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Fitness training from Ekaterina Usmanova is based on the alternation of low and high intensity loads. Such a change, according to the athlete, accelerates the metabolism and, as a result, contributes to weight loss. Preference should be given to classic basic exercises.

Her husband, Alexander Usmanov, played a huge role in the development of Catherine as a fitness model. The girl met her future husband in training. The man worked as a fitness instructor and at first was not interested in his ward as a woman. Soon the young people stopped seeing each other altogether – Sasha was drafted into the army. During the period of forced separation, Katya continued to train hard, improving her figure. It was this, noticeably prettier, with ideal forms, that Usmanov saw her upon returning home. Alexander and Catherine began dating, and in 2010 they signed. Usmanov strongly supported his wife’s desire to become famous. He was her personal trainer and promoter.

As Katina’s fame grew, the relationship between the spouses became more and more tense. In 2013, the Usmanovs divorced. In the same year, the fitness model ended her competitive career.

In August 2015, it became known that the Anisimovs broke off relations with Usmanova. Former friends and business partners accused the fitness model of being shortsighted and “star fever.” In 2016, the bikinist announced that, together with Energy Diet, she was going to release a new line of sports nutrition. The announcement caused another flurry of criticism against Usmanova.


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Ekaterina Usmanova: nutrition and training

Ekaterina Usmanova is perhaps one of the most popular fitness models in Russia. It is possible to say that it was she who became the girl, thanks to whom such a direction as fitness bikini became popular with us. With her high achievements, Katya inspired many people, forced them to believe in themselves and their strengths.

For many, the story of Katya Usmanova is another confirmation that everyone has the opportunity to achieve the desired result, having temperament and love for their work in their arsenal. Looking at her, I just want to sign up for a gym and start eating right. What is the secret of this wonderfully built beautiful woman? Of course, in hard training and correct nutrition! We will chat about them now.

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In pursuit of beauty, a person often forgets about his health. Most people with a slow metabolism come up with the idea that many foods, for example, bananas, nuts and meat, are something bad, because they are too high in calories, and they refuse them. Along with this, they forget that there they do damage to their bones, hair, and skin. Proceeding from this, Catherine under no circumstances went on extreme diets and categorically does not recommend it to others. Such a diet can easily lead to health problems, but not to a beautiful figure. So her diet is a classic healthy diet. No junk food, no junk food, just balanced and healthy food.

To promote metabolism, Katya Usmanova recommends eating fractionally. Under no circumstances should you starve, since the body must work without failures. During drying, you need to take more than in most cases, the amount of protein, since the process of assimilation of this component is energy-intensive and gives a greater effect in fat burning.

Video: what Ekaterina Usmanova eats:

Usmanova recommends eating 5 daily: 3 main meals and 2 snacks. In between breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is recommended to eat, for example, cottage cheese with different berries, or a simple summer salad. In addition, fresh is perfect, it contains a large amount of trace elements that give energy to the entire body.

Catherine herself, participating in competitions in fitness bikini, before each of them constantly adhered to a strict diet. For several weeks, her diet included the limit of fast carbohydrates. At this time, Catherine refused proteins and foods with a huge amount of protein, for example, chicken breast. Before the competition, the woman preferred white fish and all kinds of vegetables with a high fiber content.

It is well known that such a strict diet must be correctly combined with all kinds of supplements and vitamins. As Ekaterina herself says, she strictly adheres to this rule and takes a complex of BCAA amino acids in combination with many other additives: enzymes, glutamine. glycine, panangin, L-carnitine in combination with all kinds of minerals. In addition, Usmanova emphasizes that fat burners and pre-workout complexes from the American company ProMera helped her a lot (by the way, Katya works under an advertising contract with this well-known sports nutrition company, in addition, for example, as, for example, the world fitness industry star IFBB Bikini Pro Anna Delia de Iturrondo). In preparation for the performances, Ekaterina Usmanova drinks a large amount of water, without it anywhere.

Usmanova herself will agree that she had actually not taken any supplements before, and her results were much lower than the current ones. While following a strict diet in combination with various sports supplements, according to the girl, she did not have a single breakdown. With such an integrated approach to nutrition, she felt much more resilient when performing various grueling exercises, and along with this, she …

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