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CrossFit – “I fell in love with this sport from the first training session”

Good day.

If you train in the gym, then most likely you have already heard about a hundred times CrossFit. Maybe your gym has a separate room for this sport. Maybe one of my friends is doing it. Not? Well, you definitely saw videos in youtube.

What is this thing? This is salvation! This is a breath of clean air for those who are tired of breathing the air that smelled like the sweat of sluggish big guys or chicks. It’s figurative.

In fact, while doing CrossFit (and here you need to exercise, and not stand, as during normal workouts in the simulator) buckets of sweat are pouring from peoplebut this is all accompanied by wild fun, full of self-satisfaction, and wild growth of strength.

Do you have a task to hone your figure? Find a gym that has CrossFit groups and sign up. I promise you that in one month your body will change dramatically. Your strength metrics will jump as well as your endurance metrics. I promise you that you will be delighted with these workouts.

Only do not expect frantic muscle growth. It will grow, but much more slowly than during bodybuilding at any level. But heck, CrossFit’s powerful, toned body is guaranteed.

There are thousands of complexes. No workout in this sport is like the last one. Constantly something new, constantly the muscles are shocked, and this is precisely the guarantee of their growth in normal times. There are a lot of sports connected in CrossFit. Light athletics, weightlifting, sometimes building, gymnastics – you can list for a long time.

But why should I paint something that you should never try alone? Attention, never take up CrossFit programs that have TA elements. Kettlebell swing, deadlift, jerks, snatches – all these movements should be set by the coach if you are not familiar with them.

CrossFit’s injury risk is outrageous. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.

He himself performed in competitions, but did not rise further than 4th place. It was a shame. After the loss, I stopped practicing, but now I plan to return to this sport and win my first place. It is very boring to train without CrossFit.

I definitely recommend everyone to try… By the way, there is an example. My brother. He started practicing when he weighed over 100 kg and he was not very good at most of the exercises. After a month of training, he calmly pulled himself up, ran, burpee did more than me and eventually dropped to 86 kg, which is just a super result.

In general, if you have any questions – ask. I will answer everything. Go in for sports, not bullshit.

Thanks for attention.

Sincerely, Mikhail.

CrossFit – “The strongest survive!” | Customer Reviews

To begin with, for all the 30 years I have lived, I have never been involved in any kind of sports, except that at school in physical education I had a solid three with a plus))) and, as a rule, did not reach for sports, although I subconsciously felt the need to become stronger and more enduring I admit, I ran well, but was released from classes due to chronic bronchitis and childhood passed.

At the age of 12, I was like “karate” for a couple of months, I abandoned this useless activity)), but I learned to do push-ups there in the amount of 10 times. Naturally, over time, I could no longer push up from the floor more than once.

“Become Human”

By the age of 30, jogging 100 meters took a lot of energy from me and I was just suffocating, I was ashamed, first of all, in front of the subwoofer.

I decided to start running in the evenings. I gasped, stopped, walked, ran again. A few days later my legs ached, it was painful to walk. The ankle joint was swollen and sore. I got scared and quit running.

After a while everything passed and I tried again. Same story.

But seriously, I started running when I met my future spouse. By the way, at that moment he quit smoking and slowly began to exercise.

In general, it went well, or rather the body went into action)). The legs apparently ached out of habit, and then they simply stopped and it is impossible to describe new sensations and changes in your body, a rush of fresh oxygen when you run through the forest and enjoy the fact that you can just run and breathe deeply.

Now my husband and I have been doing CrossFit, for about a year now, and of course, strength training.

CrossFit has helped me overcome a plateau in strength endurance because CrossFit trains strength endurance and above all functionality.

It was brutally difficult to start.

CrossFit includes many movements from almost all sports, including light and weightlifting, rowing, kettlebell lifting, skiing, etc., except for chess and checkers))).

The great advantage of CrossFit is that you can choose, vary, scale your workouts to fit your fitness level, even if your level is zero, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing it.

In CrossFit there are certain tasks (WOD), they need to be performed for a while; for a certain period of time; for the number of repetitions; for the maximum.

There are the most popular tasks, they have their own names. For example wod “Cindy”, it consists of: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats. The maximum number of approaches is performed in 20 minutes. By modality refers to gymnastics and at first glance is not so difficult , but given the speed of execution and the level of training, not everyone can do it in the amount of seven rounds. And this is a very decent cardio + strength training with body weight. And for a beginner, body weight will be enough.

I train with free weights (barbell, kettlebell, dumbbells) and without them.

Half a year ago I did not push a 24 kg kettlebell, now I will push, but for me …

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