Does chocolate help you gain muscle mass?

There are too many great food in the world that is difficult to give up in favor of a healthy diet. For many, goodies are the most important thing in life, including chocolate.

Does chocolate help you gain muscle mass?Does chocolate help you gain muscle mass?

There are too many great food in the world that is difficult to give up in favor of a healthy diet. For many, goodies are the most important thing in life, including chocolate.

Some people periodically eat a healthy diet and lose weight temporarily, but eventually return to their original weight due to sugar cravings.

Believe it or not, dark chocolate, unlike other confectionery products, can even help you lose weight. But how is this possible?

The power of epicatechin

Dark chocolate contains a magical ingredient called epicatechin. This natural chemical belongs to the group of flavonoids and is found in high concentrations in cocoa beans. Flavonoids improve health and performance. The darker the chocolate and the less processed it is, the more flavonoids it contains.

As far as milk chocolate is concerned, it mostly consists of sugar, therefore it does not have the beneficial properties inherent in dark chocolate.

Recently, experts have been actively studying the effects of epicatechin on health. Studies have found that it is a powerful antioxidant and may reduce the risk of stroke, cancer, and certain metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

A researcher at Harvard Medical School found that the Kuna Indians living in Panama are virtually free from cardiovascular disease due to the regular consumption of cocoa-based drinks.

In addition to being found in dark chocolate, flavonoids are available as a dietary supplement.

Let’s talk in more detail about the benefits of flavonoids for the body.

Enhanced blood flow and nitric oxide synthesis

Long-term endurance training is not to everyone’s liking. Nevertheless, we all need to be active in order to keep the body in good shape. If you love exercising, treat yourself to chocolate!

Epicatechin stimulates vasodilation or vasodilation. As a result, blood circulation is activated, blood pressure is reduced and athletic performance is improved. Thus, by including dark chocolate in your diet, you will get the most out of your workout.

In addition, flavonoids increase blood nitric oxide levels by inhibiting the activity of enzymes that destroy them.

Nitric oxide is beneficial for the athlete in that it stimulates the formation of satellite cells that repair damaged muscle fibers after intense training.

The importance of this process increases as the body grows older, as the body produces fewer satellite cells with age, as a result of which muscle tears take longer to heal.

Dark chocolate has one more property that will surely interest adults with a sweet tooth: flavonoids act on the body like Viagra!

Strengthening muscles and accelerating mass gain

Muscle growth is regulated by a peptide called myostatinin. It restricts the growth of muscle tissue to prevent hypertrophy (overdevelopment of an organ). By suppressing the action of myostanin, it is possible to significantly accelerate the set of muscle mass, however, there are no artificial drugs with such an effect yet.

Often in pursuit of rapid muscle growth, athletes use anabolic steroids, but their abuse can result in serious hormonal disorders.

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Myostatin has an antagonist, follistin. It interrupts the signals that the myostanin sends to the nervous system. These two regulatory proteins interact to achieve homeostasis (internal balance). As a result, muscles grow, but more slowly than athletes want.

According to a recent study, flavonoids stimulate the synthesis of follistatin, as a result of which the resistance to myostatin is naturally weakened without the use of anabolic steroids.

Regulation of blood glucose

Insulin is one of the key hormones when it comes to gaining muscle mass or burning fat. It displaces glucose from the bloodstream and triggers protein synthesis in muscle cells.

A constantly elevated level of insulin in the blood provokes insulin resistance, and the hormone loses its regulatory properties. This can lead to a variety of serious illnesses such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Epicatechin increases insulin sensitivity and helps the hormone lower blood glucose levels. In turn, the proper functioning of insulin provides the athlete with a quick recovery and weight gain.

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Increased endurance

This property of flavonoids requires additional confirmation, as it was revealed in experiments on animals. In particular, an experiment conducted by scientists from The Journal of Physiology showed that a daily dose of epicatechin significantly increased the endurance of rats.

The animals coped with more intense physical activity and stayed active longer. In addition, the rats showed increased endurance even without physical …

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