Easter centerpiece: 8 colorful ideas to decorate the table Easter centerpiece, 8 colorful and original ideas to enrich the mise en place. Easy Decorations


Easter centerpiece, 8 colorful and original ideas to enrich the mise en place. Quick and easy decorations to decorate the Easter table with a cheerful and festive touch.


Self this year do not know yet how to set up the Easter table, start on the right foot e make a colorful centerpiece, able to revive your Easter mise en place.

Eggs, flowers and vegetables will be the basis of the composition, to be enriched with decorative elements that recall the spirit of the party and its spring colors. Here are 8 original ideas for create a centerpiece elegant and refined with the do-it-yourself. Which of these will you bring to the table? Find out now!


1. Backsplash with flower crown

If you are short on time to devote to the preparation of the centerpiece, this idea that’s right what is for you! To make it you will need a few elements and the time necessary to assemble the various parts. Here’s how to do it:

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  1. To begin, realizes a floral arrangement, using a base of intertwined dry branches. Wrap them together to create a round crown. Secure the wreath obtained with of the rings of wire.
  2. After creating the wreath, insert the twigs inside the stem of some cut flowers of your choice; both fresh and fake flowers will do: the important thing is that they are colorful and spring, like tulips, roses and peach or cherry blossoms;
  3. if you wish you can also wrap a satin ribbon and a few straws, which will make your composition even more refined. Finally, place the chaplet on a backsplash Easter for sweets and fruit.

Easter-centerpiece-ideas (10)

2. Branch wreath with colored eggs

For this Easter centerpiece project too you will need dry branches and wildflowers, which will go intertwined Between them, to create a kind of flat similar to a nest. Decorate the long composition the edges, with a few sprigs of gypsophila.

To make the composition fuller and more inviting, cover the bottom of the plate with of the threads of straw. Finally, conclude the centerpiece filling it with eggs colored. At the end of the meals, when it’s time for dessert, each diner can serve himself at will directly from the centerpiece.

Easter-centerpiece-ideas (7)

3. Shabby chic centerpiece

Flowers are again protagonists in this too centerpiece project. This time, however, we offer you one shabby chic version easy to make. The watchword will be “creative recycling”! Yes why you will need 6 glass bottles empty, all of them equal.

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Those of preserves will be perfect, but you can also opt for medium-sized glass jars as an alternative. The important thing will be to select gods containers of glass not too high, so as not to bother the view of the diners with a too bulky centerpiece.

Arrange the bottles of glass in two rows, then combine them with a rope or with several turns of kitchen twine. Fill the containers with water and insert some flowers long-stemmed fresh inside of of each bottle.

Easter-centerpiece-ideas (5)

4. Composition with flowers and vegetables

In recent times, flower designers offer more and more often floral arrangements combined with seasonal vegetables. How about you try it too? Create a unique composition by combining flowers and vegetables in pot, to create a colorful and out of the ordinary centerpiece.

Do you have problems with plants? Join the group

Unleash your imagination e realizes the your personal centerpiece, using carrots, artichokes, asparagus or sprouts. The only rule will be that of to choose gods flowers that reflect the same shades of vegetables: in this way you will create a harmonious visual balance of shapes and colors.

Easter-centerpiece-ideas (2)

5. Eggs brings flowers

On the Easter table you can never miss decorative eggs, painted with tempera or embellished with washi tape. For this project we offer you a version of centerpiece with a great aesthetic impact, consisting of a splendid one bouquet floral that seems to blossom own from egg shells.

After emptying the eggs of their content, decorate them however you like. Put them away again in the carton original and slip inside the shells of the little ones bouquets of flowers fresh with short stems. By placing at least three egg packs side by side and placing them horizontally in the center of the table, you will create a very suggestive floral carpet.

Easter-centerpiece-ideas (3)

6. Fabric tulips

Here it is an idea cute and fun, ideal for lovers of creative sewing. Fabric tulips I’m consisting of a padded corolla, made with printed cotton to sew to a stem of semi-rigid felt. The white porcelain jug welcomes an intricate jungle of leaves, which fill the central space together with the flowers, placed sideways. The final effect will be truly chic!

Easter-centerpiece-ideas (6)

7. Bouquet in the cup

Bring elegance to the table with this refined centerpiece with a vintage mood. Create one small floral composition, using a cup from coffee how jar container. Put away the cup under a glass cloche, or inside a large transparent jar, with an airtight lid.

Easter-centerpiece-ideas (11)

8. A passe-partout tray

We conclude with an evergreen idea for the Easter table, which lends itself to becoming a passe-partout decoration for any corner of the house. All you need is a simple one tray for coffee cups, on which gods will be exhibited vases small or large, with spring flowers. Finally, decorate the egg shells as you like and put them away randomly between the glass jars.

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Easter centerpiece: images and photos

Which of the proposed centerpieces will you bring to the table on Easter day? If you have not yet found the right idea, browse the images in the gallery: here you will find many other creative ideas, to decorate the Easter table with a festive and colorful touch.

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