Fitness diet for weight loss. How to choose a menu for a fitness diet

If you want to lose those extra pounds and tighten your figure, then you need to exercise and eat right when exercising.
A great option is fitness food for weight loss. This is a real salvation for people who love to eat and want to lose weight.

The diet pleases with a variety: fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, cereals. The main rule of the dietary program is regular exercise and adherence to dietary rules.

Exercise improves muscle tone, accelerates fat burning, improves mood, and improves appearance. And special nutrition helps to support the body during strength loads and saturates it with useful substances. However, in order to achieve good results, you need to change your diet and eat by the hour.

What is the difference between a correct diet and a fast diet

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Fitness nutrition is a balanced diet for people who exercise regularly. This is not a diet, but a style of eating that allows you to increase your endurance during your workouts, improve your well-being and achieve great results. And they depend on what you use, how much and when.

The main difference between fitness nutrition and diet is a varied diet, the presence of a large amount of nutrients. The daily calorie content of strict diets is less than 1500 kcal, there are no vegetables, fruits, cereals, complete protein.

Important! A fitness diet promotes weight loss without stress for the body, and the diet consists exclusively of natural products. Express diets are highly restrictive, which can lead to stress and frequent breakdowns.

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When composing the right diet, a person will feel energized, but at the same time they will get rid of excess fat. Fitness nutrition allows you to lose weight, but at the same time maintain the normal condition of hair, skin, nails, teeth.

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The recipe for fitness adepts

So that you do not get tired of the regular use of boiled chicken breast or steamed fish, we offer you a healthy and very tasty dish that you can safely eat during your diet.

Protein Variety: Chicken Breast for Athletes

Many people believe that dietary chicken cannot be juiced. Our recipe for homemade breast with spices in milk will certainly debunk this myth. Another feature of the food for those who go in for fitness is that you don’t have to spend the whole evening in the kitchen to prepare it. After all, all ingenious is simple!

For a healthy dish, you will need the following food set:

  • 1 kg of breast;
  • 1 liter of low-fat milk;
  • spices to taste.

Step-by-step preparation of yummy:

  1. Sprinkle the chicken fillet with spices. It’s better not to get carried away with salt, but black pepper, coriander and a pinch of sweet paprika are the perfect ensemble.
  2. Boil milk in a thick-walled container. We send chicken breasts into the liquid, after exactly 30 seconds, turn off the heat and cover with a lid.
  3. We wrap the pan with a warm blanket and let the chicken cook on its own for 2 hours.

This meat is delicious both hot and cold.

A piece of juicy chicken breast can be safely put on black bread, add a slice of hard cheese (replaced with a tomato or cucumber slice) and garnish with a leaf of lettuce. You will get a hearty and healthy sandwich according to all the laws of the diet.

The principles of forming a menu for weight loss

Fitness nutrition does not imply strict restrictions, the menu should be varied. A beginner athlete should replenish the menu with foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

Important! With a lack of carbohydrates in the menu, it is impossible to conduct a full-fledged workout, since energy is quickly spent, and a person feels tired.

It is recommended that you consult with a trainer or sports nutritionist before adjusting your diet for weight loss workouts. During class, it is forbidden to overeat or snack on the go. You need to take food only if you really feel hungry, eat “for the company” or out of boredom is prohibited.

Main products – vegetables and fruits

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The daily ration of a person who is engaged in fitness should consist of about half of fruits and vegetables. In addition, it is recommended to consume fresh herbs. Thanks to vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, the athlete receives the necessary dose of nutrients, and his body becomes stronger.
The main part of the diet should be vegetables. Fruits contain a large amount of sugars, which saturate the body with energy, but if their supply is not consumed quickly, they will accumulate in the body.

For this reason, professional trainers advise eating fruit before 12 noon, 30 minutes before training. It is recommended to opt for citrus fruits, bananas, apples. You can also include sour varieties of berries, such as cherries, in the diet.

We drink water

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Compliance with the drinking regime is a very important point. To prevent dehydration of the body, you need to drink from 1.5 liters of water.

Water balance must be maintained even during training, the main thing is to do it right.

In the course of training, the athlete spends energy that the body borrows from fat reserves, then sweat begins to be released along with excess calories.

You need to drink water in small regular doses. If a person drinks a lot …

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