Diet for hips – basic rules, menu options, recommendations

General rules

Girls are always unhappy with something: straight hair needs to be curled, and the curls need to be straightened, what can we say about the figure! Very often, even having a normal weight, they are not satisfied with something, literally a trifle, but they really want to correct it. Therefore, sometimes, in order to fit into your favorite pencil skirt or student jeans, you need to achieve thin and slender legs. In addition, some believe that these are the most important parts of the body that attract men, do you need more reasons to start this unique diet?

How the grass-roots diet for weight loss of legs and hips works

Nutritionists believe that losing weight in the legs and hips is possible due to eating only healthy foods and following a specially designed regimen, including:

  • replenishment of water-salt balance due to the use of at least 2 liters of liquid, mainly due to non-carbonated mineral water, tea and juices;
  • constant reception multivitamin mineral complexeswhich a qualified therapist should select for you;
  • four balanced meals a day in portions of no more than 200 g;
  • last meal 4 hours before bedtime;
  • to maintain a slim figure, freshness of the face, toned hips, follow all recommendations and adhere to all diet prohibitions;
  • sleep for at least 8 hours.

The grassroots diet works 100% thanks to a diet high in potassium, vitamin C, easily digestible healthy protein and calcium, proper maintenance of water-salt, mineral-vitamin balance. This is all aimed at improving health, strengthening immunity, splitting any fats present in the body and preventing their deposition, quickly recuperating and maintaining both muscle tone and the body as a whole.

How to reduce the volume of the hips

Extra pounds is a problem for a single generation, which is why there are so many ways to quickly solve it. To reduce the volume of the thighs, it is necessary to follow a certain diet, while controlling the water balance of the body. Mineral water should be present in an amount of 2 liters per day. Such a volume activates the metabolism, prevents the deposition of fatty layers. It is important not only to drink water, but also to eat right, while not forgetting about basic physical activity.

The girl measures the volume of the hips with a centimeter

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Allowed Products

In order for the hips and legs to be irresistible, certain useful substances must enter the body that will help to make the skin taut and keep the muscles in good shape:

  • fresh fruits, berries, vegetables that are rich in the first place antioxidants and vitamins;
  • ascorbic foods – regular consumption vitamin C from strawberries, rose hips, red pepper, black currants, Brussels sprouts, green peas, mountain ash, sea buckthorn – the best way to prevent convulsions, pain in the legs, strengthening of blood vessels and immunity in general;
  • rich foods potassium, for example: raisins, dried apricots, bananas, garlic, asparagus, milk, grapes, broccoli, asparagus, radishes, avocados prevent puffiness of the lower extremities and visually slim the legs; their lack can lead to muscle weakness, rapid fatigue, decreased immunity, myocardial malfunction;
  • melons and gourds such as watermelons and melons contribute to the elimination of excess fluid and the breakdown of hated fats.

Approved Products Table

Proteins, g Fat, g Carbohydrates, g Calories, kcal

Vegetables and greens

artichoke 1,2 0.1 6.0 28
eggplant 1,2 0.1 4.5 24
beans 6.0 0.1 8.5 57
green peas 5.0 0.2 13.8 73
zucchini 0.6 0.3 4.6 24
cabbage 1.8 0.1 4.7 27
boiled potatoes 2.0 0,4 16.7 82
shallot 2.5 0.1 16.8 72
carrot 1.3 0.1 6.9 32
cucumbers 0.8 0.1 2.8 15
sweet red pepper 1.3 0.0 5.3 27
salad 1,2 0.3 1.3 12
asparagus 1.9 0.1 3.1 20
tomato 0.6 0.2 4.2 20
pumpkin 1.3 0.3 7,7 28
beans 7.8 0.5 21.5 123
zucchini 1.5 0.2 3.0 16
garlic 6.5 0.5 29.9 143


avocado 2.0 20.0 7.4 208
oranges 0.9 0.2 8.1 36
watermelon 0.6 0.1 5.8 25
grapefruit 0.7 0.2 6.5 29
melon 0.6 0.3 7.4 33
nectarine 0.9 0.2 11.8 48
plums 0.8 0.3 9.6 42
apples 0,4 0,4 9.8 47


grapes 0.6 0.2 16.8 65
Strawberry 0.8 0,4 7.5 41
raspberries 0.8 0.5 8.3 46
Rowan 1.5 0.1 10.9 fifty
currant 1.0 0,4 7.5 43
rose hip 1.6 0.0 14.0 51

Cereals and cereals

oatmeal with milk 3.2 4.1 14.2 102

Bakery products

bran bun 7.8 1.8 43.9 220
Rye bread 6.6 1,2 34.2 165

Dairy products

pasteurized milk 2.8 3.2 4.7 58
fruit yogurt 1.5% 3.7 1.5 8.9 63

Cheese and curd

dor blue cheese 21.0 30.0 0.0 354
Chees Feta 17.0 24.0 0.0 290
cottage cheese 1.8% (low fat) 18.0 1.8 3.3 101

Meat products

ham 22.6 20.9 0.0 279


boiled chicken breast 29.8 1.8 0.5 137
steamed chicken breast 23.6 1.9 0.0 113

Juices and compotes

Orange juice 0.9 0.2 8.1 36
carrot juice 1.1 0.1 6.4 28
Apple juice 0,4 0,4 9.8 42
* data are indicated for 100 g of product

An integrated approach: exercises, massages

All women strive to be slim and beautiful, but due to a disturbed diet and daily regimen, fat settles in the body, which manifests itself on the body, especially on the stomach, hips and legs. As a rule, it is impossible to use diets for a long time, in addition, it is difficult for many women. Proper nutrition for slimming legs and hips is not difficult, the main problem is in observing all the rules. The first step is to tune in, since a little weakness will lead to the fact that all efforts will be in vain. It is recommended to start gradually, arrange initially fasting days, and then switch to a full-fledged diet. The day before the diet, eat only fish, cereals and fruits.

Among effective exercises, the following complex can be distinguished:

  • Lying on your left side, you need to slowly raise and lower your leg, after which the position of the body changes, and the exercise is repeated. The head is placed on a straight arm. 12 reps per side;
  • Lying on your side, bend your leg and …

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