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Diet and nutritional regimen before and after body drying

Drying Result for Miss Bikini Competition

Photos of girls and men online before and after drying are so impressive that I want to immediately learn more about the process, how to dry, how to prepare and what kind of lifestyle to lead after the end of drying.

To begin with, a little about what drying in general is. The main thing to understand is that this is not just a diet for weight loss, when fluid is removed from the body along with fat, and the result is a thin, unattractive body. The process is aimed at burning subcutaneous fat while preserving muscle mass. Just like during different weight loss diets, drying is based on active consumption of calories while reducing their intake. In addition, the emphasis is on gradually reducing carbohydrates in the diet with the addition of foods rich in plant and animal proteins.

You will need to eat on drying the body often, but in small portions, so that the body does not spend a lot of time digesting food and activates the forces to burn fat. In addition to a carbohydrate-free diet, active workouts are connected, aimed at working out the muscles of the whole body, with an emphasis on areas that require the greatest relief.

In order for the process to be successful, and the photo after drying made everyone who has not yet decided on drastic changes in their lives to envy the result, it is necessary to follow the rules, the main of which is the correct entry and exit from the diet. Let’s talk about how to prepare for drying, and what kind of lifestyle to lead after the end of the procedure so that the spent energy is not in vain.

Preparation process: nuances

Before a diet, a consultation with a doctor is required!

Despite the obvious effectiveness, which is confirmed by numerous photos of girls after drying the body on the net, the process for the body is quite complicated. Therefore, before drying, it is necessary to carry out a set of measures, due to which it will be possible not only to achieve the desired goal, but also not to harm the body.

The most important thing is a medical examination and consultation with a doctor before starting a carbohydrate-free diet. It is necessary to be 100% sure that there are no contraindications for drying the body in the form of diseases of the internal organs, high blood sugar, problems with the work of the gastrointestinal tract or the cardiovascular system.

An equally important point is a smooth switch to the correct power supply. You cannot immediately switch to a carbohydrate-free diet, denying yourself the usual foods without preparation. In this case, the body under the pressure of stress can, instead of burning subcutaneous fat, begin to work in the opposite mode – accumulating it for a rainy day.

A few weeks before the start of drying the body, make changes in your usual diet, switch to fractional meals, thus improving the metabolic process. Exclude fatty, sweet, starchy foods from the list of previously permitted foods, try to focus on healthy foods, vegetables, fruits, do not drink alcohol. While preparing for drying, continue to actively engage in the gym so that drying training does not become an unbearable load for the muscles.

How to eat after quitting the diet

The period after exiting the diet is no less important than the preparatory period and the drying itself for the normal functioning of the athlete’s body and maintaining the gained form. Unfortunately, it often happens that after drying, both girls and men, with a sense of accomplishment, replenish their calorie stores, allowing themselves “forbidden” food, loading the body with exorbitant weights in an attempt to “catch up”.

Before and after losing weight

It is important to understand that after drying the body, the body is in a special state when it is ready to absorb calories with special zeal, therefore, new kilograms, if the diet is not followed correctly, can ruin the whole result. Yes, training during the period after drying will help build muscle mass, but along with it, after a few weeks, subcutaneous fat will appear, and the relief obtained with such difficulty will begin to lose its shape.

To prevent this from happening, and the result lasted for many months, it is very important not to lean on food and illicit meals. The portions should be kept as small, the meals should be as frequent and regular. Alcohol, sweets, fatty foods – it is better to give up all this once and for all, since these products are of no use.

In the post-dry period, small changes can be made to the training program, given that muscle tissue will respond differently to changes in diet. Very often, athletes note that the clearest relief is formed not during, but after drying, when a smooth transition to a more familiar, carbohydrate-rich menu is carried out.

Having dried once, you will draw conclusions which program is most relevant for you both before and after drying in order to maintain the results as long as possible and not harm your health.

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