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Фитнес-клуб для женщин — Женская территория

Fitness bikini girls before and after: early photos of bikinists

Fitness bikini girls before and after

What do you know about fitness bikini? Most of you will say that this is a kind of beauty contest among girls, an analogy with the male mens-physicist, where young ladies with good looks and athletic figures are measured, to a greater extent, by the beauty of the body. In general terms, this is so.

But where do the competitors come from? More precisely, not so … How do you become nominated for a fitness bikini? Indeed, on the platform, beauties demonstrate ideal figures – the standard of the female body. How do they look girls fitness bikini before and after sports career? Today we will talk about some famous representatives of fitness bikinis and show you photos of girls before they set foot on the path of perfection and beauty.

Arina Modest

And we will start, perhaps, with the most striking example of the transformation of a bbw simpleton into a bright beauty. This is me about Arina Modest, currently the wife of Russian bodybuilder Andrey Modesty. This girl has accomplished, in fact, 2 feats. She first brought her body into a fantastic shape, which allowed her to perform on the stage of fitness bikinists, and then was able to regain her excellent shape after the birth of a child.

Just look at Arina at the age of 19 and now?

And the first impetus to perfection was given to her by her husband, a professional bodybuilder. I would like to note the naturalness and naturalness of Arina’s beauty. The girl did not use the services of surgeons, did not enlarge her breasts, did not inject anything on the lips and other places, which cannot be said about most fitness bikinists, for example, Ekaterina Usmanova, which we will talk about a little later.

Ekaterina Krasavina

The second girl that we liked and whose uniform deserves praise is Ekaterina Krasavina. Want to see what a fitness bikinist looked like before her athletic career? The changes are obvious:

The first talk about the girl began to reach in 2014. It all started with the fact that the fitness bikinist became the second at the open championship in Moscow. A previously unknown girl pleasantly surprised the jury with her forms. After that, the model began to receive advertising offers, the beauty entered into a couple of lucrative contracts.

There is no need to hide the fact that the girl has repeatedly visited the clinic, where she “built” beauty with surgical methods. Krasavina increased not only her breasts, but also her lips. In the photo, I think it is already visible. Judging by the rumors, the girl is loved by the people, because Katya tries to answer each subscriber and fan both in social networks and by mail, in the comments to the posts.

Ekaterina Usmanova

All the girls

20 incredible fitness transformations of people: before and after

Fitness and exercises to improve your own body are always in fashion. And it is always hard work, which requires, first of all, willpower, and secondarily, a certain amount of time to achieve high results. Here are examples of people whose carriage of the First is willpower, and therefore they did not need much of the Second – time. Each of them has his own path, his own pace of work on himself and, accordingly, his own amazing result. We look at their incredible transformation, we are amazed and inspired! And yes, steroids have nothing to do with it.

1.4.5 months difference

2.2 months difference

3. From 59 to 78.5 kg in 2 years

4.2 years and 2 kg difference

5.3 years difference

6.4 years and 18 kg difference

7.3 years difference

8. Transformation in 5 years

9. From 60 to 71 kg per year

10. One and a half years of strength exercises without skipping, almost complete rejection of alcohol and a lot, a lot of food

11. Boy 24 years old: 6 months difference, from 62 to 72.5 kg

12. From 45 to 63.5 kg in 2 years

13. Difference 6 months – from 47 to 63 kg

14. A year and a half difference

15. Progress in 2 years

16.5 years difference

17. Year and three months difference

18.4 years lifting

19. From 42 to 53 kg

20. A 45-year-old man, he is a father of two: progress in 3 months

And here’s what we have:

Russian BodyRock TV – Home fitness workouts for everyone!

Before and After Weight Loss Photos are a great tool to show you how awesome it is to achieve your goals. Fitness helped them not only lose weight, but also improve body tone. The smiles and bodies of these girls are incredibly inspiring.

  • This girl has lost almost 20 kilograms.

  • From frown to smile.

  • One year of changes.

  • She proudly shows her firm belly.

  • Feeling of strength and self-confidence.

  • She lost 15 kilograms in half a year.

  • Exercise negates all excess fat.

Original –

Exposing photos of fitness models, proving that the right posture is the main thing (23 photos)

Viewing photos on Instagram can get pretty depressing for those who start comparing themselves to girls in bikinis showing off their perfect bodies.

But nowadays, many bloggers and fitness models are proving that the photos we see on the Internet are not what we think of them: the way we see the models in these pictures, they look only 1% of the time.

Bloggers and fitness models from all over the world post their before and after shots, the time interval between which is only a few seconds! Each photo shows that incident light, angle, lighting, and posture can change a person’s appearance much more than most people think!

“On the left is what my belly looks like when I puffed it out strongly. On the right, when I’m not puffing it up” (emilyskyefit)

The same girl from different angles. (Foodie Girl Fitness)

“My 30 Second Transformation” (jaeatleta)

“These photos were taken 2 minutes apart” (jenwiderstrom)

The same girl, the same day, the same time. (selfloveclubb)

Photo of the 30 second transformation (cristinastief)


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