Drying in sports – What is body drying and how to dry properly: an example of a menu for a week

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Drying the body – how to get rid of subcutaneous fat

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Professional trainer, performing athlete in the fitness bikini category. Higher education: General practitioner (2014-2020)

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What is body drying
Why drying can be dangerous
What you need to do to safely lose those extra pounds

Hello everyone! Now quite often you can find the phrases “I’m drying”, “drying the body” – especially in preparation for the summer or the new year. In addition, now there are a great many weight loss projects in a month (take, for example, one of the most popular – mad drying). Yes, sometimes the results are impressive, but have you ever wondered what is behind this? Let’s consider in more detail what drying is and what it is “eaten” with.

What is body drying

Drying the body is a set of definitely structured workouts and nutrition with restrictions (sometimes very strict). The main goal of this process is to reduce body fat to a minimum percentage.

It is also worth noting that a small percentage of body fat in girls (less than 10-12% is an individual indicator and can vary), as a rule, negatively affects the health of women, which can lead to menstrual irregularities, cause hair loss , deterioration of the skin and nails.

For men, the percentage of body fat affects to a lesser extent. The fact is that in women, the maturation of female sex hormones – estrogens occurs precisely in adipose tissue (with predominant deposition on the buttocks, thighs and abdomen – hence the distribution of fat according to the female type).

So, back to the topic. For example, you set out to remove the excess – to reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat and just stumbled upon “drying the body.” Fine! – you probably thought, for a month or two I will limit myself in carbohydrates, I will do cardio and will certainly see the desired cubes. But do not rush to the store for breast, cucumbers and lettuce. Let’s figure it out.

Drying is for professionals

First of all, drying the body is necessary for athletes who compete in the bodybuilding federation (directly bodybuilders, men-physicists and fitness bikinis). Different athletes practice different variations of drying (gradual reduction of carbohydrates, protein-carbohydrate alternation, keto diet, and others).

Drying performance athletes aims to achieve a minimum percentage of fat while maintaining the greatest muscle retention. In other words, the desired result is a sculpted body, which athletes then demonstrate in competition.

What is the difference between the diet during the drying period for performing athletes? Firstly, this is a decrease in carbohydrates (how smooth it depends on the coach who prepares the athlete for the competition). As a rule, a week before the start, carbohydrates are lowered to minimum values ​​(and sometimes completely excluded) – the glycogen stores in the body are depleted (during this period, the muscles may look “flat”)

Then, a couple of days before going on stage (again, it all depends on the specific trainer and athlete), a carbohydrate load is used (mainly with complex carbohydrates – buckwheat, rice, bread are added to the diet). Some are “loaded” with sweets, and sneakers, cakes, cookies and much more are used. As a result, glycogen stores are replenished, and muscles “swell”, since glycogen is primarily used by muscle tissue.

In addition to reducing carbohydrates in the diet, the amount of protein consumed increases – sometimes up to 4-5 grams per kg of the athlete’s weight. Fat, as a rule, remains either the usual amount, or slightly decreases due to a decrease in the total calorie content of the diet.

Limiting carbohydrate intake often leads to the appearance of nervousness, irritability, forgetfulness, fatigue in athletes, and sleep problems are also possible.

Why drying can be dangerous

Now I think that you will agree with me that drying the body is quite harmful for those who practice in the gym for themselves, unprofessionally. And as for the sensational online projects that promise to make you a bodybuilder with a steel press in a month (crazy drying, Prodrying and others), then you should not be tempted by a super-result in two pictures. As an example, my friend participated in a similar project – yes, she lost weight. But along with this, she acquired an eating disorder, health problems and subsequently gained even more weight from this bullying. In a word, she exhausted her body and depleted resources.

Think again – if you are not planning to conquer the bodybuilding scene, do you need drying? Not? Then what to do? Read on.

What you need to do to safely lose those extra pounds

To reduce body fat, you need the following:

1. Calorie deficiency. We take the Mifflin-San Geor formula, calculate our calorie intake, taking into account physical activity (for this, the obtained basal metabolic rate must be multiplied by the CFA-coefficient of physical activity, for physical activity 3 times a week it is 1.375). We subtract 250-300 calories from the resulting value, this will be enough for healthy weight loss.

For a woman: BOO = 9.99 * weight (kg) + 6.25 * height (cm) – 4.92 * age – 161
For a man: BOO = 9.99 * weight (kg) + 6.25 * height (cm) – 4.92 * age + 5

Physical activity coefficients (K):
Minimum loads (sedentary work) – K = 1.2
A little daily activity and light exercise 1-3 times a week – K = 1.375
Training 4-5 times a week (or moderate work) – K = 1.4625
Intensive …

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