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Achieving positive results in the gym or through exercise at home is a combination of perseverance, diet and the right exercise. The constitution of a person or features of his physique is of great importance. An ectomorph workout program can help solve muscle building difficulties.

Features of the physique of an ectomorph

If we talk about character, the American scientist William Sheldon, who just identified the body types, wrote that ectomorphs are most often introverted and prone to intellectual work. You can recognize an ectomorph by thinness, low level of physical strength and volume before starting sports.

Ectomorph: Tall, narrow shoulders, hands and feet, and relatively low body fat and fine bone structure.

It would seem that a small amount of fat is the very thing for sports, the problem of this type of people is not getting rid of fat deposits. It is often difficult for ectomorphs to increase muscle mass. The ingested food is quickly processed during metabolism, leaving no residue required for the growth of muscle fibers. We will talk about how to adjust the nutrition of an ectomorph a little later.

Training program for ectomorph on relief:

A training program for a beginner ectomorph athlete usually consists of basic exercises: squats, bench presses, deadlifts and bent over rows. The training program for a beginner ectomorph lasts about 1 year.

Monday (we train the pectoral muscles and muscles of the arms):

      1. bench press (2 warm-up sets and 3 work sets, 8-10 reps)
      2. press the bar at an incline of 45 degrees (1 warm-up, 3 workouts for 6-8 reps)
      3. bars with a slope with weight (3 to 8-10)
      4. standing biceps exercises (3 to 10)
      5. curling the arms for triceps on the simulator (3 to 10-12)
      6. for biceps sitting with dumbbells (3 to 10-12)

Wednesday (back and shoulders):

      1. dumbbell row (3 to 10)
      2. thrust of the upper block on the back (3-4 to 10-12)
      3. horizontal thrust of the lower block (3-4 to 10-12)
      4. dumbbells to the sides (3 to 10)
      5. sitting dumbbells (3 to 8-10)
      6. lifting dumbbells up while sitting (3 to 10)
      7. lifting the barbell on the trapezoid to the chin (3 to 8-10)

Friday (for the muscles of the legs):

    1. basic barbell squats (3-4 to 12-14)
    2. dumbbell shrugs (3 to 15)
    3. leg press on the simulator (3-4 to 12-14)
    4. seated leg extension (3 to 10)

This training program for a male ectomorph includes exactly the basic exercises for gaining mass, in which several large muscle groups are involved at once. The ectomorph mass training program stimulates the production of testosterone, which is important for the growth of muscle fibers.

If you don’t have a barbell at home, include dumbbell exercises. The ectomorph dumbbell training program is also considered to be quite effective, balancing the working weight involves additional muscle fibers. Dumbbell exercises are especially suitable for the development of the deltoid muscles.

If a thin woman comes to the gym, her figure is often admired by the owners of more curvaceous forms. The girth of the waist, chest and hips are about the same, the endurance is high. A special training program for ectomorph girls on the relief will help them become even more attractive.

Drawing up a training program for an ectomorph

Many ectomorphs choose a fast pace for their workouts. However, it is possible, on the contrary, to increase the rate of recovery of the body after exertion and indicators of strength, by slightly slowing down the pace. That is, include training with large weights and prolonged rest between sets of 3-7 minutes. Excessive intensity can lead to overtraining.

It is not so important whether the training program for an ectomorph is implemented in the gym or at home. Between training days, a mandatory break is needed, ideally it should be at least 48 hours. One workout should last about 40-60 minutes. The set of exercises changes periodically, otherwise the training program for the ectomorph will cease to bring the desired results.

Results: before and after

Ectomorph food

As we already mentioned, progress is highly dependent on the training program and nutrition for the ectomorph. An ectomorph should have 4-6 meals a day. The most difficult thing for many is precisely a high-calorie meal on a strict schedule, every 2.5-3 hours. Ectomorphs often do not have a good appetite and rarely eat in everyday life. The number of calories is calculated based on the weight of the athlete. For 1 kg, you need 45-55 kcal per day. Useful foods are as follows:

Analyzing the composition of the menu, it is worth noting that for an ectomorph, protein is less important than fats and complex carbohydrates. More precisely, it is recommended to determine on an individual basis. First, try increasing your carbohydrate intake and decreasing your fat intake, and if there is no result for muscle growth, do the opposite. Effectively supplement the diet with sports nutrition – gainer, creatine, multicomponent protein drink or homemade protein shakes, vitamin and mineral complexes. They are convenient to drink both in the hall and at home.

On the days between workouts, the ectomorph is recommended to conserve energy by limiting itself in physical activity (running, football, and so on). Since the metabolic rate in ectomorphs is high enough, you need to get enough sleep. You need to sleep 8-10 hours a day, including naps. Remember that everything is important to achieve a result: sleep, nutrition, and the quality of the training process.

Training program …

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