Diet “Minus 25 kg per month”: menu, reviews and results

Lose weight in 3 months by 30 kg Several times went on a diet, there was no use. But I heard that the best way to lose weight is to argue with friends. I decided to go this way and made a bet with the whole shop at once.

A week later, I realized that I got excited and it would not be easy to lose 30 kg in 3 months. However, there was nowhere to go. I had to stomp on the simulators, tie the knot on my belt tighter and give up all the goodies at once.

I’ll go straight to the bottom line. Has dropped even a kilo more than required. The wild craving for sweets and the desire to stifle colleagues for their malice passed after a month later I saw the first results.

How much can you lose weight in 3 months

The number of pounds lost in three months depends on which method of losing weight you choose. If you adhere to mono-diets, which are based on the use of one product, then you can lose several tens of kilograms.

However, following such a diet is very difficult. It not only depletes the body due to the lack of the proper level of BJU (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), but can also lead to a complete undermining of health.

Restriction in food and refusal to eat after 16, 15, or even 12 o’clock in the afternoon also leads to a loss of large body weight, but this method is difficult to adhere to for 3 months. For the best option, you need to calculate your minimum daily calorie intake and give yourself good physical activity.

Then, at an active pace, but without a threat to health, you can lose about 10-15 kg in 3 months.

Slimming program for 3 months

Work on yourself for 3 months will include several points. Desire and good motivation come first. A sample program for those who decide how to lose 30 kg of excess weight looks like this: 1 month.

  • You need to start training 3 times a week.
  • Subtract 250 calories from your daily intake.
  • Have a fasting day once a week.

2 month.

  1. Increase the number of workouts to 5 per week, and their duration – 2 times.
  2. Reduce the number of calories again to 1500-2000.

3 month.

  • Start interspersing your regular workout routine with interval exercises, doing the latter twice a week.
  • They are the most intense and therefore fat burning. Duration from 1 to 1.5 hours.
  • Switch to a daily intake of 1200 kcal.

Setting goals

First you need to learn one simple truth: no way will help you lose 30 kg in 3-4 weeks.

Unless you eat breadcrumbs and drink only water, while spending three hours every day in the gym. Set objective goals for yourself.

If you want to do everything right, proceed from this formula: experts advise to get rid of no more than 1 kilogram every week without harm to health. It turns out that the optimal period for weight loss by 30 kg is seven and a half months. Everything else will be fraught with complications and serious stress for the body.

What to do if there is no time

If 7.5 months is too long for you and you need to lose weight as quickly as possible (literally in a month), consider the following nuances:

  1. by the end of losing weight, the skin on the body will hang in unpleasant folds, because it will not have time to contract;
  2. the body will experience such stress that be prepared for a long rehabilitation period: the work of the stomach, liver, kidneys, and possibly other organs will probably be disrupted;
  3. weakness, dizziness, nausea, fainting, an eternal desire to sleep will constantly haunt you;
  4. the decline in performance will be so critical that by the end of the month you will feel unable to complete the project, write the report, or even drive.

Yes, people who have lost 30 kg in 30 days are admirable for their strength of character. But if you knew what it cost them.

It is permissible to lose such weight in 5 months, and then from the point of view of nutritionists it will already be an express weight loss.

So please do not repeat such a feat.

Choosing ways

  • Diets
    The longer, the better. To lose 30 kilograms in a month, you can try the roller coaster or the Dikul nutrition system.

    For a gentle and safe weight loss for a longer period, it is better to use diets such as Liepaja, Kremlin, Ducan, Atkins, Montignac, Ginzburg.

  • Sport
    It is clear that with 30 extra pounds you cannot go to dance a zumba and you cannot run for half an hour without stopping. And nevertheless, gradually it is necessary to introduce sport into life.

    Start with charging and walking, then pick up a simple set of exercises that you can do at home, and eventually sign up for shaping, and learn how to handle simulators.

    The main thing is to move and burn as many calories as possible every day.

  • Operations
    For those who dream of losing 30 kg in 2 months, only bariatrics can be advised. Gastric bypass and banding will significantly reduce gastric volume, which will automatically reduce appetite and portion sizes.

    Even more impressive results can be achieved with several liposuction sessions. But do not forget that surgical methods have their own side effects and a long rehabilitation period.

  • Procedures
    If you need to lose 30 kg in 3 months, you will have to connect salon procedures to diet and training, which will help you quickly and effectively eliminate fat deposits. It can be ozone, presso or cryotherapy, baths, body wraps and various types of massages.
  • Drugs
    If you are susceptible to the placebo effect (differ in self-hypnosis), you can drink dietary supplements for weight loss, although all these cassias, goji and garcinias are very dubious means as fat burners.

    If so …

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