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Lose weight girls before and after

The girls who managed to lose weight, they changed themselves a lot, look at the results, they are impressive.

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The girls who managed to lose weight, they changed themselves a lot, look at the results, they are impressive.

See also: How girls lose weight

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Lose weight girls before and after photos

Winter and the cold season are not a reason to give up on yourself. Yes, all these jackets, down jackets and fur coats, along with warm sweaters, trousers and cozy knitted things, perfectly hide the replenished waist, small folds on the sides and belly, and even the appearance of these nasty “papy ears”. Moreover, the winter cold with such a strong wind and the snow-covered landscape outside the windows directly whisper – “let’s sit at home, with hot tea and a delicious sandwich? Maybe it’s his, this fitness, eh? “.

And these holidays with a long list of goodies – in general, many of us can fall victim to a “conspiracy” and quietly gain extra pounds. But if kilograms are acquired quickly, easily and most often not without pleasantness, then getting rid of them is not only a long process, but also laborious, full of all sorts of restrictions and even some violence against one’s own laziness.

Photos for motivation

And together let’s try to motivate our dormant conscience and look at a small but impressive selection – Thin girls before and after photos:

And you can do that too!

First of all, please note that among these photos are not pictures of stars, but pictures of the most ordinary young women and girls. This means that such a great effect will be available to everyone. Even for those who cannot afford the expensive supervision of leading nutritionists, special programs and no less expensive physical and cosmetic procedures in foreign and domestic clinics specializing in beauty. Like most of us – living on regular salaries and, alas, unable to give half of their annual budget (or even more!) For some super-effective super-methods.

Do not be discouraged if you stop postponing for the future a long-planned trip to the nearest pool, gym or fitness club, as well as the transition to a balanced diet or a good diet, then very soon it will be possible to upload your photos in the collections of photos of Losing weight girls before and after.

The figure requires action and nothing else!

Of course, for the sake of this you will have to try, but the result that can stun all acquaintances and cause the envy of sworn girlfriends is worth it! If this is not enough to make you work on yourself, you can also think of adorable swimwear collections that cannot even be imagined on a blurry figure.

Here is another video with a selection of photos for motivation to lose weight !!!

And here is the “test shot” at those who doubt themselves – short reviews shared by the girls who have lost weight, whose before and after photos you see here.

Tips from losing weight girls with a photo “Before and After”

1) Christina:
Pregnancy and childbirth affected my figure with an extra 15 kg. Restrictions on food did not help much – 2 or 3 kg went away and the weight stopped. I had to urgently go to the gym. What you see was done by a strict protein diet and training 3-4 times a week in just four months!

Christina ate only lean meat (chicken, turkey), lean fish, as well as eggs, low-fat cottage cheese and kefir.

2) The girl in these photos, with a height of 170 cm, managed to reduce her weight from 69 to 56 kg. At first, she followed the egg-citrus diet, then switched to Bonn soup (vegetable broth with the addition of tomato, celery, cabbage, onions, carrots, bell peppers and green peas with a minimum of salt). Later, she began to allow herself low-fat dairy products and as many fresh vegetables as possible. Sports activities were added to this light menu, at least twice a week.

3) Alina

Her height is 168. In just 35 days, the weight from 67.8 kg was brought to 57 kg thanks to a diet of raw vegetables, kefir (1% fat), skim milk and boiled rice without salt. In addition, there were daily runs, push-ups and exercises for the abs and hips.

Naturally, these are not all weight loss stories, but any of them confirms that each of us can stop our plump “carcass” in a beautiful and slender figure.

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Very cool transformations of people! Before and after losing weight

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Plosing weight is not such an easy task. In the fall and winter, it is much more difficult to maintain your motivation than during the warmer months. As a result, you can get better, and people will pay less attention to your physique. If you are serious about losing weight or staying in shape, then photographs of people before and after how they lost weight will help you keep your motivation!

Girls and guys who lost from 80 to 130 kilograms give us hope that it is real to lose weight, it is important not to lose our determination in achieving this goal. Just take away the sweets from yourself, turn on your favorite music and see how people have changed to achieve their goal.

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Photos of slender girls for motivation to lose weight

For those who have not yet started an active …

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