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Blame the 12 hour format

Incomprehensible letter designations with dots “am” and “pm” are used when specifying European time, which is calculated in 12-hour format, and not in our usual 24-hour time. For Americans, the day is divided into 2 halves – from 12 am to 12 noon and is marked with the letters am, and all the remaining time is marked with pm

In other words, the abbreviation “am” is the time before noon: from 12:00 am to 12:00 pm the next day. It stands for Ante meridiem – a Latin phrase that translates as “before noon.” The time from noon to 12 am is abbreviated as “pm” – this is the time after 12 noon. It stands for Post meridiem, which means “afternoon” in Latin.

Thus, in English, denoting time, it is not necessary to say or write the word “o’clock” after each digit. You can just say “it is 5”. But to indicate that it is five o’clock in the evening, it is necessary to clarify – it is 5 pm

National characteristics of time designations

In America, the 24-hour time format is practically not used in everyday life, it is used for the most part by technicians, police officers, military and people of professions that require accuracy. This designation of time is called “military time” – military time.

In the documents, Americans mark midnight as 11:59 pm and noon as 12:01 am, in order to avoid legal incidents and other misunderstandings.

Europeans are already accustomed to this time calculation, but our native 24-hour format is closer to us, it eliminates the confusion with “noon”. In the world, almost all mechanical watches (with hands) are marked according to the English system, that is, the 24-hour format. Electronic can show time in two systems. So, in America, for example, hours showing am and pm are quite common.

About the diet of your beloved – reviews and results with photos

One of the most effective diets for losing weight is the Favorite diet. Nutritionists cannot call it simple – it is quite difficult to withstand strict compliance conditions.

However, the results you see at the end will pleasantly surprise you: in 7 days dieting can get out of order 10 Kg!

Losing weight occurs due to the fact that the body does not have to starve (as a result, no fat layers will be deposited, since it receives everything it needs), and the diet is selected so that everything that we need (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) is well balanced and will be received for the week of the diet in the same way as at other times.

The basic principle of the diet is to alternate between drinking, vegetable, fruit and protein days. Drink at least 2 liters of pure water every day without any additives! Strictly observe the sequence of days – it is forbidden to change their places! Find out more about this diet in our issue of Diet Favorite – 7 days menu.

We had our own study the effectiveness of this diet. We asked the women who have already tested “Beloved” on themselves about the process and now we want to share the results with you.

The purpose of the study was to find out real people’s feedback on the diet, and we hope that our work will be useful for you! Ekaterina Kudryavtseva, a nutritionist with 15 years of experience, comments on the reviews.

In addition, we invite you to take part in the discussion and share your successes and opinions about the “Favorite” diet in the comments under this article!

Reviews of people interviewed

I did not hope for any significant result, however – from 71 to 65 kg! In volumes by 3 cm gone. I constantly go on diets, so it was not difficult for the body to get used to the new diet. In addition to the diet, small physical activity – morning exercises (about 20 minutes).

So she kept in shape a little, say, from the outside. But the diet is definitely worth the effort and the week was not in vain! Just how not to return the pounds back?

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Nutritionist’s comment: 6 pounds dropped indicates the correct course of the diet.

Since there were no violations, now the most important thing is to maintain the current weight so that the excess does not come back.

Do not switch to the “old” diet abruptly – introduce all kinds of soups, cereals, second courses gradually and in small quantities, since the body has already lost the habit, and, having experienced stress from a new meal, the kilograms will return immediately.

Also, physical activity will help not to gain too much.

A morning jog or exercise in the fitness room will not take much time, and the benefits from them are enormous! Avoid or cut back as much as possible on sweet, salty, spicy, and fried foods.


Drink plenty of water – at least two liters a day. It removes all unnecessary from the body, produces a cleansing effect. Heed the advice – and everything will work out! Good luck!

Oh, how glad I am! Weighed 80, and now, after just a week, 73, and even minus 2 – 2.5 cm in volume – what could be better? The first day was hard for me – every now and then I thought that I would break. But no! Practically without any problems withstood the weekly period of the diet.

On the third day I drank half a glass of pear juice

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