Exercise vacuum for the abdomen reviews with photos before and after use – Vacuumization of the press / Exercise Vacuum for the abdomen

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Abdominal Vacuum / Abdominal Vacuum Exercise – “Tighten your belly at home without losing weight, REALLY! My results. “

There is no limit to perfection. Especially in the summer on the beach. Some of us dream of losing weight, some of us want to get better.

I am one of those who always wanted to get better. And my dream has come true. But at the same time I did not want to lose my waist at all …

Shortly about myself: naturally thin, deprived of curvaceous forms.

Shape type: Apple. Accordingly, what girls in the body can afford, namely: a slightly protruding tummy, I cannot afford. Because a flat board with a hanging belly in the middle looks like it’s not ice.

In his youth, there were no problems with the stomach, it was always quite flat. But now, when 29 years old and two pregnancies behind us and I love to eat, things got much worse. See for yourself:

Tighten your belly at home

Who cares how all this disgrace looks in tight clothes, please come here.

Initial data a month ago height 162 cm, weight 54 kg, parameters 83-71-94.

Immediately after the second birth I was 57 kg, but then the stomach looked very ugly. Now more or less. I don’t want to lose weight anymore! But I will clean my stomach! And here HE comes to my aid – Vacuum for the press.

How did I make the vacuum?

I took all the technique and sequence in this review, user xNaznakkah. (Many thanks to her for the most detailed feedback!) There you will find everything: indications and contraindications, the essence of the exercise, etc., I will not repeat myself. Here I will just tell you how I did the exercises, and what changes it led to.

I did the exercises in the morning on an empty stomach or during the day when I did not feel full and had a free minute.

Exercise needs:

  • top or short T-shirt, well, or other clothes that reveal the belly.
  • timer. In the phone or separately. I had it on my phone.
  • a mirror in which the stomach will be visible. Not required, but desirable. It was convenient for me to see how much I sucked in my stomach.


  • stood in front of the mirror, in her hands a phone, a timer for 15 seconds, to begin with
  • took a few deep breaths and exhaled
  • completely exhaled the air from the lungs, through the mouth
  • held her breath and drew in her stomach as much as possible, trying to tighten it under the ribs, and, as it were, press it against the back
  • I hold as much as I can.

The first time was usually less than 15 seconds. I didn’t bring up the stars in my eyes, 15 seconds is an approximate time.

  • She let go of her stomach and inhaled sharply. Reset the timer at the same time
  • I caught my breath and repeated at first, at least 10 approaches at a time.

In the future, I set the timer for 20 seconds, but the first approach every day, like the first time, turned out to be short.

Lead time 26 days.

Changes related to the exercise for me personally:

  • when the abdomen is drawn in, heartburn and pain in the right hypochondrium often began
  • increased appetite
  • shortly after the exercise, I beg your pardon, I ran to the toilet. Although I don’t suffer from constipation, I started to cleanse naturally, like on the eve of childbirth!

I advise you to pay attention to this for those who go to work, be prepared to spend part of the working day in the bathroom! However, about a week after the start of the exercise, it stopped, as well as the pain under the ribs, and at the same time the swelling of the abdomen disappeared.

  • I began to notice behind myself that the abdominal muscles are constantly tense. I began to hold them out of habit, as they keep their posture after a long walk with a book on my head.

General exercise vacuum, has a tangible effect on digestion, everyone who has problems with this should pay attention to this!

  • slight dizziness, from a lack of oxygen (of course, I held my breath), too.

Result: after 26 days

Tighten belly at home

Parameters: 83-70-94. The waist has practically not decreased, although it has visually become thinner. Height 162 cm, weight 54 kg. The stomach is noticeably gone. Or did I start to hold it?

I can’t say, but the effect of the vacuum is – 100%, albeit visual.

My findings: I advise this exercise to everyone who does not want to lose weight, but wants to tighten the stomach!


Vacuumization of the press / Exercise Vacuum for the abdomen – “an effective exercise for the patient (photo how to do)”

I make a frank confession – I haven’t pumped abs for a long time. Because I think these torso lifts are ineffective. Moreover, in all seriousness, you can bring yourself to the level of boxers, whose belly may be flat, but also wide. But the so-called “vacuum for the abdomen” works in a completely different way. The main idea is that the muscles are tense, but without a heavy weight load. Therefore, they will definitely not increase in breadth, because we do not need this, right?

I’ll try to explain how to do this. First, as we can – inflate the belly:

And then we exhale as much as possible and draw in the stomach:

And here there are options – you can just hold the tension for how long …

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