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Workouts for pregnant women
– This is a responsible and important element of the child care system, because depending on the correctness of training, it depends on whether training will be beneficial or harmful. Workouts for pregnant women differ at different periods of pregnancy, because during the first trimester, when intoxication is on, training is likely to be contraindicated. Moreover, during pregnancy, you need to constantly consult with doctors, namely doctors, and not a doctor, asking for the opinions of different specialists. As for training, for some girls it may be generally contraindicated, others need it, someone needs to train harder, someone calmer, only a doctor can tell you all this, based on the individual results of your tests.

Workouts for pregnant women, of course, are lightweight, do not imply a progression of loads and the performance of exercises that create pressure in the uterus, that is, we do not train the abs at all, and we train our legs only with specialized exercises for pregnant women. The most suitable types of training are walking, swimming, yoga and fitness. As we have repeatedly noted, it is best to prepare for everything in advance, so it is advisable to get in shape, getting rid of excess weight and toning the muscles, before pregnancy, during it it is only possible to maintain the current state of the body, neither lose weight nor hypertrophy the muscles. we will not. The main thing for a pregnant girl is the condition of the fetus, so we will make the “ass a nut” after pregnancy.

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that training for pregnant women is divided into training before, during and after pregnancy, and during pregnancy, the intensity and type of training depends on the trimester and the level of fitness of the girl. We emphasize once again that for some girls, training may be contraindicated for health reasons, so be sure to consult a doctor. If the doctor allows you to exercise, then here too you need to do without fanaticism, observing all precautions. I can’t do any training, no violations of technique, in general, you should be as comfortable as possible, in this case it is better to “go overboard” than “go underdog”!

Training rules for pregnant women

Conditions – this is the comfort of the place where you are exercising, if it is a pool, then this rule refers to the state of the water, if it is a gym, then it is important to consider how warm the room is and how it is ventilated. In general, pregnant girls have an overestimated pulse, so fresh air is simply necessary, you cannot hold your breath, all exercises are performed with inhalation in a positive phase and exhalation with effort. Since the heart rate is already high, the intensity of the training should be low, your breathing should always be even. You can buy yourself a heart rate monitor to keep track of your heart rate, which should be in the range of 120-130 beats per minute. Due to the increase in heart rate during pregnancy, it is recommended to devote time to training the heart before conceiving a baby.

You don’t need to get sick during pregnancy, so after training you need to take a shower and cool down in a comfortable environment. By the way, since the opportunity to train comfortably somewhere does not exist for everyone, for example, due to the fact that it is difficult to get there, and fitness is recommended, which can be done at home. If there is an opportunity to visit the pool, then this must be done, but you must be sure of the quality of the water, that you will not have allergies or any skin diseases. In general, a swimming pool, as a way of training for pregnant women, is practically irreplaceable, since a girl needs to train her back, and she can work it out effectively in this state only in water.

Sports – this, as noted above, is swimming, fitness, yoga and walking, moreover, everything should be facilitated. If this is swimming, then you should not choke and set records, you need to swim calmly, measuredly, just to keep the long back muscles in good shape. When it comes to fitness, then prone and standing exercises should be avoided, giving preference to upper body training, completely eliminating abdominal exercises and reducing leg exercises to isolating movements. Yoga is called so – yoga for pregnant women, which involves the partial performance of asanas, the same applies to stretching during pregnancy. The bottom line is that the ligaments and joints become more fragile, so it is very easy to get injured, so you can stretch, but without pain.

Exercises – preference should be given to exercises on the upper body, to perform them on a fitball, the weight of dumbbells is about 2.5 kg, if you have previously practiced, then you need to use 50% of your working weights, exercises for the press are excluded, as well as exercises lying on your stomach. The repetition range is 15 to 20, inhale in the negative phase, exhale on effort. Be sure to consult with your doctor about what are the contraindications. If you decide to do yoga or stretching, but have not done this before, you definitely need a coach, moreover, it is desirable that the coach be a girl who has already given birth herself. Swimming is recommended to be included 2-3 times in the training split of a pregnant girl.

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