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Fast recovery after exercise

Today, a healthy lifestyle is no longer a novelty. Most of the world’s population tries to monitor not only their figure, but also their health in general. Regular sports activities allow you to get the desired shape, build muscle. Moreover, moderate training strengthens the heart muscle, restores the functions of the entire cardiovascular system, improves the condition of the joints, and strengthens the skeleton. Therefore, regular training should be present in the life of every person, regardless of gender and age. How to recover quickly after a workout?

Recovery phases

Muscle recovery after exercise takes place in several stages. In medicine, there are four main phases of renewal. The first is the rapid recovery phase. Its duration is half an hour immediately after the sport. During this period, the normal heart rate resumes, the reserve of strength is replenished.

The second phase is delayed renewal. As soon as metabolic processes resume, the second phase begins. During this period, such phenomena occur that allow the restoration of the muscle structure:

  • Water balance normalization;
  • Assimilation of nutrients;
  • Enzyme synthesis;
  • Synthesis of amino acids.

This is followed by the supercompensation stage. The phase comes 2-3 days after training. A deeper recovery of the muscles of the whole body is observed. The capabilities of the organism itself are becoming higher. After this phase, you can start a new workout, as the muscles have strengthened, stretched and become stronger.

The fourth phase is delayed recovery. This is a period of complete renewal of all functions and structures of the body. We can say that according to the physiological characteristics, it comes to a state before playing sports. It is worth noting that these four periods are mainly characteristic of people who go in for sports professionally. For amateurs, however, all these phases are manifested to a lesser extent. The main symptom of the renewal of muscle fibers is dyspathy.

Cooling down and stretching at the end of the workout

The recovery process of muscle fibers occurs already at the end of the session. Everyone knows that you can’t stop abruptly after jumping, running, or any other type of activity. There should be a hitch – walking after a marathon. Only after 3-4 minutes of walking you can stop, sit down, drink water. Otherwise, the heart muscle may lose tone from sudden changes in pressure.

The end of the workout should be devoted to stretching. Some men believe that this is an exclusively female occupation. But, if you do not stretch, the muscles shorten, their elasticity decreases. In such conditions, the growth of muscle mass is almost impossible. In addition, pain cannot be avoided. Stretching increases muscle amplitude and improves joint health. Good stretching protects the body from potential injury during exercise.

In order for muscle structures to recover quickly, athletes recommend completing a workout like this:

  • The last 5-10 minutes of your workout are devoted to stretching. These static exercises are great for building muscle.
  • Another 5 minutes are allotted for a cardio load. It can be a treadmill, bicycle, orbit track. First you need to run (drive) at an average pace, then go to a step. Only after a three-minute step can you stop completely.

If you plan to carry out both manipulations, you should start with cardio, and then move on to stretching. If time does not allow, you can choose one thing.

Post-workout recovery with nutrition

For a successful, rapid recovery of muscle mass, you need to adjust your diet. There are a number of foods that can help promote active muscle growth. Professional athletes are advised to eat in the first half hour after classes in the gym. It is during this period that all systems of the body actively absorb the maximum amount of vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients.

It is important to eat proteins and slow carbohydrates. They will allow you to quickly renew the energy supply. But, even if it is not possible to eat during this period, it’s okay. The body is able to assimilate a large amount of protein even 40-60 minutes after sports. The main source of protein for humans is meat and eggs. Better to eat a boiled piece of chicken fillet, or a couple of boiled eggs.

Chicken can be replaced with boiled beef. The product will be able to replace creatine. The fact is that this dish contains a large amount of zinc and iron. It is known that under the influence of zinc, the synthesis of the male hormone testosterone occurs. It is he who will accelerate the process of muscle growth. Also, for recovery it is useful to eat:

  • Nuts. Foods such as almonds, cashews, peanuts, pistachios are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6. Also, nuts are rich in tocopherols. These substances replenish the supply of strength and energy without harming the figure.
  • Dairy products. It is best to eat a portion of cottage cheese or natural yogurt. These foods are packed with protein and slow carbohydrates. Therefore, such food is the best option for recovery.
  • Sea fish. Boiled salmon fillet is rich in proteins and fatty acids. They will help restore the entire body. Fish reduces the amount of protein breakdown products in muscle structures.
  • Purified water. Of course, the drinking regime should be observed unquestioningly. With a reduced water balance, recovery processes will slow down.
  • Fruits, berries, vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables will saturate the systems with minerals, …

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