of work since childhood. Of course, it can sometimes be difficult to organize everything – eat well, exercise, study, and attend classes. My goal for every day is to stay relaxed, have fun and just do whatever is necessary. “

I realized that if you want something, you must devote all of yourself to it.

4th place Annie Thorisdottir

2-time CrossFit Games champion and 6-time participant in the games. Annie’s merits were noted by Vogue magazine. As a reward to herself for winning the 2012 CrossFit Games, she bought two pairs of shoes, one from Valentino, the other from Prada. Her name in translation means “daughter of Thor”. In her free time, Annie loves to run in the mountains.

I want to show all women that training can make them more confident and that being strong is beautiful.

3rd place Tia Tumi

Toomey was able to become the second most prepared girl on earth after a series of fantastic performances at the 2015 CrossFit Games, which also earned her the title of Rookie of the Year. She became a three-time silver medalist at the IWF Weightlifting Championships in Houston that same year.
With such a year, behind her back, this modest and strong girl slowly flies out of the radar visibility zone, but she can surprise everyone if the circumstances are in her favor.

2nd Brooke Ens

She finished 6th in the Northern California Regional (NorCal) last year. Former dancer. It was her lively and cheerful character, coupled with athletic talent and strength, that made her an excellent CrossFitter. As a CrossFit girl, she once again confirms that being strong is beautiful.

1st place Sarah Sigmundsdottir

Another superwoman from the land of ice and fire (Iceland). According to the majority, she has every chance to …

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