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Stretching Lessons for Beginners: Free Videos to Practice at Home

Stretching Lessons for Beginners: Free Videos to Practice at Home

Stretching (from the English stretching – stretching) is a popular form of fitness for all ages. Eastern and Western healers directly link the flexibility of the spine and joints with the general condition of the body and the health of all organs. Stretching is customary to finish dancing, shaping and aerobics, tai-bo and tai-chi workouts.

Stretching is ideal for online home workouts. The main thing is to do the exercises correctly and follow the recommendations of the video instructor. Stretch with the best online fitness schools on ALL ONLINE COURSES.

Stretching at home

The video training with Ekaterina Firsova on the online fitness club channel is designed for beginners who want to achieve plasticity, sit on a twine, perform a fold and demonstrate the wonders of flexibility. The lesson teaches you to work out the spine correctly and breathe correctly for a quick and painless exercise effect.

Video workout for practicing at home

Stretching involves working on the flexibility of the whole body: legs, back, shoulders, arms. To complete the complex from Ekaterina Firsova, you will need a fitness mat.

Stretching for beginners

The TGYM fitness channel presents the easiest stretching option for beginners. The warm-up starts at the neck and gradually engages all major joints, muscles, and ligaments from top to bottom. The complex is recommended for daily use, after strength and cardio workouts. Exercises will help the ligaments become elastic, the muscles – to recover and relax after shock loads.

Stretching for the whole body 20 min

The set of exercises from trainer Elena is suitable for any level of flexibility and body control. Elena gives stretching options for beginners and advanced, simplifies the elements that cause difficulties for beginners. Studying the video, everyone can choose a comfortable version of the complex. Please note: the beginning of the lesson describes the necessary conditions and the most appropriate time for effective and atraumatic stretching.

Back and shoulder exercises

Channel Stretch me specializes in video tutorials on stretching the whole body. In the playlists, you will find everything about flexibility, the use of plastics in different sports and life. The video lesson provides exercises for the development of the shoulder joint and the thoracic spine. The exercises are selected taking into account the zero level of training and represent the well-known exercises with a rope and a gymnastic bar, as well as less popular exercises with special cubes and rollers.

How to stretch at home

The video lesson is based on tips for health and beauty from the trainer and founder of the Stretching Press Club. The secrets voiced will help you stretch effectively, quickly and without injuries. The main thing is to approach the exercises with your head: to achieve the goal gradually, remember the correct technique, breathing and relaxation. Otherwise, you can lose several years for what is achievable in a matter of months.

Training with Lilia Demirova

There are 7 types of stretching. Static is the most effective and least traumatic of all. A video recording of a group stretching workout is a great way out for those who want to seriously train while staying at home. Timed workout takes a standard academic hour for fitness clubs (45 minutes). The coach comments on each movement, shows the correct technique, corrects mistakes, gives exercises to the account. The workout includes balance and coordination exercises.

How to stretch at home

Samira Mustafayeva, the world champion in rhythmic gymnastics, knows everything about a flexible and graceful body. In the video lesson, Samira teaches you to trust yourself and hear your own body. Following the advice of the master, you can achieve outstanding results. The complex shown in the lesson differs from the rest of the video lessons in dynamics and resembles a smooth plastic dance. In the process of training, the muscles of the back, neck, abs, hips are stretched and strengthened.

Stretching at home – where to start

A complex for beginners in stretching who doubt the correct choice of exercises. The video is designed to stretch the legs and is done entirely on the mat. The exercises are dynamic and mobile, help to improve blood circulation in the joints, warm up and prepare the ligaments for safe traction. The complex can be used as a warm-up before deeper stretching.

Deep twine stretching

The most popular type of stretching among women is the twine stretch. To do the split, you need to work on opening the hip joints. Exercises from the trainer of the Fitness Mania channel are selected taking into account the maximum study of the desired part of the body. The workout is built in a 2-in-1 format: some elements resemble yoga movements and postures.

Twine stretch in 10 minutes

The author’s program “Flexible body” offers a lesson on the development of leg flexibility. With the help of the shown set of exercises, you can stretch on both twines: transverse and longitudinal. The main thing is the regularity of training and patience. The tranquil complex is suitable for daily morning and evening exercises.

A set of stretching exercises …

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